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Who Is Aniyan Midhun? Know About him Biography  Age, Wiki

People are curious to knowWho Is Aniyan Midhun, chances are you might be curious to know more about Aniiyan’sMidhun networth, age, and more, so consider swiping down.

Who is Aniyan Midhun? 

Born on June 18, 1992, Aniyan Midhun is a renowned Indian Wushu practitioner known as the “Son of the Arabian Sea”. He has achieved several feats in his career, including setting a world record as the first South Indian to represent India in international Wushu fighting and win a gold medal. His recent accomplishment includes winning the gold medal at the World Pro Wushu Sanda Fight 2022 in Thailand, for which he was recognized as the World’s Best fighter by the Government of Nepal. Midhun’s exceptional performance and dedication to his craft also earned him the Human Rights Nobel Award by the Global Human Rights Trust in 2022. In addition, he holds the world record for the fastest knockout and won a gold medal in the South Asian Wushu Championship 2021 in the 70 kg category. Midhun was part of the ten-member squad that represented India in the South Asian Wushu Championship held on March 30 and 31, 2021, making him the first South Indian to represent India in Wushu.

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Aniyan Midhun Biography  

Specifications  Details 
Name Aniyan Midhun 
Date of Birth 18 June 1992
Age  30
Nationality Indian
Birth Place Nattika, Thrissur, Kerala
Profession Wushu Player,
Height (Approx.) 182.88cm

Aniyan Midhun Age

At present, Aniyan Midhun is 30 years old. He embarked on his journey in martial arts during his 5th standard schooling days in his hometown of Thrissur, Kerala, starting with Karate coaching. Midhun progressed to kickboxing and then Wushu while in 7th standard. Being fond of the sea, he spent a significant portion of his childhood on the beach, where he also trained and practiced, which eventually prepared him well for his professional fights. He takes great pride in being referred to as the “Son of the Arabian Sea”.

 Aniyan Midhun Job 

Aniyan Midhun is currently under the tutelage of Kuldeep Handoo, the Indian Wushu Head Coach and a recipient of the prestigious Dhronacharya Award. In addition to his professional fighting career, Midhun is also a fitness trainer and martial arts instructor to a range of celebrities, such as Shafna, Roshan Basheer, Prayaga Martin, and Amith Chakalakkal. Furthermore, he provides training to approximately 70 students in his hometown.

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Aniyan Midhun Wife

There is no proper statement about his marriage or his wife. Midhun Menon, popularly known as Aniyan Midhun, is a prominent Wushu practitioner from Thrissur, India, who began his athletic career with Karate at the age of 10 and attained a black belt in the discipline. He later transitioned to kickboxing and eventually to Wushu, earning numerous accolades throughout his career. Among his many achievements, he was bestowed with the title of “World’s Best Fighter” by the Nepalese Government. Fans often refer to him as the “Son of the Arabian Sea,” reflecting his affinity for the ocean. Aniyan Midhun is admired for his fitness regimen, which has led to his impressive six-pack abs and toned physique. He is also a renowned celebrity trainer, counting actors such as Shafna, Roshan Basheer, and Prayaga Martin among his clients.

Aniyan Midhun Family

There is no proper statement about his family. Aniyan was presented with the chance to learn Karate during his time in fifth grade at school. As time passed, he became acquainted with Wushu and kickboxing after observing these sports being practiced at the Thrissur stadium. It was then that Aniyan began his Wushu journey, training at the Thrissur Wushu Association center under the guidance of coaches. However, Aniyan preferred to train at Nattika sea beach instead of practicing at the center.

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Aniyan Midhun Birthday

Born on June 18th, 1992, Aniyan Midhun is a proficient martial artist who possesses a black belt in Karate. He has represented various esteemed associations, including the Kerala State Sports Council, Sports Authority of India, J&K State Sports Council, and J&K Wushu Association. Aniyan Midhun has competed as a Wushu athlete at the state level for Kerala and earned the national championship title in kickboxing under the Indian Association of Kickboxing in 2015. Moreover, he is a professional fighter in KAKO (Keranadu Association of Kickboxing Organizations). Presently, Aniyan Midhun is under the tutelage of Kuldeep Handoo, an Indian Wushu Head Coach and recipient of the Dhronacharya Award.

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