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Is the movie Jersey based on a true story? Ending Explained

Find here is the movie Jersey based on a true story or not, and know everything about the 2019 Telugu sports drama filmJersey, follow the page and get all the details.


Jersey is a sports drama film in Telugu language, released in 2019, which was written and directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri and produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi under the banner of Sithara Entertainments. The movie features Nani and Shraddha Srinath in lead roles, along with Ronit Kamra, Sathyaraj, Harish Kalyan, Sanusha, Sampath Raj, and Viswant Duddumpudi in significant roles.

The music for the film was composed by Anirudh Ravichander, while Sanu John Varghese handled the cinematography and Naveen Nooli did the editing. The film deals with the struggles of late bloomers who aspire to achieve success in sports. The storyline follows Arjun (Nani), a failed cricketer who decides to make a comeback in his mid-30s, driven by his son’s wish for a cricket jersey and the desire to represent the Indian cricket team. The movie was released worldwide on April 19, 2019.

Is the movie Jersey based on a true story? 

There were rumors that the film, Jersey, was based on the life of Indian cricketer, Raman Lamba. However, the director, Gowtam Tinnanuri, dismissed these speculations and clarified that the plot of the film was entirely fictional and unique. He emphasized that there was no connection between the movie and the late cricketer.

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In the movie, the main character is repeatedly rejected by the Indian cricket team due to political issues in the selection process. He then takes a government job, but unfortunately loses it due to corruption.  The storyline follows his struggles to buy a jersey for his son, who is part of his school cricket team while dealing with various obstacles. Despite the hardships he faces, the protagonist ultimately succeeds in the end.

Jersey movie ending explained

In 2019, Nani and Sarah are invited to a ceremony to honor Arjun in a hotel. Ramya, the journalist who documented Arjun’s journey, wrote a book about his life that was presented at the event. Nani receives a gift, which is the Indian jersey awarded to Arjun by the BCCI, as Arjun was selected to the Indian team based on his performance that year.

Nani becomes emotional and shares that he had asked his father for the jersey 23 years ago, and his father kept his promise. Nani then reveals that Arjun passed away in the hospital two days after the Ranji finals due to a heart disease called Arrhythmia, which he had known about since he was 26 years old but kept hidden from everyone, including his wife.

During a private conversation with Arjun’s doctor at the felicitation ceremony, Nani learns about Arjun’s condition and praises him for fighting despite the odds, disproving the critics who labeled him as someone who perished while pursuing his dreams. Arjun was actually fulfilling his son’s wishes to see him as a cricketer, knowing that his death was certain, and he imparted the message that “it’s never too late to dream.”

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Jersey plot

In 2019, a young man purchases a book called Jersey from a New York City bookshop. However, he gives the book to a woman who also came to buy it. When she asks why he gave her the book, he explains that it’s about the life of his father, Arjun. Later, the man receives a phone call from someone at the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), who informs him that they will be honoring his father in a public event.

At the event, which is attended by a large crowd, Arjun’s son, Nani, tells his father’s story after receiving an India national cricket team jersey with his father’s name on it. The story begins in 1986 when Arjun was an incredibly talented Ranji player in Hyderabad and was in love with Sarah.

Their son Nani asks Arjun for an Indian jersey, but Arjun cannot afford it. Eventually, Arjun is given the opportunity to play in a charity match, which he does well in, but later finds out that there is no match fee. After slapping Nani in frustration, Arjun decides to play cricket again and gets selected to play for the Hyderabad Ranji team.

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He plays exceptionally well, but Sarah wants him to quit cricket and return to his old life as a food inspector. After experiencing chest pain, Arjun is advised by his doctor to retire, but his son encourages him to continue playing. In the finals, Arjun leads his team to victory but collapses soon after the match.

Back in 2019, Nani and Sarah attend a felicitation ceremony for Arjun, where Nani receives the Indian jersey that was awarded to his father by the BCCI. Nani reveals that Arjun had known about his heart disease when he was 26 years old, but never told anyone, including his wife.

Arjun’s son speaks emotionally about his father’s journey and reveals that Arjun died two days after the Ranji finals. Despite criticism from his critics, Arjun fought until the end to fulfill his son’s wish to see him as a cricketer, showing that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

About Jersey 



Directed by

Gowtam Tinnanuri

Written by

Gowtam Tinnanuri

Produced by

Suryadevara Naga Vamsi



Shraddha Srinath


Sanu Varghese

Edited by

Naveen Nooli

Music by

Anirudh Ravichander



Sithara Entertainments

Distributed by

Zee Studios

Release date

19 April 2019 (India)





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