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Who Plays Lord Danbury in Queen Charlotte? Revealed

Who plays Lord Danbury In Queen Charlotte? Introduced as a new character in the “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”, Lord Danbury has become a topic of interest for the fans.

Queen Charlotte

“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” is a limited series drama developed by Shonda Rhimes exclusively for Netflix. This prequel spin-off is based on the popular Netflix series “Bridgerton” and delves into the early life and ascent to power of a young Queen Charlotte. The series made its debut on May 4, 2024, comprising a total of six episodes.

The spin-off miniseries intertwines two main storylines. The first storyline is set in the present timeline of “Bridgerton,” starting in 1817 following the tragic death of Princess Charlotte, the royal heir. This event leads Queen Charlotte to exert pressure on her children to enter into marriages and ensure the continuation of the royal lineage.

The second storyline unfolds in 1761, showcasing Queen Charlotte’s introduction to and subsequent marriage with King George. It explores the dynamics of their relationship, as well as delving into the mental illness suffered by the King. “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” offers audiences an immersive journey into the intriguing life and reign of a young Queen Charlotte, providing insights into both her personal and political experiences.

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Who Plays Lord Danbury in Queen Charlotte?

Curiously, fans of the captivating Netflix series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story are eager to know who brings the character of Lord Danbury to life. Cyril Nri, a Nigerian-born British actor, plays Lord Danbury in “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.” He portrays the aged husband of Agatha Danbury, played by Arsena Thomas.

Nri, who is 62 years old, has had a long career in the entertainment industry since the late 1980s. He is well-known for his role as Superintendent Adam Okaro in “The Bill” and as Graham in the 1990s cult classic “The Life.” Nri received his training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and later joined The Royal Shakespeare Company.

He has appeared in various productions, including “The Observer” at the Royal National Theatre, “Julius Caesar” in Stratford upon Avon, London, and New York, and “Trouble in Mind” at the Royal National Theatre, among others. In addition to “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story,” Nri has had notable television roles in “The Cipher,” “Devils” on Sky, and “Law & Order: UK.”

He has also appeared in shows such as “The ABC Murders,” “Doctors,” “Class,” “Critical,” “Death in Paradise,” and “Midsomer Murders.” In 2015, Nri was nominated for a BAFTA Award for his performance in Russell T. Davies’ groundbreaking LGBTQ+ Channel 4 series “Cucumber.” His film credits include “The Witches,” “Julius Caesar,” “The Act,” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” Apart from “Queen Charlotte,” Nri has appeared in an episode of Amazon Prime Video’s speculative drama “The Power.”

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Who is Lord Danbury?

Lord Herman Danbury was married to Lady Danbury. He received a surprising invitation to the king’s wedding, along with his wife. To his astonishment, Princess Augusta bestowed upon him the title of Lord Danbury during the wedding. She believed it was time for their society to unite, and an official proclamation from the king would follow.

Lord Danbury and Agatha had four children, and their eldest son inherited the title, making the Danbury family the first among the newly titled families to pass on the title. Lord Danbury’s father had a close friendship with King George II.

Lord Danbury in Queen Charlotte

Lord Danbury, portrayed by Cyril Nri, is the husband of Agatha Danbury in the series “Queen Charlotte.” He is one of the first noblemen to receive the title of Lord as part of the great experiment. However, their marriage is one of convenience rather than love, as there is a significant age difference between them. Lord Herman Danbury does not treat Agatha with respect and talks down to her.

Their relationship is purely physical, with him visiting her only when he desires intimacy. Agatha remains uninterested and unwillingly participates in these encounters. Lord Danbury also neglects his relationship with their children. Initially, Lord Danbury faces restrictions even after receiving the title of Lord, as he is not allowed to enter the Whites club like other noblemen.

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Agatha negotiates with Princess Augusta to secure his rightful treatment based on his title. Tragically, Lord Danbury passes away during an intimate moment with Agatha when his heart fails. Agatha confides in Coral and they initially celebrate before putting on a show of grief for the rest of the servants. With her husband’s death, Agatha finally finds the freedom to live life on her own terms.

Despite discussions among other Lords regarding the succession of titles, Agatha secures the succession through her friendship with Queen Charlotte. She chooses not to remarry and instead embraces an independent life. Agatha dedicates her newfound freedom to honoring Lord Danbury’s memory by opening schools for young girls in his name.

This is driven by his disdain for women during his lifetime. Agatha tells Violet that she didn’t experience love until after Lord Danbury’s passing. When a young Charlotte inquires about the act of consummating a marriage, Agatha candidly reveals that it was not an exciting experience for her due to the lack of love. It is only when she becomes intimate with Lord Ledger that she truly enjoys the experience.

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