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Who is Olivia Henson? Check Her Biography, Family, Age, and More

People are curious to knowWho is Olivia Henson?so here we have all the details aboutOlivia Henson, the girlfriend of Hugh Grosvenor, the 7th Duke of Westminster.

Who is Olivia Henson?

Olivia Henson is the girlfriend of Hugh Grosvenor, the 7th Duke of Westminster, who recently proposed to her after dating for two years. Hugh is a 32-year-old billionaire who is considered to be Britain’s most eligible aristocrat. He is a close friend of the British Royal Family, with ties to King Charles III, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and is the godfather of Prince George. The couple got engaged at Hugh’s family seat of Eaton Hall in Cheshire.

There is not much information available about Olivia Henson. She is not a public figure and appears to keep a low profile, much like her fiancé. The spokesperson for the Grosvenor family announced the engagement news on behalf of both Hugh and Olivia, stating that “Members of both their families are absolutely delighted with the news.”

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Olivia Henson Family

Olivia Henson’s family is limited. From the sources mentioned above, it appears that Olivia Henson is engaged to Hugh Grosvenor, the seventh Duke of Westminster. However, there is no further information available about her parents, siblings, or other family members. Olivia Henson is mainly known for her engagement to the Duke of Westminster and her rising career in the world of acting, as mentioned in the sources provided.

Duke of Westminster Girlfriend

Olivia Henson is the girlfriend of Hugh Grosvenor, the seventh Duke of Westminster. The couple got engaged in 2020, after dating for two years. The Duke’s family announced the engagement in a statement saying, “The Duke of Westminster and Miss Olivia Henson are delighted to announce they are engaged to be married.”

Not much is known about Olivia Henson’s background or family. She has been described as a rising star in the world of acting and has appeared in a few films, including “Mandy” (2018) and “Color Out of Space” (2019), where she played the ex-wife of Nicolas Cage’s character.

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The couple’s engagement was met with excitement from both of their families, who said they were “absolutely delighted” with the news. The Duke of Westminster, who is also the godfather of Prince George, is one of the richest men in the UK with a net worth of around £10.1 billion ($13.4 billion).

Olivia Henson Age

Fans have some excitement to know about their favorite stars or celebrities. Fans of Gangsta Boo wanted to know her age. Olivia Henson’s age is not available as there is no known public figure or celebrity with that name. It is possible that Olivia Henson is a private individual, and therefore, personal information such as age may not be publicly available.

Olivia Henson Biography

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