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Is Patrick Mahomes Wife Pregnant Again? Who is Patrick Mahomes?

No, Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany is not pregnant. They clarified on Instagram that they’re not planning to have another child. The family of four is happy with their two kids.

Is Patrick Mahomes Wife Pregnant Again?

No, Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, is not pregnant again. She addressed pregnancy rumors on Instagram, making it clear that they are currently not planning to expand their family. The couple is enjoying their time with their son, Bronze, and daughter, Sterling. In a recent Instagram Q&A, Brittany responded to a fan’s question about expecting baby number three, stating that there is no truth to the rumor.

The Mahomes family has been sharing glimpses of their life on social media, including pictures from their summer and Patrick’s training camp. Hence they are content with their family of four and have not announced any plans for a new addition.

Who is Patrick Mahomes?

Patrick Mahomes is a star quarterback in the NFL, known for his exceptional skills. He’s considered one of the best players due to his accurate throws, running abilities, and creativity on the field. Mahomes is a dual-threat quarterback, meaning he’s effective at passing and running. His playing style involves innovative throws like no-look passes. Outside of football, Mahomes is a family man, having married his high school sweetheart, Brittany Matthews, with whom he has two children.

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He’s also deeply involved in charity through his foundation, aiming to enhance the lives of children. In the business realm, Mahomes has lucrative endorsement deals, investments, and ownership stakes in sports teams, showcasing his success beyond football. Simply put, Patrick Mahomes is a standout football player, family person, philanthropist, and successful entrepreneur.

Full Name

Patrick Mahomes


September 17, 1995


Tyler, Texas, U.S.


6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)


225 lb (102 kg)

High School

Whitehouse High School, Whitehouse, Texas


Texas Tech University (2014–2016)


Wife: Brittany Mahomes; Children: Bronze (son), Sterling (daughter)

Patrick Mahomes Age

Patrick Mahomes is 28 years old. Born on September 17, 1995, in Tyler, Texas, he stands at 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 225 pounds. The star quarterback plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL, having been drafted in the first round as the 10th pick in 2017 after his college career at Texas Tech. Mahomes has achieved remarkable success in his NFL career, winning two Super Bowls and earning numerous awards, including two NFL Most Valuable Player titles.

As of Week 17, 2024, his career statistics include 3,590 passing attempts, 2,386 completions, a completion percentage of 66.5%, 219 touchdown passes, 63 interceptions, 28,424 passing yards, and a passer rating of 103.5.

Patrick Mahomes Early Life

Patrick Mahomes hails from Whitehouse, Texas, where he attended Whitehouse High School, showcasing his athletic prowess in both football and basketball. Born into a family with a strong sports background, particularly in baseball, Mahomes initially excelled in baseball before making a mark in football. His father, Pat Mahomes, was a professional baseball pitcher, influencing his early exposure to sports.

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Moving on to Texas Tech University from 2014 to 2016, Mahomes played college football for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. His formative years in sports, shaped by a diverse sports background and family influence, laid the groundwork for Mahomes’ dynamic and multifaceted playing style that would define his successful NFL journey with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes Career

Patrick Mahomes is a highly successful quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. Born in Tyler, Texas, he grew up in Whitehouse, showcasing his athletic skills in football and basketball during high school. Coming from a sports-oriented family, especially in baseball, where his father was a professional pitcher, Mahomes initially excelled in baseball.

Later, he attended Texas Tech University from 2014 to 2016, playing college football for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. His early experiences in various sports and the influence of his family laid the foundation for his dynamic playing style. Joining the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs in 2017, Mahomes quickly became a star, earning Super Bowl championships, MVP awards, and Pro Bowl selections, setting records along the way.

Patrick Mahomes Wife

Patrick Mahomes’ wife is Brittany Mahomes. The couple got married in March 2022. They have two children together. Their first child, a daughter named Sterling Skye, was born in February 2021. The second child, a son named Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III, was born in November 2022. Patrick and Brittany have been together since their college days, and their relationship has blossomed over the years.

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Brittany Mahomes often shares moments from their family life on social media, providing glimpses of their experiences and celebrations. Currently, the Mahomes family seems to be enjoying their time together and managing the responsibilities of parenthood while navigating the spotlight of Patrick’s successful NFL career.

Patrick Mahomes Baby

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes have two children. Their first child, a daughter named Sterling Skye, was born in February 2021. Following their marriage in March 2022, the couple announced Brittany’s second pregnancy in May of the same year. In November 2022, they welcomed their second child, a son named Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III.

The family often shares glimpses of their life on social media, showcasing their joyous moments and the children’s growth. While there have been recent rumors sparked by an Instagram post, Brittany Mahomes has clarified that she is not currently pregnant with a third child. The Mahomes family appears to be enjoying their time together as a family of four.

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