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Who Plays Mattson on Succession? Check His Biography Here

Who Plays Mattson on Succession?

Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård plays the role of Mattson on Succession. Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård, born on August 25, 1976, is a Swedish actor. He comes from a family of actors, with his father being Stellan Skarsgård. Skarsgård began his acting career at the age of seven but took a break at 13. After completing his service in the Swedish military, he returned to acting and landed his first role in the 2001 American film comedy Zoolander.

One of his notable roles was as Brad Colbert in the miniseries Generation Kill (2008), but he gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of the vampire Eric Northman in the television series True Blood (2008–2014).

Skarsgård has appeared in various films, including Melancholia (2011), Battleship (2012), and The Legend of Tarzan (2016). He also starred in the drama series Big Little Lies (2017–2019) as an abusive husband, for which he received several prestigious awards, such as a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Critics’ Choice Television Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

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Who is Mattson on Succession?

Lukas Matsson is a fictional character in the Succession drama series. Originally intended to appear in just two episodes, Skarsgård’s character, Matsson, has now become the ultimate obstacle for Kendall, Roman, and Shiv in the remaining episodes of Succession. As the show approaches its conclusion, The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the actor to delve into his portrayal of the formidable tech tycoon.

The interview explores Matsson’s unique qualities, vulnerabilities, and the intense power struggle that unfolds, with Skarsgård’s character orchestrating a cascade of chaos and uncertainty for his fellow characters.

What did Alexander Johan Skarsgård Feel about Mattson’s Role?

Before joining the cast of Succession, the actor was already a devoted fan of the show. However, when initially signing up for the role of Matsson and starting to shoot season three, they had no idea about the extent of their character’s involvement in the series endgame.

Having a busy schedule with work and travel, the actor found it challenging to keep up with TV shows. Nevertheless, Succession was an exception, as it was the only show they religiously followed. Every time a new episode was released, they made sure to watch it. The actor had a deep appreciation for Jesse Armstrong’s work, having been a fan since Armstrong’s previous show, Peep Show. The exceptional writing, acting, and overall quality of Succession captivated them.

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When the opportunity to join Succession arose, the actor didn’t hesitate, even without reading a script. They held such admiration for the series that they would have gladly accepted any role, even as extras, just to be a part of it.


Succession is a critically acclaimed American satirical dark comedy-drama television series that originally aired on HBO from June 3, 2018, to May 28, 2024. Created by Jesse Armstrong, the series revolves around the Roy family, who are the wealthy owners of Waystar RoyCo, a powerful global media and entertainment conglomerate.

The show delves into their internal power struggles and the quest for control of the company, particularly amidst concerns about the health of their patriarch, Logan Roy, brilliantly portrayed by Brian Cox. The highly anticipated fourth and final season premiered on March 26, 2024.

The ensemble cast features remarkable performances by Jeremy Strong, who portrays Kendall Roy, one of Logan’s sons; Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy, another of Logan’s sons; and Sarah Snook as Siobhan Roy, known as Shiv, Logan’s daughter.

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Matthew Macfadyen shines as Tom Wambsgans, Shiv’s husband and an executive at Waystar. Nicholas Braun brings charm to the character of Greg Hirsch, Logan’s grandnephew and an employee of the company. Alan Ruck takes on the role of Connor Roy, Logan’s eldest child, while Hiam Abbass portrays Marcia Roy, Logan’s third and current wife. The talented ensemble also includes Peter Friedman, Natalie Gold, and Rob Yang in pivotal roles. Additionally, Dagmara Domińczyk, Arian Moayed, J. Smith-Cameron, Justine Lupe, David Rasche, Fisher Stevens, and Alexander Skarsgård made notable appearances in recurring roles before joining the main cast.


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