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Are Cassie and Gregory Siblings?


Cassie is a character in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach: RUIN, serving as the main protagonist in Gregory’s place.


Cassie is a young girl with freckles, amber eyes, and short brown hair tied in pigtails. She’s wearing a red button-up sweater with white flowers near the bottom, blue and white shorts, and black leggings. Her shoes are a pair of Roxy-themed light-up sneakers, with red and purple lights on the sides, and she wears a pair of white socks with them. On her left wrist is a bracelet made of stars and spheres, while on the right is just a plain purple bracelet. Her nails are painted green.


Initially, she’s portrayed as being slightly impatient, annoyed at Gregory asking to meet him at the Pizzaplex and not showing up. Once Gregory tells her what happened, however, her attitude quickly shifts, showing her bravery and also a bit of curiosity, as she risks entering the abandoned Pizzaplex to find and save him. She remains observant of her surroundings, often questioning anything out of the ordinary that happens.

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Cassie, who was born on the 11th of an unspecified month, is known to live with her father. Cassie is a

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