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Is Sharky Married? Know His Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, and More

Find out whether is Sharky married or not asthis article provides complete information about the famous YouTuber Sharky’s married life and wiki.

Is Sharky Married?

No, Sharky is currently unmarried. Sharky, who is 27 years old, is currently not in a relationship. However, according to CelebsCouples, he has had at least one previous relationship and has never been engaged before. Sharky prefers to maintain his personal and romantic life in private, hence, we will keep updating this page regularly with any new rumors or dating news.

Sharky is currently single. Born in Utrecht on December 31, 1995, Sharky is a popular YouTube gamer and entertainer. He is known for his Sharky channel, where he creates engaging content like soccer-related vlogs, and FIFA gameplay videos, as well as challenge videos and pranks. With his entertaining and engaging content, Sharky has gained widespread popularity on the platform. 

Sharky is not in a romantic relationship. Our dating statistics and biographies are thoroughly verified and authenticated by our users, and we rely on publicly available information and resources to guarantee their accuracy.

Sharky Real Name and Wiki

Sharmarke Mohamud, born on December 31, 1995 (age 27), is a Dutch-born British YouTube gamer, entertainer, and social media personality known online as Sharky (also referred to as Sharkmarke and Afc Sharky). He is best known for his entertaining soccer-related vlog entries and FIFA gameplay videos which he shares on his YouTube channel. Along with his successful solo channel, Sharky is also a member of the popular group Beta Squad, cementing his position as one of the most popular YouTubers in the gaming and entertainment industry.

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Born in 1995 to a Somali family in Utrecht, Netherlands, Sharky is the eldest of seven siblings, which includes his brother Shuceeb. He is an avid Arsenal supporter and has appeared on Sky Sports to discuss Arsenal’s performance after matches.

Sharky YouTuber

On August 17, 2015, Sharky created his YouTube channel under the username ‘afcSharky’, and began sharing videos a few weeks later. He later renamed the channel to simply ‘Sharky’ by removing the first three letters. He has gained a massive following for his YouTube content, particularly for his soccer-related vlogs and FIFA gameplay videos.

Sharky posts challenge videos and pranks. His first video, “Forfeit FIFA #1 – Chilli FIFA vs Haseeb!”, was uploaded on August 31, 2015. On November 16, 2015, he posted his first non-FIFA video, “The Worlds Worst Haircut?!!!” Sharky has since expanded the content of his videos and now creates vlogs, challenges, and prank videos. He frequently collaborates with other YouTube personalities such as Niko Omilana, Aj Shabeel, and Chunkz.

In July 2020, Sharky launched his podcast channel, SDS (Sharky Does Sports), where he discusses football along with his friends Ilyas, Liban, Faysal, Starplayer, Shaun, Haseeb, Lyés, Busquets, Fuizzy, Kunal, Rozaylo, and Fuad. The channel frequently features guests who are passionate about football.

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In October 2022, SDS FC was established, which is a Five-a-side football team consisting of players from the SDS podcast. They won their first match 19-3 but lost the next one 9-13. However, they managed to win their third and final match, 7-3, with their opponents being ranked second in the league.

In November 2022, Sharky and his cousin Ayvee, who shared a common interest in fashion, launched their own clothing brand called ‘Primo Family Club.’ The brand became a success as it received hundreds of pre-orders. Sharky has a substantial online presence as a social media influencer, boasting a considerable following of 863,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Sharky Age and Height

He has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches (173 cm)., and his weight is currently unknown. 

His current age is 27 as of April 2024. However, there is no information readily available about his height.

It’s worth noting though that while height may be an important factor for some people, it ultimately does not define an individual’s talents or skills. Sharky has established himself as a successful YouTube gamer, entertainer, and social media personality, with his entertaining soccer-related vlog entries and FIFA gameplay videos, and as a member of the widely popular group Beta Squad. His success has made him a prominent figure in the gaming and entertainment industry, regardless of his height.

Sharky Ethnicity and Nationality

Sharky is a Dutch-born British YouTube gamer. He is a social media influencer, entertainer, and gamer who was born in the Netherlands and raised in Britain. He is also a member of the renowned Beta Squad, a collective of popular YouTubers including Niko Omilana, Chunkz, AJ Shabeel, Darkest Man, and King Kenny.

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Sharky initially gained popularity for creating football-related content, including FIFA gameplay videos and forfeit challenges, when he started his YouTube channel in 2015. Over time, he expanded his content to include a variety of pranks and entertaining challenges, often featuring members of his family and the Beta Squad.

Sharky is well-known for his entertaining challenge videos that have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. He frequently collaborates with other popular YouTubers such as KSI and often includes members of the Beta Squad in his videos. The challenges are typically based on popular game shows like the Spelling Bee or traditional games like Guess, but with a creative twist that adds to their fun and lighthearted nature.

Sharky Instagram 

Sharky (real name Sharmarke Mohamud) has a strong presence on Instagram. His account (@sharkmarke) has over 601K followers, where he frequently posts updates on his YouTube channel, collaborations with other content creators, and his personal life. His Instagram page features eye-catching graphics and images, showcasing his engaging personality and creativity.

Additionally, Sharky engages with his followers through Instagram stories, frequently sharing behind-the-scenes footage and sneak peeks of upcoming content. Sharky’s Instagram is a great way to stay updated on his career and also offers a glimpse into his personal life.

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