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NECO Registration 2024/2024 Closing Date, When Is NECO 2024/2024 Registration Closing

NECO Registration 2024/2024 Closing Date The National Examination Council has announced the opening and closing time for the registration of 2024 NECO examination. People are now excited to know NECO Registration 2024/2024 closing date. If you are also looking for the same, then don’t worry. We have provided you with the NECO Registration 2024/2024 closing date, along with other important details about the examination.

NECO Registration 2024/2024 Closing Date

The National Examination Council (NECO) has announced that registration for the 2024 NECO examination will close on Friday, 23rd February 2024 according to schoolisle, and all candidates are expected to register before this date. The council has emphasized that the deadline will not be extended, so candidates should register as soon as possible.

NECO has also stated that if there are any changes to the deadline, they will update their website with the new information.

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When Is NECO 2024/2024 Registration Closing?

Azeez Sani, who is the Head of the Information and Public Relations Division of the National Examination Council (NECO), has announced that the 2024 NECO Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) will begin on 27th June 2024 and end on Friday 12th August 2024.

This means that students who have registered for the 2024 NECO SSCE will have approximately six weeks to complete the examination. The council has also released the new timetable for the examination, which contains the dates and times for each subject.

It is important for all candidates to check the timetable to know the exact date and time for their examinations. This will enable them to adequately prepare and avoid missing any of their papers.

NECO has advised candidates to study hard and prepare well for the examination, as it is a crucial determinant of their academic progress and future endeavors.

Requirements for NECO Registration 2024

To apply for the 2024 NECO examination, candidates are expected to meet certain requirements as stipulated by the National Examination Council (NECO). These requirements include:

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  • 4 Copies of Passport photograph
  • The Candidate’s address
  • Maiden/Guardian Names
  • An email
  • Local Government Area and State of Origin of the candidate
  • Personal Information of the candidate
  • List of 8 (minimum) or 9 (maximum) subjects of the candidate
  • Compulsory biometric capturing

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