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Who is Kevin Leonardo? YouTuber Goes Viral for NSFW Butt Hair Removal Video

Kevin Leonardo, a YouTuber, has sort of scandalized social media by posting a butt-naked video of himself. The video, which was supposed to demonstrate a hair removal tutorial, has gone viral as Leonardo exposed way more than what people expected to see.

In the clip, the YouTuber flashed his whole posterior in front of the camera, leaving audiences shocked. Viewers are now sharing their reactions to the video online, while others are interested in knowing more about Leonardo. Here is everything we know about the YouTuber who has gone viral.

Kevin Leonardo’s Viral Butt Hair Removal Video Shocks Viewers

The video, titled ‘Removing BUTT HAIRS Using NAIR Cream – A Visual Guide!’ was posted on Kevin Leonardo’s YouTube Channel on June 26th. The YouTuber aimed at demonstrating the use of NAIR cream to easily remove hair from one’s back in the clip, and audiences did not expect to see any NSFW visuals.

However, Leonardo started the 2-minute-54-second video by saying, “So this is how hairy my butt is right now,” and showcasing his uncensored butt and genitals to the camera. While viewers were left shocked, the YouTuber continued with his tutorial and applied the Nair hair removal cream to the region.

After removing hair after some three minutes, he once again kept his posterior in full display in front of the camera, giving the audience another shocking view of his genitals, so they could compare the before and after results. The video has so far amassed over 4.5 million views on the platform.

Who is Kevin Leonardo?

Kevin Leonardo is now getting famous as the ‘Nair hair video guy’. He is a content creator who mostly posts videos targeted toward the gay community on YouTube. He joined the platform in September 2021 and has so far gained over 41,000 subscribers.

Leonardo reportedly hails from Indonesia and is 32 years old. With a rise in popularity, he is also seeing an increase in followers on other social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok. Some of his other famous YouTube videos include ‘How My Stepdad’s Adult Videos Made Me Come Out To My Asian Catholic Mom’ and ‘How to SHAVE YOUR BUTT!’

Social Media Reacts to the Viral Video

Leonardo’s viral video has sparked a meme fest on Twitter, with people sharing their hilarious and shocking reactions to the clip. “Oh how I wish I never looked up that Kevin Leonardo Nair video,” wrote a user. A second one tweeted, “Why is kevin leonardo’s entire BUSSY still up on youtube.”

Another user wrote, “I wanna know how berleezy got his whole channel deleted for showing pixelated dildos on a game he was playing but Kevin Leonardo can show his ACTUAL ANUS and the video is still up.”

“y’all as I watched the Kevin Leonardo video I realized I shoulda minded my business…[crying emoji],” posted another one. A user also joked, “The mutuals who put that Kevin Leonardo vid on my TL will answer for their crimes on Judgement Day.”

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