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Are Dan and Phil Dating? The Truth Behind Their Relationship Revealed

Are Dan and Phil Dating?

YouTube sensations Dan Howell and Phil Lester have been captivating millions of viewers with their gaming content for over a decade. However, fans have been curious about the nature of their relationship. Are Dan and Phil together romantically? Let’s delve into the details to uncover the truth.

Dan’s Revelation

In 2019, Dan officially came out as gay in a video on his personal channel. He expressed deep feelings towards Phil, stating, ‘It was more than just a love affair. This is someone who genuinely cared about my health. I trusted them. For the first time since I was a tiny child, I felt safe… we are truly great friends. As in, true soulmates.’

Phil’s Response

Shortly after Dan’s revelation, Phil also shared his coming out video on YouTube. However, neither of their videos provided further insight into the nature of their relationship.

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Joint Ventures and Personal Lives

In 2021, Dan and Phil announced on Twitter that they had bought a house together. Despite this, their joint gaming channel saw a hiatus, with their last collaborative video being released in 2018. While Phil continued to post on his personal channel, Dan took a break from YouTube for a couple of years.

Future Plans

In January 2021, they addressed the future of their joint gaming channel, expressing uncertainty about its return. Dan later returned to his channel in May 2022, discussing his decision to step away and the challenges he faced.

The Truth Revealed

In a video titled ‘Dan and Phil Finally Tell the Truth,’ released in September 2022, fans anticipated clarity about their relationship. However, Phil emphasized the importance of privacy, stating, ‘People share too much on the internet and then everyone wants a little piece of your life. So, I like to be aloof and a little mysterious.’


While the status of Dan and Phil’s relationship remains ambiguous, it’s evident that fans are delighted to see the duo thriving and creating content together once again.

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