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Who is Tucker Carlson’s New Wife?

Who is Tucker Carlson’s New Wife?

Tucker Carlson, the conservative talk host, has been making headlines for his controversies and most recently for his surprise exit from Fox News. While his professional life has been in the spotlight, his personal life, particularly his marriage to Susan Andrews, has remained largely under the radar.

Tucker Carlson’s Long-Standing Marriage to Susan Andrews

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews have been married for over 30 years. They first met when Carlson was a student at St. George’s School in Rhode Island, where Andrews’ father served as the headmaster. Their relationship blossomed during their high school years, and they eventually tied the knot in 1991.

Family Life and Children

The couple has four adult children: daughters Hopie, Lillie, and Dorothy, and son Buckley Carlson. Carlson has expressed the value he places on being a parent, emphasizing the importance of parental support and comfort in one’s final hours.

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Personal History and Controversies

Carlson’s career has been marked by controversies, including his recent departure from Fox News and his involvement in legal disputes. Despite the challenges, Susan Andrews has stood by his side, demonstrating unwavering support for her husband.

Challenges and Controversies

Andrews faced her own challenges, including an incident where she was home alone and faced a threatening situation when protesters attempted to break into their house. Additionally, her father, Rev. George E. Andrews, was investigated for allegedly not reporting sexual abuse claims during his tenure as headmaster at St. George’s School.

Support and Dedication

Throughout the ups and downs, Susan Andrews has remained dedicated to her family and has shown unwavering support for her husband. Despite the controversies and challenges, she has stood by Tucker Carlson’s side, demonstrating her commitment to their enduring partnership.

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