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Is Solo Sikoa Related to Umaga? How are they Related?

People are curious to know whether is Solo Sikoa related to Umaga or not, this article provides complete information about Solo Sikoa and Umaga.


Is Solo Sikoa Related to Umaga?

Solo Sikoa and Umaga share a family connection as Umaga was Solo Sikoa’s uncle, making them nephew and uncle. Furthermore, they both come from well-known Samoan wrestling families and share the same Samoan heritage. While they may not be directly related, their familial connection is evident through their common heritage and wrestling lineage.

In addition to their family ties, Solo Sikoa and Umaga have both made their mark as professional wrestlers, competing in various promotions including WWE and Impact Wrestling. Umaga had a successful career in the industry, winning titles such as the WWE Intercontinental Championship and World Tag Team Championship before his tragic passing in 2009. While Solo Sikoa is still young and has a long way to go in his career, he has also achieved success as a wrestler. Overall, Solo Sikoa and Umaga share both a family connection and a passion for professional wrestling.

Who is Solo Sikoa?

Joseph Yokozuna Fatu is the real name of Solo Sikoa and he was born on March 18, 1993, in Sacramento, California, U.S. Solo Sikoa, a member of the prominent Samoan wrestling family, is a professional wrestler based in the United States. Currently signed to WWE, he performs on the SmackDown brand and goes by the ring name Solo Sikoa. As part of The Bloodline stable, he previously held the NXT North American Championship once. Fatu comes from a long line of Samoan wrestlers famously known as the Anoa’i family. His father is Rikishi, a WWE Hall of Famer, and his siblings, including Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, and his cousin Roman Reigns, are also professional wrestlers. The family’s wrestling legacy extends to other famous names like The Rock, Umaga, Yokozuna, and the Wild Samoans.

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Before pursuing wrestling, Fatu played American football at American River College and Dickinson State University. However, he eventually decided to give up football and focus on his career as a professional wrestler. Currently, Fatu performs under the ring name Solo Sikoa on WWE’s SmackDown brand and is a former NXT North American Champion. He is also a member of The Bloodline stable. Sefa Fatu began wrestling in 2018 on the independent circuit, where he won multiple titles. He signed with WWE in August 2021 and debuted on NXT as Solo Sikoa. He later aligned himself with The Bloodline and won the NXT North American Championship. Sikoa made his main roster debut on SmackDown in September 2022 and has been involved in various storylines, including at Survivor Series WarGames and WrestleMania 39.

Who is Umaga?

Umaga, whose real name was Edward Smith Fatu, was a professional wrestler from the United States. He was best known for his time with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where he wrestled under the ring name Umaga, and also for his stint with All Japan Pro Wrestling in the mid-2000s, where he was known as Jamal and was a top performer. Fatu was a member of the Anoaʻi family, a well-known wrestling family from Samoa. In his first tenure with WWE as Jamal, he was part of the tag team 3-Minute Warning, alongside his cousin Matt Anoaʻi, who was billed as Rosey. However, he was released by WWE in June 2003, and he went on to compete for All Japan Pro Wrestling from late 2003 to 2005.

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In April 2006, Fatu returned to WWE under the ring name Umaga and had a successful run on the Raw brand, remaining undefeated throughout the year. However, he finally suffered his first loss in January 2007 at the hands of then-WWE Champion John Cena. In the following month, he won the WWE Intercontinental Championship for the first time and later reclaimed it in July 2007. He also appeared in the WrestleMania 23 “Battle of the Billionaires” match as the representative of Mr. McMahon. Fatu was released by WWE in June 2009 and continued to wrestle on the independent circuit until his death in December of the same year. On December 4, 2009, Umaga’s wife discovered him unresponsive on the couch in their Houston, Texas, home with blood coming from his nose. An ambulance was called, and he was rushed to a hospital where paramedics discovered he was having a heart attack. They were able to revive his heart, but he showed no signs of brain activity. Fatu was on life support for most of that Friday and later had another heart attack. He was pronounced dead at around 5:00 PM CST at the age of 36. After conducting toxicology reports, it was found that he had taken the painkiller hydrocodone, the muscle relaxant carisoprodol (Soma), and the anti-anxiety medication diazepam (Valium). The Houston medical examiners discovered that Fatu had both heart and liver disease.  

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Who is Solo Sikoa Father?

He is also an American professional wrestler, Solofa Fatu Jr. He was born on October 11, 1965, in San Francisco, California, U.S. Solofa Fatu Jr. is a well-known American professional wrestler. He is best recognized by his ring names, Rikishi and Fatu, during his time with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where he held the title of Intercontinental Champion once, World Tag Team Champion twice, and WWE Tag Team Champion once. Fatu is a part of the Anoa’i family, which is known for producing talented Samoan wrestlers. In 2015, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his sons, Jey and Jimmy Uso, who are also wrestlers. Rikishi comes from a family of wrestlers and was trained by his uncles, Afa and Sika Anoa’i, who are also known as The Wild Samoans. He began his wrestling career in the 1980s and wrestled for various promotions before signing with the WWF in 1992.

During his time in the WWF/E, Rikishi became a fan favorite and was known for his signature moves, including the Stink Face and the Banzai Drop. He also formed a popular tag team with his cousin, The Rock, called “The Samoan Swat Team.” Rikishi won several championships during his career, including the Intercontinental Championship and the World Tag Team Championship. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012. After retiring from wrestling, Rikishi has remained involved in the industry as a trainer and promoter. He has also appeared on various reality TV shows, including “Dancing with the Stars” and “Total Divas.”

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