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What Is Matt Lauer Doing Now? Insights into His Current Life

Once a familiar face on morning television, Matt Lauer’s life took a dramatic turn following his departure from NBC’s “Today” show in 2017 amidst allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. Since then, the former anchor has largely retreated from the public eye, leading many to wonder: What is Matt Lauer doing now?

Life After “Today”

Matt Lauer

Following his exit from the “Today” show, Lauer has been living a more secluded life. His divorce from Annette Roque was finalized in 2019, and he has since been linked to Shamin Abas, a public relations and marketing executive. Lauer has reportedly been focusing on his personal life, spending time with his children and his new partner, while also dealing with the fallout from his former co-host Katie Couric’s memoir, “Going There,” which revisited the circumstances of his departure from NBC.

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Professional Prospects and Public Perception

Professionally, Lauer’s prospects remain uncertain. While friends and sources close to him suggest he is considering a comeback, possibly in the form of a podcast or behind-the-scenes production work, the path to redemption appears fraught with challenges. The media landscape has changed significantly since his departure, and any potential return would likely be met with mixed reactions from both the public and industry professionals.

Current Activities and Lifestyle

Matt Lauer Relationship with Shamin Abas

Currently, Lauer splits his time between Long Island and New Zealand, where he owns a significant property. He has been seen engaging in everyday activities and occasionally attending events, but for the most part, he maintains a low profile. His relationship with Abas seems to be a source of stability, as she is described as being supportive and understanding of his past.

Reflections on the Past and Looking Ahead

Lauer’s friends indicate that he has spent considerable time reflecting on his actions and their consequences. While he has expressed a desire to return to media in some capacity, he is also reportedly aware of the potential reluctance from networks and advertisers to associate with him. The journey to any form of public re-engagement will require careful navigation and perhaps a redefinition of his role in the media world.

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FAQs About Matt Lauer’s Current Life

Is Matt Lauer planning a return to television?

While Lauer has expressed interest in a comeback, there are no concrete plans for a return to television. He is reportedly considering options like podcasts or production work that would allow him to re-enter the media space on his own terms.

What is Matt Lauer’s relationship with his former NBC colleagues?

According to sources, Lauer has lost contact with most of his former NBC colleagues and is no longer in regular communication with individuals from the “Today” show.

How has Matt Lauer’s departure from NBC affected his personal life?

Lauer’s departure from NBC has led to significant changes in his personal life, including his divorce and the shift to a more private lifestyle. He has been focusing on his family and his relationship with Shamin Abas.

What is Matt Lauer’s current relationship status?

Matt Lauer is currently in a relationship with Shamin Abas, a public relations and marketing executive. They have been dating for over three years.

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Has Matt Lauer commented on the allegations against him?

Lauer has denied allegations of non-consensual behavior and has criticized the reporting around the allegations for what he perceives as bias and a lack of journalistic rigor.

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