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Where is Foxy Brown Now? Know All About Her

Where is Foxy Brown now? As the years have passed, her public appearances have become less frequent, leaving many fans wondering about rapper Foxy Brown’s current whereabouts.

Who is Foxy Brown?

Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand, better known by her electrifying stage name Foxy Brown, is an unstoppable force in the world of American rap. With a fierce presence and undeniable talent, she stormed onto the scene after signing with Def Jam in 1996. That very year, on November 19, she unleashed her debut album, the explosive Ill Na Na. Its impact was nothing short of seismic, as it achieved platinum status certified by the RIAA and conquered the hearts of fans worldwide, selling over 7 million copies.

But Foxy Brown’s musical prowess didn’t stop there. She fearlessly joined forces with hip-hop heavyweights Nas, AZ, and Cormega, forming the legendary supergroup known as The Firm. Their collective genius culminated in the release of a phenomenal album under Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment in 1997, cementing their place in the annals of rap history.

Proving her unwavering dominance, Foxy Brown once again shattered barriers in 1999 with the arrival of her second album, Chyna Doll. It burst onto the scene, claiming the coveted top spot on the prestigious Billboard 200, an achievement previously accomplished by only one other female rapper— the incomparable Lauryn Hill in 1998.

The resilient spirit of Foxy Brown continued to shine brightly with the release of her third album, Broken Silence, in 2001. This powerhouse project featured the Grammy-nominated anthem “Na Na Be Like,” a track that resonated with audiences on a profound level.

Though her journey faced unexpected twists and turns, Foxy Brown’s unwavering passion for her craft never waned. After bidding farewell to Def Jam in 2003 and canceling the release of her highly anticipated Ill Na Na 2 album, she made an epic return in 2005 when Jay-Z, the visionary president and CEO of the label, eagerly signed her once again. This reunion set the stage for the creation of another extraordinary, yet unreleased, album titled Black Roses.

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With a legacy firmly etched in the halls of rap greatness, Foxy Brown’s passionate journey remains an awe-inspiring testament to her unwavering talent and unyielding determination. She stands as a true pioneer, a force to be reckoned with, and a symbol of empowerment in the world of music.

Where is Foxy Brown Now?

Since the early 2000s, Foxy Brown, the iconic rapper, has intentionally taken a step back from the glaring spotlight, choosing instead to make occasional, carefully selected appearances. In 2009, she collaborated with the formidable Nicki Minaj, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. However, Foxy’s artistic pursuits extended beyond the realm of music. In 2018, she welcomed a precious gift into the world—a daughter named C’Yani, illuminating her life with love and joy.

But Foxy Brown’s undeniable passion for music could not be contained. In 2019, she graced our ears with a captivating remix of Casanova’s hit track, “So Brooklyn,” reaffirming her lyrical prowess and reminding the world of her enduring talent. The music industry rejoiced, eagerly embracing her triumphant return.

The year 2020 witnessed a monumental reunion—a reunion that sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community. Foxy Brown joined forces once again with The Firm, the legendary supergroup comprising Nas, AZ, and Cormega. This extraordinary collaboration yielded the awe-inspiring anthem, “Full Circle,” featured on Nas’ critically acclaimed and Grammy-awarded album, “King’s Disease.” The song resonated with fans, invoking nostalgia and showcasing the timeless artistry that lies within Foxy Brown’s soul.

Rumors abound that Foxy Brown is currently immersed in a creative whirlwind, diligently working on new material that will undoubtedly captivate our hearts and minds. Her devoted followers anxiously await the unveiling of her latest musical endeavors, yearning to experience the magic she weaves through her words and beats. The anticipation is palpable, and the collective hope is that, soon enough, we will bear witness to the triumphant return of Foxy Brown, as she imparts her unique brand of artistry upon the world once more.

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Jay Z and Foxy Brown Relationship

In the mid-90s, Foxy Brown shared a remarkably close relationship with the esteemed JAY-Z, a bond that extended beyond mere collaboration on records. Their undeniable chemistry and frequent appearances together sparked speculation among fans that a romantic connection was brewing. However, Foxy Brown consistently refuted these rumors throughout the years, steadfastly maintaining that their relationship was rooted in friendship and professional admiration.

In 2021, the rumors resurfaced when Foxy Brown posted a throwback picture on Instagram, commemorating JAY-Z’s birthday on December 4. In the accompanying caption, she expressed gratitude to “Hovy” for the guidance he had provided during their shared journey. This post ignited a frenzy of speculation on social media, with fans eagerly dissecting every detail. Some believed that Foxy Brown was attempting to rekindle a romantic connection, while others dragged JAY-Z’s wife, Beyoncé, into the discussion.

Faced with the growing chatter, Foxy Brown swiftly put an end to the speculation, making it clear that her relationship with JAY-Z was purely platonic. In another Instagram Story, she unequivocally stated her love and respect for Beyoncé, firmly shutting down any insinuations. It was a resounding reminder that her bond with JAY-Z was rooted in a deep friendship and professional camaraderie, untainted by romantic entanglements.

The influence and impact of their relationship extended beyond personal connections. Their collaborative efforts on songs such as “Ain’t No N-gga” left an indelible mark on hip-hop history. Even today, artists like DreamDoll pay homage to their classic collaborations, showcasing the enduring legacy of their creative synergy.

In the end, the JAY-Z and Foxy Brown relationship serves as a testament to the power of artistic collaboration and enduring friendship in the dynamic world of music. Despite the persistent rumors, their connection remains one built on mutual respect, mentorship, and shared creative energy. Their combined talent and the music they created together continue to inspire and captivate audiences, solidifying their place in the pantheon of hip-hop greatness.

Who is Foxy Brown’s Daughter’s Daddy?

Foxy Brown’s daughter’s father is Spragga Benz, her longtime love and ex-fiancé. In a post on social media, Foxy confirmed that Spragga is the proud father of their baby girl. The reggae star, who had been engaged to Foxy in the past, spoke affectionately about their relationship and praised her as a “loving and kind” person. Spragga expressed his deep respect for Foxy and shared that he has witnessed aspects of her personality that the world may not be aware of.

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Their connection and shared history have fostered a bond built on mutual admiration and understanding. Following the revelation, Spragga made his Instagram account private, possibly in response to the influx of curious fans leaving congratulatory messages on his page. This desire for privacy is understandable, considering the sensitive nature of their personal lives.

It’s worth noting that Foxy Brown had previously expressed her love for Spragga in a heartfelt Instagram post back in 2015, stating that she had loved him for over a decade. During the same year, she also engaged in a public dispute with Ashanti, whom she believed was showing interest in her ex-partner.

While details about their relationship and personal lives are not extensively shared with the public, the acknowledgment of Spragga Benz as the father of Foxy Brown’s daughter highlights their connection and the importance of their shared parenthood journey.

Foxy Brown Networth

Foxy Brown, the renowned rapper, earned her income through various sources throughout her career. Foxy Brown’s music releases, including her albums such as “Ill Na Na,” “Chyna Doll,” and “Broken Silence,” generated revenue through album sales, streaming platforms, and digital downloads. Performing live concerts and going on tours were significant sources of income for Foxy Brown. Through ticket sales and merchandise, she was able to generate revenue from her stage performances. Like many artists, Foxy Brown engaged in brand endorsements and collaborations. These partnerships involved promoting products or representing brands, which provided substantial financial compensation.

Foxy Brown Networth


Foxy Brown

Net Worth

$3 Million





Source of Income

Through her Musical Career

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