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Kelsea Ballerini Interlude Lyrics

Discover the heartfelt lyrics of “Interlude” by Kelsea Ballerini, a raw and honest reflection on her divorce journey. These powerful words capture the pain, healing, and resilience that resonate with anyone who has faced the challenges of separation. Dive into the emotional depth of Ballerini’s story through her moving lyrics in “Interlude.”

Kelsea Ballerini of Interlude Song

Kelsea Ballerini’s “Interlude,” featured in her 2024 album “Rolling Up the Welcome Mat (For Good),” delves into the depths of her emotions during the challenging period of her divorce from Morgan Evans. This poignant song encapsulates the rawness, honesty, and complexity of a breakup, offering listeners a glimpse into the spectrum of emotions that accompany such a life-altering event.

The composition of the song mirrors the emotional journey of a divorce. The initial section, though brief, serves as a powerful encapsulation of the initial shock and anguish that often accompany the end of a marriage. Ballerini paints a vivid picture of a world turned upside down, a feeling many can relate to when navigating the tumultuous waters of separation. The lyrics reflect the vulnerability of feeling scrutinized by those around her, while she endeavors to maintain a facade of strength for the public eye.

The second and more extensive part of the song shifts focus to the path of healing and renewal. Ballerini shares her process of forgiveness, addressing both herself and her former spouse. This segment highlights the essence of resilience as she reclaims her identity and rediscovers the pieces of her life that may have been temporarily misplaced. Her determination to rediscover happiness, acknowledging that it’s a gradual process, resonates with anyone who has experienced the arduous journey of moving forward from a painful chapter.

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“Interlude” serves as a profound and touching anthem for anyone who has navigated the challenging terrain of divorce. It echoes the vital message that healing, though demanding, is attainable, even in the aftermath of heart-wrenching experiences. Through this song, Ballerini bares her soul to the world, demonstrating both vulnerability and strength, ultimately providing a heartfelt and relatable narrative for those who have faced similar trials.

Kelsea Ballerini of Interlude Lyrics

There’s a thin line between love and hate
And it was love, but it wasn’t fate
Now my momma’s asking if I’m okay
And the internet says I’m losing weight
This wasn’t how it was supposed to play out
So which side are you gonna take now?
‘Cause people that I loved
Are just people that I knew once
The rumors going ‘round, but the truth is kinda nuanced
I wanna set it straight, but my lawyer says I shouldn’t
And ain’t it like this town to only criticize a woman 

Am I right? 
‘Cause hindsight says I was right

Must’ve hit a nerve
Damn, people got offended
Kinda scary opening a wound that time had mended
But everyone wanted the “Interlude” to be extended
Guess I gotta send it

There’s a thin line between love and hate
I got drunk, and you meditated 
Said I’d get it one day with age
Guess it got your ego inflated
Wasn’t supposed to be a takedown
But which side are you gonna take now? 

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I wonder what we’ll both say
When we see each other ‘round town
We said we’d handle this the right way 
I guess we’ve done each other wrong now

I hope you sleep better at night now that you got an army
Of people that believe I’m the word that you used to call me
Needed to be the angel for someone that doesn’t Jesus
I told you mine, so when location died, what was your secret? 

We really turned goodbye to a game to a hobby
You collected bones, but I buried the bodies
All this back and forth
Well, it’s feeling pretty sloppy
Paste, copy

I mean it even more now a few months later
I’m blowing up my life, but I’m standing by the crater
That’s all that’s left to say
You can love her, you can hate her
‘Cause 23 me, now I know
Happy ever after ain’t always true
Sometimes that’s how it goes
And that was us
Me and you
Forever’s just the interlude

Kelsea Ballerini of Interlude Release Date

The original rendition of Kelsea Ballerini’s “Interlude” made its debut on February 14, 2024, as a part of her EP, “Rolling Up the Welcome Mat (For Good).” This poignant composition provides an unfiltered and sincere perspective on her divorce from Morgan Evans, expressing the tumultuous emotions associated with such a significant life event.

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In a compelling move, Ballerini unveiled a reimagined version of the song, aptly named “Interlude (Full Length),” in August 2024. This extended rendition delves even deeper into the intricate facets of Ballerini’s divorce journey, offering listeners a more comprehensive view of the emotional rollercoaster she endured. This revised version of the song, released on August 11, 2024, delves into additional details, providing an enriched narrative about her experiences.

Both iterations of “Interlude” possess an undeniable power, resonating profoundly with anyone who has experienced the often painful process of divorce. Through her music, Ballerini crafts a reminder that healing is attainable, even in the wake of the most heart-wrenching circumstances. These songs stand as a testament to Ballerini’s remarkable strength and resilience, demonstrating her willingness to openly share her vulnerabilities and her story with the world.

The evolution from the original release to the full-length version showcases Ballerini’s commitment to her artistry and her desire to connect with her audience on a deeper level. Her music not only speaks to those who have faced similar challenges but also serves as an inspiration to anyone navigating their own journey through adversity, highlighting the transformative power of self-expression and personal growth.

Kelsea Ballerini of Interlude Details






Kelsea Ballerini


Rolling Up the Welcome Mat (For Good)

Written by

Ballerini and Alysa Vanderheym

Produced by

Ballerini, Vanderheym, and Jason Gantt


Kelsea Ballerini

Song Genre

Country Song

Released Date (Full Length)

August 11, 2024

Kelsea Ballerini of Official Video Song

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