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Is Hilary Farr Married? Hilary Farr Age, Hilary Farr Kids

Hilary was married to Gordon Farr, and they share a son. In contrast, David is happily married to Krista Visentin, with whom he has a son. Their partnership is built on friendship and professionalism, adding authenticity to their interactions.

Is Hilary Farr Married?

Hilary Farr and David Visentin, the dynamic co-hosts of the popular HGTV show “Love It or List It,” have undoubtedly captured the hearts of viewers with their engaging on-screen chemistry. Their interactions, banter, and genuine camaraderie have contributed significantly to the show’s enduring success. Despite their close bond, it’s important to clarify that their relationship is purely platonic, and they are not married to each other in real life.

Hilary Farr’s marital history includes her marriage to TV producer Gordon Farr, which lasted from 1982 to 2008. Together, they share a son. On the other hand, David Visentin has been happily married to his wife Krista Visentin since 2006, and the couple has a son.

Their on-screen chemistry often leads fans to speculate about a romantic relationship between them, but the reality is that their connection is rooted in their professional partnership and shared passion for their work. Their playful banter and friendly interactions, both on and off the screen, create an atmosphere reminiscent of an old married couple. This dynamic adds a layer of authenticity to the show and makes it even more enjoyable for viewers.

Beyond their on-screen banter, Hilary and David share common traits and routines that contribute to their strong bond. They even start their mornings with the same breakfast, affectionately referred to as “The Morning Smoothie,” which is a blend of nutritious ingredients.

In essence, the magic of Hilary Farr and David Visentin’s partnership lies in their ability to maintain a genuine and relatable connection that resonates with viewers. Their chemistry enhances the show’s entertainment value, even though their relationship is rooted in professionalism and friendship. Their unique dynamic is a testament to the power of collaboration and the impact it can have on the success of a television program.

Hilary Farr Partner

Hilary Farr was previously married to Gordon Farr, and their marriage was a notable event in the early 1980s. The couple’s union attracted attention due to their fame and celebrity status. Throughout their marriage, they encountered challenges but managed to overcome them. Their relationship eventually came to an end, leading to their divorce. Despite their separation, they share a strong bond as co-parents to their child.

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Hilary Farr and Gordon Farr both achieved recognition in their respective fields before their marriage, which added to the public interest surrounding their relationship. The marriage not only represented a personal commitment but also served as a foundation for their individual careers, propelling them to greater heights.

Gordon Farr, born on August 7, 1955, is a Canadian actor and television personality. He gained attention not only for his professional achievements but also for his connection to Hilary Farr. The couple’s son is a testament to their shared love and devotion.

Their marriage, although it ended in divorce, left a lasting impact on both Hilary and Gordon Farr’s lives. Their relationship journey is a reflection of their personal growth and transformation over the years.

As of the information available, Gordon Farr’s marital status is divorced, indicating that he is no longer married to Hilary Farr. Despite the end of their marriage, their shared history and the child they brought into the world continue to bind them in a unique way.

Hilary Farr Husband

Hilary Farr, the co-host of HGTV’s “Love It or List It,” was previously married to Gordon Farr. The two got married in 1982 but later divorced in 2008. Their marriage produced a son named Joshua Farr.

Gordon Farr is known for his career as a writer and producer. He was born on August 7, 1955, in Canada. He attended Colorado College and Columbia University. He has worked in the entertainment industry, contributing to various projects. His work includes writing multiple episodes of TV shows like “The Love Boat,” “We Got It Made,” and “Hollywood Babylon.”

Despite their divorce, Hilary and Gordon Farr remained connected through their shared parenthood of Joshua Farr. Hilary decided to retain her married name, Farr, rather than reverting to her maiden name, Labow.

It’s important to note that Hilary Farr is not currently married. After her divorce from Gordon Farr, she has not publicly disclosed any subsequent marriages or relationships.

Hilary Farr Age

Hilary Farr, a renowned British-Canadian designer, TV host, and former actress, celebrated her 70th birthday on Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Born on August 31, 1952, Farr has led a remarkable career spanning multiple decades, captivating audiences with her talent and expertise.

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Farr’s journey began in Toronto, Ontario, where she was born. However, her family later relocated to London, UK, during her childhood. It was in London that Farr’s passion for the arts and design started to take shape.

During her early years, Farr attended the prestigious Royal Ballet School until the age of 11, showing an inclination toward a career as a ballerina. However, her interests evolved, and she developed a fascination with theater and interior design. Her introduction to the world of interior design happened when she assisted her mother in decorating their family home. This experience sparked Farr’s creative spirit and laid the foundation for her future endeavors.

Hilary Farr gained recognition as both an actress and a designer. She initially pursued acting, appearing in films and television shows. However, her career trajectory took a significant turn when she transitioned to the field of interior design. Farr’s passion for design led her to establish her own design company, Hilary Farr’s Designs, with offices in Toronto and New York City. Her work showcased her unique aesthetic and expertise in creating visually stunning and functional spaces.

Hilary Farr Kids

Hilary Farr, the talented TV designer known for her work on “Love It or List It,” has a son named Joshua Farr. Hilary’s journey to motherhood took place during her marriage to Canadian television producer Gordon Farr. The couple’s relationship led to the birth of their son, Joshua Farr.

While not much detailed information is publicly available about Joshua Farr, it is apparent that he shares a close bond with his mother. Despite keeping a relatively private profile, Joshua and Hilary have been seen together on occasions that provide insight into their relationship.

One notable moment was when Hilary Farr shared a photo on Twitter in 2013. The photo depicted her and Joshua at the opening of the TMX Group Stock Exchange. This event showcased a special mother-son connection and offered a glimpse into their shared experiences.

Hilary Farr’s dedication to her career in interior design and television hasn’t diminished her commitment to her family. While she keeps her personal life relatively private, her bond with her son, Joshua Farr, is a testament to the strong connections that shape her life beyond the spotlight.

Hilary Farr Net Worth

Hilary Farr, the accomplished TV designer and co-host of “Love It or List It,” boasts a net worth estimated at around $8 million. Her financial success is a result of her diverse career, which encompasses interior design, acting, and television hosting.

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Farr’s journey began in the entertainment industry, where she pursued acting under her maiden name, Hilary Labow. She appeared in notable productions like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Frustrated Wives.” However, her true breakthrough came when she transitioned into the world of interior design.

As the president of Hilary Farr’s Designs, with offices in Toronto and New York City, she has demonstrated her expertise in transforming spaces into stunning and functional living areas. Her skillful approach to design, coupled with her charismatic presence on “Love It or List It,” has garnered her a dedicated fan base and contributed significantly to her net worth.

Who is Hilary Farr?

Hilary Elizabeth Farr, also known by her maiden name Hilary Labow, is a distinguished British-Canadian personality who has made her mark as a designer, businesswoman, television host, and former actress. She is widely recognized for her role as the co-host of the popular HGTV and W Network television series, “Love It or List It,” alongside David Visentin.

Born in Toronto and raised in London, Hilary Farr embarked on a multifaceted career that initially led her to Los Angeles, where she ventured into home renovation and set design for film and television productions. Her versatility extended to acting, and she appeared in minor roles in movies such as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975), “City on Fire” (1979), and “The Return” (1980).

Amid her various pursuits, Farr maintained her involvement in home renovation and design, gradually solidifying her reputation in the field. In 2010, she catapulted to even greater prominence by becoming a co-host and designer on “Love It or List It.” The show’s format involves helping homeowners decide whether to renovate their existing home or move to a new one, with Hilary handling the renovation aspect.

Hilary Farr’s journey from her acting beginnings to her successful design career is a testament to her versatility, dedication, and passion for creative endeavors. Her legacy as a renowned designer and television personality is an inspiration to those who appreciate the fusion of talent and determination.


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