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Is Two Little Monsters a True Story? Two Little Monsters Ending Explained

“2 Little Monsters” is a fictional film about two boys released from prison on their 18th birthdays after a childhood crime; it explores their struggles with newfound freedom and media attention.

Is Two Little Monsters a True Story?

No, the movie Two Little Monsters is not based on any true story. It is a fictional film about two boys released from prison on their 18th birthdays after a childhood crime; it explores their struggles with newfound freedom and media attention. 

“Little Monsters” is a 2012 film that is not rated and has a runtime of 1 hour and 47 minutes. The movie is directed and written by David Schmoeller. The story revolves around two boys who are released from prison on their eighteenth birthdays. They had been incarcerated for the tragic murder of a three-year-old boy when they were just ten years old. The film delves into the fictional narrative of these characters and explores the consequences of their actions.

Where to Watch Two Little Monsters?

“2 Little Monsters” is a film that tells the fictional story of two boys who are released from prison on their eighteenth birthdays after killing a three-year-old boy when they were ten. The movie revolves around their experiences and the aftermath of their actions. It appears to be available for streaming on various platforms, including Prime Video, Google Play, and Amazon. The film’s IMDb rating is 3.8 based on 62 reviews.

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The film’s availability on different streaming platforms, such as Prime Video, Google Play, and Amazon, suggests that viewers can watch it online. It was released on December 2, 2022, and offers an exploration of the consequences and implications of a tragic incident involving the two young boys. If you’re interested in watching the film, you can find it on the mentioned platforms for online streaming.

Two Little Monsters Movie Cast



Charles Cantrell

Carl Withers

Ryan LeBoeuf

James Landers

Shana Dahan

Amanda McClendon

Christopher Boeres Hipp

Fred Harper

Michael Brown

Deputy Brown

Clarence Gilyard

Ben Foreman

Diana Eden

Judge Clemens

Chaz Greco

Little Davey McClendon

Dee Drenta

Maria Harper

Deana Deatherage


Jeremy Cloe

Voice of Mr. Spencer

Matthew Vorce


Michael Vara

Sam Stone

Michael Tylo

Art Professor

Phil Valentine

G. McClendon

Luke Jones


Briana Kennedy


Adam Kilbourn

Marshall Henderson

Ellen Lawson

Ida Withers

Megli Micek


Brian Robak

Man in Lot

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Two Little Monsters Ending Explained

“2 Little Monsters” is a psychological drama directed by David Schmoeller, known for horror classics like “Tourist Trap” and “Puppetmaster.” The film is a departure from his usual genre and is based on the real-life tragic murder of two-year-old James Bulger by two 10-year-old boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, in 1993.

The movie follows the fictional story of Carl Withers (played by Charles Cantrell) and James Landers (played by Ryan LeBoeuf), who are released from separate detention facilities on their eighteenth birthdays. With the help of U.S. marshals, they are given new identities and placed into foster homes, essentially entering a witness protection-like program. Despite the legal prohibition to contact their families or each other, various individuals and groups, including sensationalist journalists, tabloids, and a bounty hunter, are determined to uncover their new identities.

As the film unfolds, the tension escalates as the hunt for their identities intensifies. However, the heart of the story lies in exploring how Withers and Landers grapple with their newfound freedom after spending eight years incarcerated since the age of ten. Landers is introspective and thoughtful, while Withers exudes a disturbingly self-assured demeanor despite his troubled past. The central conflict emerges as the characters confront their own demons and the relentless media scrutiny that surrounds them.

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The performances by Charles Cantrell and Ryan LeBoeuf are praised for effectively capturing the detachment and eeriness one might expect from individuals who committed such heinous acts at a young age. The film provides a nuanced and thoughtful exploration of a disturbing and relevant societal issue, refusing to offer easy answers or closure.

David Schmoeller’s direction is commended for tastefully handling disturbing subject matter. While the film contains news interview-style moments with individuals involved in the case, these segments can sometimes create narrative disconnects. Pacing issues are noted during Withers’ road trip, which could have been trimmed. Despite these minor shortcomings, “2 Little Monsters” is overall regarded as a well-crafted and thought-provoking film that tackles a nauseating yet pertinent topic.

The film is available on DVD and was originally titled “Little Monsters,” with the addition of the “2” to avoid confusion with the 1989 film starring Fred Savage and Howie Mandel.

2 Little Monsters Movie Trailer

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