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What Happened to Asia From Dance Moms? Where is Asia From Dance Moms Now?

What happened to Asia from Dance Moms? From her beginnings to her current endeavors, we aim to provide a look at Asia Monet Ray’s post-Dance Moms experiences and achievements.

Who is Asia from Dance Moms Now?

“Born on August 10, 2005, Asia Monet Ray is the eldest child of Kristie and Shawn Ray. Her journey in the world of dance began in 2012 when she participated in the inaugural season of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, where she achieved an impressive third place. The following year, Asia and her mother Kristie were extended an invitation by Abby Lee Miller to join the elite team at ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company) for the third season of Dance Moms, creating a competitive dynamic with Mackenzie.

Asia remained a part of the team until ‘The Big, Not So, Easy’ episode when she and her mother made the decision to depart from the team as Asia expressed her desire to retire from competitive dance. In the subsequent fourth season, Asia made a special appearance in the Girl Talk episode, marking a brief return to the Dance Moms series.”

What Happened to Asia from Dance Moms? 

Asia is now focusing on her singing and acting career. After the cancellation of ‘Raising Asia,’ the talented dancer shifted her focus to pursue an acting career. Her first acting role came in the movie ‘Sister Code,’ where she portrayed a younger version of the character Lexi, played by Amber Rose. Asia then made a notable appearance in a two-episode storyline during the 12th season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ portraying Jasmine Singh, a young girl involved in a car accident with her entire family.

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In 2016, she gained further recognition for her role as Sydney Simpson, O. J. Simpson’s daughter, in the television series ‘The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story,’ alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. In addition to her acting pursuits, Asia, now 18, has ventured into singing. Under the name Asia Monet, she has released several songs including ‘Come Along’ and ‘Hey Girl’ in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

While her music career may not have reached the same level of success as some of her former ‘Dance Moms’ co-stars, Asia is thriving in her own way. She actively engages with her 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 1 million followers on TikTok, and also maintains a YouTube channel where she shares her original songs and covers, spanning from Mariah Carey to Billie Eilish to Adele.

Where is Asia from Dance Moms Now?

“In a recent interview, Asia candidly discussed her life after her time on ‘Dance Moms.’ She expressed that transitioning from being on the show to pursuing her current career was a challenging process. Reflecting on her experience, she shared, ‘It was definitely difficult for me to navigate the transition because I had been a part of Dance Moms for such a long time. ‘

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It felt like my home.’ When asked about her current endeavors, Asia revealed that she is focusing on acting, singing, and dancing. She expressed her enthusiasm for ongoing projects and collaborations with fellow artists. Asia shared, ‘I’m genuinely excited about the projects I’m currently involved in. I have the opportunity to collaborate with some incredibly talented individuals, and I’m eager to see what we create together.’

Despite the challenges of transitioning away from ‘Dance Moms,’ Asia remains dedicated to her multifaceted career and eagerly looks forward to exploring new opportunities in the entertainment industry.”

How Old is Asia from Dance Moms?

Asia, 17, “After her time on ‘Dance Moms’, Asia Monet Ray opened up about her experience on the show, revealing some behind-the-scenes details. In a previous interview, she shared that certain aspects depicted on the show were a result of creative editing, with pieces spliced together to create a certain narrative. Asia acknowledged that not everything shown on the screen accurately reflected reality.

She also discussed her interactions with Abby Lee Miller, known for her tough approach toward the contestants. Asia mentioned that despite the challenges, Abby’s demeanor remained consistent throughout her time on the show. She expressed that her prior experience on ‘AUDC’ (Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition) had prepared her for ‘Dance Moms’, and she wasn’t bothered by Abby’s direct and straightforward communication style.”

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Asia Monet Ray Biography 



Name  Asia Monet Ray 
DOB  August 10, 2005 
Place of birth  Corona, California 
Age  17 







Kristie Ray 

Shawn Ray  

Siblings  Bella Blu – Sister 

Dance Moms 

“Dance Moms is a popular American reality television series that premiered on Lifetime on July 13, 2011. Produced by Collins Avenue Productions, the show chronicles the training and careers of children in the world of dance and show business. Under the guidance of Abby Lee Miller, the renowned dance instructor, the series showcases the intricate dynamics between Miller, the talented young dancers, and their often argumentative mothers.

Initially set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and later moving to Los Angeles, California, the majority of the show’s filming takes place at the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) studios. The series follows the journey of the girls on the ALDC Junior Elite Competition Team as they learn and perfect their dance routines, ultimately showcasing their skills at various dance competitions across the nation. The show aired continuously from July 13, 2011, until its conclusion on September 10, 2019, as many of the children featured on the show reached adulthood and pursued different paths in their dance careers.”

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