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Is Kaitlyn Lawes Married, Check Out Kaitlyn Lawes Age, Photos, Wedding, Networth, And More

Is Kaitlyn Lawes Married – Kaitlyn Lawes is a famous Canadian Curler. She represented Canada in the 2014 Winter Olympics and won the gold medal for her country. She had a huge fan following for her unique way of playing. Now the most prominent query among her fans-Is Kaitlyn Lawes Married. In this article, we will see the answer to this query.

Kaitlyn Lawes 

Lesley Kaitlyn Lawes, commonly known as Kaitlyn Lawes, is a famous Canadian Curler. She represented Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics, and one of her most memorable achievements was winning the Ford World Women’s Curling Championship in 2018. She has received many awards and is Honorous for her sports career. In this article, we are going to see the personal and professional details of Kaitlyn Lawes.

Is Kaitlyn Lawes Married?

As per the source of, we learned that Kaitlyn Lawes is unmarried but engaged to Stephen Vigier, a professional Ice Hockey player. She announces her relationship status on the social media pair and is living life happily. They are sharing their happy family pictures on social media. There is only limited information available about the married life of Kaitlyn Laws. We will update you if we get any information about her married life.

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Kaitlyn Lawes Age

Kaitlyn Lawes’s age is 33. She is a successful Curler player who represented Canada in the 2014 Winter Olympics and won the gold medal in that tournament. Due to her hard work and passion for sports, Curler has reached great heights in her sports at this young age. She maintains her physical fitness very well.

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Kaitlyn Lawes Photos

Kaitlyn Lawes is popular on social media because of her various attractive photos. she likes to take photos differently her photos go viral on social media. Here with we have given some of her attractive photos.


Image Source: Instagram


Image Source: Instagram

Kaitlyn Lawes Husband

Kaitlyn Lawes is not married but has a partner. His name is Stephen Vigier. She officially announced that she is engaged to Stephen Vigier and Kaitlyn announced their relationship status on her Instagram account. The couple is living their life happily. Kaitlyn is used to sharing her intimate pictures with her partner on social media. Now Kaitlyn Lawes is pregnant. The couple is expecting their childbirth in December.

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Image Source: Twitter

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Kaitlyn Lawes Biography

Specifications Details
Name Lesley Kaitlyn Lawes
Date of Birth December 16, 1988
Place of Birth Manitoba, Canada
Occupation Curler
Martial Status Married
Achievements Seventh Greatest Canadian Curler

Kaitlyn Lawes Instagram

Kaitlyn is active on Instagram. she has 28.5k followers and used to share her personal and professional pictures.


Image Source: Instagram

Kaitlyn Lawes Career

Kaitlyn Lawes started her Professional Curler as a junior Canadian Curling Championships. Her father was a skilled Curler. He played in the year 1969. Kaitlyn made her first debut in the year 2008. Kaitlyn won Junior Curling Championship in the year 2009. Kaitlyn won the silver medal in the 2015 World Championship, and in 2018 Kaitlyn and her team won Ford World Women’s Curling Championship. In 2019 lawes was named the seventh greatest Canadian Curler. She said that her father is a great inspiration for her sports career.

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Kaitlyn Lawes’s Net Worth

Kaitlyn Lawes’s Net Worth is estimated at around $3 million to $7 million. Her primary source of income is sports. she is a professional sports career. she is regarded as one of the most successful curler players in Canada. she won the gold medal for her country. She runs a sophisticated lifestyle. We will update you if we get further information regarding her net worth.

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Kaitlyn Lawes Height

Kaitlyn Lawes Height is 1.60 m, she weighs 54 kg, and she has a white skin tone. Lawes maintains her physical fitness very well. Further details about her Body measurements are unknown. We will update you if we get any information regarding Kaitlyn Lawes’s physical appearance.

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