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Who is Noddy Holder Wife? How Old is Noddy Holder Wife? Who is Suzan Price?

Noddy Holder’s wife is Suzan Holder, a journalist, TV producer, and author known for her work in the media industry and her connection to music through her husband, Noddy Holder.

Who is Noddy Holder’s Wife? 

Noddy Holder’s wife is Suzan Holder. Suzan is a journalist and TV producer who has had a colorful career in the media industry. She hails from Halesowen and has previously lived in Bewdley. She began her professional journey as a newspaper journalist, working for both regional and national newspapers before transitioning into television. She produced various television news and lifestyle programs and even served as the executive producer of ITV’s daytime network show, ‘Loose Women.’ Suzan is also a published author with HarperCollins, and she’s set to launch her second book, a ‘rock ‘n’ roll rom-com,’ in Ludlow.

Suzan’s connection to music is through her husband, Noddy Holder, the former frontman of the legendary band Slade. They have been married for 32 years and have a deep love for music. Her books are inspired by her passion for music and her own unique experiences. Her first book, ‘Shake It Up, Beverley,’ was even praised by none other than Paul McCartney himself. Suzan’s new book, ‘Rock ‘n’ Rose,’ is set in Memphis and follows a young girl’s journey to unravel a mysterious family connection to Elvis Presley. Suzan is excited to share the stories behind both of her books and looks forward to entertaining her audience with her “crazy, rock ‘n’ roll stories” at the upcoming book launch in Ludlow.

How Old Is Noddy Holder’s Wife?

Noddy Holder’s wife, Suzan Price, is 57 years old. Suzan has been a supportive partner to Noddy Holder, the famous frontman of the band Slade, during his battle with throat cancer and their life together.

Her age, at 57, is a piece of information that provides context about her role as a source of strength and companionship for Noddy.

Who is Suzan Price?

Suzan Price is known as the wife of Noddy Holder, the renowned frontman of the band Slade. She is a supportive and caring partner who has been by Noddy’s side during his battle with throat cancer. While not as widely recognized as her husband, Suzan Price plays an essential role in Noddy’s life, providing him with love and support throughout their journey together.

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Suzan Price is also known to have made appearances on television, as she is mentioned as a regular panelist on the show “Jeremy Vine On 5.” This suggests that she may have a presence in the public eye and contribute to discussions on various topics. While she may not be a public figure in her own right, Suzan Price’s role in supporting her husband’s health and well-being is a significant aspect of her identity.

Name Suzan Holder
Occupation Journalist, TV Producer, Author
Birthplace Halesowen
Residence Cheshire
Marital Status Married to Noddy Holder

Suzan Price Career

Suzan Price’s career appears to have a focus on television. She is noted as a regular panelist on the show “Jeremy Vine On 5,” which suggests that she has a role in providing opinions and insights on various topics during the show’s discussions. While there may not be extensive public information available about the details of her career, her involvement in a well-known television program points to her engagement in the media and possibly her expertise in certain subject matters.

It’s worth noting that Suzan Price may have experience or interests beyond her TV appearances, but these specific details are not widely documented in publicly available sources. Her role as a regular panelist indicates that she is comfortable with sharing her views and contributing to discussions on a public platform, which is a significant aspect of her career in the public eye. While not as widely recognized as some other public figures, her presence on a popular television show suggests that she has a career that involves sharing her perspectives and engaging with a broader audience.

Suzan Price and Noddy Holder

Suzan Price and Noddy Holder has shared their lives together, with Suzan supporting Noddy through various life challenges, including his battle with throat cancer. Their enduring partnership is a testament to their commitment and love for each other.

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While Noddy Holder is a well-known figure in the music industry, Suzan Price has played a quieter but essential role in his life. She is recognized for her appearances as a regular panelist on the television show “Jeremy Vine On 5,” where she contributes her insights and opinions on various topics. This suggests that Suzan has a presence in the media and engages with the public through her television appearances, adding a dimension to her identity beyond being Noddy Holder’s spouse.

Suzan Price’s partnership with Noddy Holder and her role in the public eye showcase her as a supportive and accomplished figure in her own right. While her career and public profile may not be as extensive as her husband’s, her presence on television and her commitment to their relationship are noteworthy aspects of her life.

Who is Noddy Holder?

Noddy Holder is a well-known English musician, songwriter, and actor. He gained fame as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the British rock band Slade, which was highly successful in the 1970s. Noddy is recognized for his distinctive and powerful singing voice. He co-wrote many of Slade’s hit songs, including “Mama Weer All Crazee Now,” “Cum On Feel the Noize,” and “Merry Xmas Everybody.”

Apart from his music career, Noddy Holder ventured into television and radio work, with notable roles such as starring in the ITV comedy-drama series “The Grimleys.” He also appeared on various TV shows and radio programs, becoming a familiar face on British screens and airwaves. His contributions to the entertainment industry have made him a well-respected figure in British pop culture.

Full Name

Neville John Holder

Date of Birth

15 June 1946

Place of Birth

Walsall, England

Other Names

Sir Nodward of Holdershire[1]


Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Broadcaster

Years Active

1966 – Present


Leandra Russell (m. 1976; div. 1984), Suzan Price (m. 2004)



Noddy Holder Age

Noddy Holder, whose birth name is Neville John Holder, was born on 15 June 1946 in Walsall, England. Currently, he is 77 years old. He has been an influential figure in the world of music, known for his role as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the British rock band Slade. Noddy Holder has also ventured into other occupations, including songwriting and broadcasting, over the years.

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His musical career has spanned several decades, with his active involvement in the industry since 1966. In addition to his music, Holder has been recognized with an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for his contributions to show business. Despite his age, Noddy Holder has continued to make an impact on the entertainment world, leaving a lasting legacy.

Noddy Holder  Career

Noddy Holder’s career has been multifaceted and impressive. He is best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the British rock band Slade. Together with his bandmates, he achieved significant success in the 1970s and is famous for hits like “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” and “Cum On Feel the Noize.” His distinctive and powerful singing voice made him a recognizable figure in the world of rock music. Noddy Holder co-wrote many of Slade’s most popular songs, cementing his reputation as a talented songwriter.

After leaving Slade in 1992, Noddy Holder diversified his career into television and radio work. Notably, he starred in the ITV comedy-drama series “The Grimleys” from 1999 to 2001. He also hosted radio shows on various stations, including Piccadilly 1152 and Key 103 in Manchester, and later on Century and Capital Radio. Noddy Holder’s contributions to entertainment extended to TV appearances, music production, and even puppetry, as he was immortalized as a character on the TV show “Bob the Builder.” His wide-ranging career reflects his versatility in the world of entertainment.

In recognition of his achievements, Noddy Holder received numerous accolades, including an MBE for his services to show business and the Gold Badge of Merit from the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters. He’s continued to stay active in the public eye, with appearances on various TV shows, hosting events, and even recording TV show countdowns of hit Christmas tunes, making him a beloved and enduring figure in British entertainment

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