Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop 2023? Who Takes the Crown?

Are you searching for Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop 2024?let’s explore the best dancers in Kpop in this article and find out who is the best among them.

Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop 2024?

The Kpop industry is widely recognized as one of the largest music markets globally, although it is notorious for its high demands. In order to succeed in this competitive market, Kpop idols must possess exceptional visuals, vocals, talents, and musical abilities that appeal to the audience’s preferences. Among these criteria, dancing is considered a crucial aspect that captures the attention of Kpop boy groups, as many male idols showcase impressive dance skills. As such, we are excited to announce a new poll for the Best Male Kpop Dancer of 2024, featuring ten nominees from various boy groups. We invite you to share your favorite male Kpop dancer with us.

Top 10 Best Dancer in K-Pop 2024

The below table represents the Top 10 Best Dancer in K-Pop 2024. Check out below to know the details of the dancers and their Bands.


Best Dancers in K-Pop 

K-Pop Bands of the Dancers















Super Junior
















Let us see each one of the dancers in detail.

1. Taemin

Taemin, born on July 18, 1993, is a multi-talented South Korean artist who is renowned as a singer, actor, and dancer. He began his career as a member of Shinee, a boy band under SM Entertainment, in May 2008, and later joined the supergroup SuperM in 2019. Taemin has been given the title of “Idol’s Idol” by various media sources due to his immense influence on other idols in the industry.

Apart from being a part of groups, Taemin has also established himself as a soloist, starting with the release of his first extended play (EP), Ace, in 2014. The EP topped the South Korean Gaon Album Chart, with its lead single “Danger” reaching number five on the Gaon Digital Chart. Taemin’s first studio album, Press It, released in 2016, also claimed the number one spot on the Gaon Album Chart.

In July 2016, Taemin made his solo debut in Japan with the release of his second EP, Sayonara Hitori. In 2017, he dropped his second Korean studio album, Move, which received recognition for its exceptional choreography. Taemin’s first Japanese studio album, Taemin, was released in 2018, following which he embarked on his first Japanese tour, named Sirius.

Taemin’s third Korean studio album, Never Gonna Dance Again, released in 2020, was highly acclaimed by critics and featured hit singles “Criminal” and “Idea”.

2. Hyunjin 

Yunjin was born in Seoul, South Korea on March 20, 2000, in the Seongnae-dong area of Gangdong-gu. During his childhood, he had a pet dog and occasionally traveled to Las Vegas, where he went by his English name, Sam. One day, while shopping with his mother, JYP Entertainment scouted him and offered him a trainee position.

From February 16, 2019, to February 20, 2021, Yunjin served as a regular MC for Show! Music Core. He also released a solo track called “miss you” in December of 2020, which was inspired by his childhood dog Kkomi.

In February 2021, Yunjin took a break from all group activities, including Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War, due to allegations of school bullying. However, he returned to the group on June 26, 2021, with the release of “Mixtape : OH”.

In October 2021, Yunjin was named Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month and performed a special dance performance. Additionally, in August 2022, he released “ice.cream,” a SKZ-RECORD song that tells the story of unrequited love for someone who only acts warmly towards him.

Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop 2024? Who Takes the Crown?

3. Kai 

Kim Jong-in, better known by his stage name Kai, is a singer, model, actor, and dancer from South Korea. He was born on January 14, 1994, in Suncheon, South Jeolla Province, South Korea, as the youngest of three siblings. Despite his parents’ desire for him to learn Taekwondo and piano, Kai developed a passion for dance at an early age and began training in ballet in third grade after seeing The Nutcracker. He later started jazz dancing in fourth grade and continued to pursue his passion throughout his youth.

Kai attended the School of Performing Arts Seoul and graduated in 2012. He debuted as a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its subunit Exo-K in 2011 and later became a member of the supergroup SuperM. In November 2020, he released his first solo extended play, Kai. In addition to his music career, Kai has appeared in various television dramas, including Choco Bank, Andante, and Spring Has Come.

Kai is renowned for his exceptional dancing skills and is widely considered one of South Korea’s best dancers and one of K-pop’s most influential fashion icons. A film about his life story, featured in Gucci’s 2019 project “The Performers,” highlights the significant role his late father played in his passion for dance.

Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop 2024? Who Takes the Crown?

4. J-Hope 

Jung Ho-seok, also known as J-Hope (stylized as j-hope), is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, dancer, and record producer. He started his career as a member of the boy band BTS under Big Hit Entertainment in 2013. In 2018, J-Hope released his first solo mixtape, Hope World, which received positive reviews from critics and achieved a peak position of number 38 on the US Billboard 200 chart, making it the highest-charting album by a Korean solo artist at the time. In 2019, he became the first BTS member to enter the Billboard Hot 100 as a soloist with his single “Chicken Noodle Soup” featuring singer Becky G, which debuted at number 81. In 2022, J-Hope released his debut studio album, Jack in the Box. He also collaborated with J. Cole for his single “On the Street,” which was released in 2024.

Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop 2024? Who Takes the Crown?

5. Eunhyuk 

Lee Hyuk-jae, professionally known as Eunhyuk, was born on April 4, 1986. He is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, dancer, and television host who is part of the popular South Korean boy group Super Junior and its subgroups Super Junior-T and Super Junior-H. Eunhyuk expanded his career to China and Japan by joining Super Junior’s Mandopop subgroup Super Junior-M and the duo Super Junior-D&E in 2011.

Eunhyuk first gained recognition for his exceptional dancing skills within Super Junior before branching out to solo activities as a radio host on Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (2006–2011). Additionally, he has also appeared on various popular variety shows such as Star King (2009–11), Let’s Go Dream Team 2 (2009–2011), and Strong Heart (2009–2013). After completing his mandatory military service in 2017, he became a concert director for various artists, and later worked as a performance director and dance mentor on Under Nineteen (2018–2019). Currently, Eunhyuk serves as the host of Weekly Idol since 2020.

Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop 2024? Who Takes the Crown?

6. Taeyong 

Taeyong, born Lee Tae-yong on July 1, 1995, is a talented South Korean rapper, singer, dancer, and songwriter. He is known for his mononymous stage name and is the leader of the popular boy band NCT under SM Entertainment. Taeyong made his debut with NCT U in 2016 and later became the leader of its second sub-unit, NCT 127. In 2019, he joined the South Korean supergroup SuperM, a joint project between SM Entertainment and Capitol Records. Taeyong also released his first solo single, “Long Flight”, the same year. As a prolific songwriter, he has contributed to writing over 40 songs in four languages, which have been released by NCT’s various units as well as his own solo work.

Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop 2024? Who Takes the Crown?

7. Jimin 

Jimin, also known by his full name Park Ji-min, is a South Korean singer and dancer who made his debut in 2013 as a member of the popular boy band BTS, signed under Big Hit Entertainment. He has released three solo tracks under the group’s name, including “Lie” in 2016, “Serendipity” in 2017, and “Filter” in 2020, all of which achieved chart success on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart. In addition, he co-wrote and released his first solo track “Promise” in 2018. Jimin has also collaborated with Ha Sung-woon on the soundtrack for the drama “Our Blues”, recording the duet “With You” in 2022. Recently, Jimin was featured on Taeyang’s single “Vibe” and made his debut as a solo artist with the release of his album, Face, in 2024.

Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop 2024? Who Takes the Crown?

8. Hyunsuk

Choi Hyun-suk, also known as one of the two leaders of Treasure alongside Jihoon, is a South Korean rapper and dancer signed under YG Entertainment. The group made their debut with their first single album, The First Step: Chapter One, on August 7, 2020. In addition to his music career, Choi Hyun-suk is recognized for his participation in the television show Mix Nine in 2017 as a contestant.

Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop 2024? Who Takes the Crown?

9. Yeonjun 

Yeonjun, also known as 연준, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, and dancer signed under BigHit Music. He is a member of the K-pop boy group TXT. He debuted as the first member of TXT on January 10, 2019, under Big Hit Entertainment. Their debut mini-album, The Dream Chapter: Star, was released on March 4, 2019. In 2022, Yeonjun was announced as one of the new MCs for the SBS music show Inkigayo, along with Noh Jung Ui and Seo Bum June. He hosted his first episode on April 3, 2022.

Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop 2024? Who Takes the Crown?

10. Yunho 

Jeong Yunho, also known as Yunho, is a South Korean singer, dancer, and actor who is currently signed under KQ Entertainment. He made his official debut on October 24, 2018, as the main dancer and vocalist of the boy group ATEEZ. In 2021, he expanded his career as an actor by making his debut in the KBS drama “Imitation.” Yunho is an active artist who has been with KQ Entertainment since his debut, and it took 239 days from his debut to their first win. He attended the School of Performing Arts Seoul and is an Aries born under the zodiac sign. Yunho is fluent in Korean and has an ENFJ personality type, ranking at 158th place in Kpopping rank. He has a dedicated fandom called ATINY, and his signature and lightstick represent his brand.

Who is the Best Dancer in Kpop 2024? Who Takes the Crown?

Best Dancer of K-Pop

Taemi, King of Dance in K-Pop and also the K-Pop World’s Best dancer of 2022 and 2024. Fans are never surprised by SHINee Taemin’s dancing ability, as he possesses a natural talent to effortlessly execute even the most challenging choreography and adapt to any concept or style. Choreographer Ian Eastwood, who worked on the choreography for both Taemin’s solo “Danger” and SHINee’s “View,” attests to Taemin’s skill. While “View” was Ian Eastwood’s first time choreographing for a K-Pop group, he found it more difficult than Western artists’ choreography due to the need to create top-to-bottom choreography with staging for all members, including highlighting each member for each section. Despite Ian Eastwood’s surprise at SM Entertainment’s request to make the choreography for “View” even harder, Taemin’s talent allowed for unique styles and a sense of freedom in the choreography process. Taemin and Ian Eastwood worked together to create the choreography for “Danger,” with Taemin coming to America to learn directly from Ian Eastwood, despite the language barrier, Taemin was able to learn everything through miming and his hard work.


K-Pop is a competitive music market where idols must possess exceptional skills to succeed. Dancing is a crucial aspect of K-Pop boy groups, and we have listed the top 10 best male K-Pop dancers of 2024. Taemin of SHINee tops the list due to his immense influence on other idols in the industry, followed by Hyunjin of Stray Kids and Kai of EXO, who are both known for their exceptional dance skills. J-Hope of BTS, Eunhyuk of Super Junior, Taeyong of NCT, Jimin of BTS, Hyunsuk of Treasure, Yeonjun of TXT, and Yunho of ATEEZ are also listed among the best dancers of K-Pop in 2024. The top 10 dancers have demonstrated outstanding dance skills, which are an integral part of their performances, making them stand out from the crowd.

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