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Monica Mangin Weight Loss, Transformation Details Revealed

Monica Mangin weight loss details are provided here, discover the film director’s inspiring weight loss journey and dedication to intense workouts that have transformed Monica Mangin’s life.


Monica Mangin Weight Loss

Monica Mangin, a well-known personality in the DIY and home improvement industry, has undergone a remarkable weight loss transformation. Fans have been pleasantly surprised by her radiant appearance and significant change in her figure. In the past, Monica was often described as chubby and plump, but in recent years she has embarked on a journey to lose weight and improve her overall health.

Monica’s weight loss journey began in 2019 when she reached her heaviest weight. This excess weight caused difficulties in her daily activities, and she often felt uncomfortable and tired. Determined to make a change, Monica focused on her diet and exercise regimen.

She started by making changes to her diet plan, specifically controlling her fat intake and reducing cholesterol. Initially, she eliminated sugar and processed foods from her diet and replaced them with healthier options. Fruits and leafy vegetables became an essential part of her balanced daily meals. Additionally, Monica closely monitored her cholesterol levels and ensured that she consumed fewer fats than she burned through exercise.

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Overcoming physical challenges was not easy for Monica, but she remained motivated and committed to her weight loss goal. Despite encountering various obstacles along the way, she persevered and successfully lost around 60 pounds in the last few months. Her dedication to maintaining a nutritious diet and incorporating regular exercise into her routine played a crucial role in her weight loss success.

Regarding exercise, Monica understood the importance of physical activity alongside a healthy diet. She started her weight loss journey with walking and gradually progressed to brisk walking and running. These activities not only helped her burn calories but also increased her muscle strength.

As she became more accustomed to her exercise routine, Monica also incorporated weightlifting to further enhance her results. She emphasized the importance of making exercise a consistent part of one’s lifestyle, even after reaching weight loss goals.

Monica Mangin’s career began in 2012 with house tours, but her interest in blogging grew during the Christmas season that year. Despite being a mother of four children, she managed a full-time blogging job and showcased her creativity through various DIY projects.

Over time, Monica transitioned to television and gained prominence as an engaging host. She appeared on shows like “The Weekender” and made appearances on ABC’s design series. Monica’s career reached new heights when she founded her own production company, East Coast Creative, where she currently serves as the CEO. She is also working as the home expert on the show “LIVE! with Kelly.”

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Monica Mangin’s weight loss journey is an inspiring example of determination and commitment. Through a combination of a balanced diet, focused on reducing fats and cholesterol, and regular exercise, she successfully achieved significant weight loss. Her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and her thriving career in the DIY industry continue to inspire others.

Monica Mangin Wiki

Monica, an American woman of Caucasian descent, was born in the United States on February 1, 1982. She has established herself as a prominent television personality and is also recognized as a co-founder of East Coast Creative, a well-known website renowned for its plans and DIY blogs.

Monica’s career took off when she initially ventured into the world of blogging, focusing on do-it-yourself projects. Her exceptional creativity and brilliant ideas served as the driving force behind her transformation into a successful creative blogger.

Her rapid rise in the industry led her to transition from a blogger to a television personality. Monica took on responsibilities overseeing network shows and assisting others in generating innovative content. She has dedicated herself wholeheartedly to her professional life and is now recognized as the CEO and founder of East Coast Creative. The website, under Monica’s leadership, has developed its own unique identity and serves as a valuable platform for the creation of distinctive and imaginative content.

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Monica Mangin Family

Monica Mangin, formerly known as Monica Hughes, was born to parents who were natives of Massachusetts. While Monica herself hails from Attleboro, her parents originated from Boston. While her father’s public presence remains minimal, her mother, Caroline Murnane Hughes, resides in Pennsylvania to provide support.

That covers the information regarding her parents. The family also includes Monica’s known brother, Derrick Hughes. It is possible that Monica and Derrick have other siblings, but these details are not widely known to the public. Speaking of Derrick, he pursued his education at Belmont College of Law in Nashville, Rhode Island.

Monica Mangin Biography

Real Name

Monica Mangin




American White lady


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41 Year Old 


In Feet Inches-5′ 4″


64 kg

Date of Birth

1 February 1982

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