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Hozier Eat Your Young Lyrics The Mesmerizing Lines and Meaning

Hozier Eat Your Young Lyrics:Explore the thought-provoking lyrics of Hozier’s ‘Eat Your Young,’ a haunting song that delves into the complexities of human nature and society’s impact.

Hozier Eat Your Young Lyrics

I’m starving, darling
Let me put my lips to something
Let me wrap my teeth around the world
Start carving, darling
I wanna smell the dinner cooking
I wanna feel the edges start to burn
Honey, I wanna race you to the table
If you hesitate, the getting is gone
I won’t lie, if there’s something to be gained
There’s money to be made, whatever’s still to come
Get some
Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
Seven new ways that you can eat your young
Come and get some
Skinning the children for a war drum
Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns
It’s quicker and easier to eat your young
You can’t buy this fineness
Let me see the heat get to it
Let me watch the dressing start to peel
It’s a kindness, Highness
Crumbs enough for everyone
Old and young are welcome to the meal
Honey, I’m making sure the table’s made
We can celebrate the good that we’ve done
I won’t lie, if there’s something still to take
There is ground to break, whatever’s still to come
Get some
Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
Seven new ways that you can eat your young
Come and get some
Skinning the children for a war drum
Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns
It’s quicker and easier to eat your young

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Hozier Eat Your Young Lyrics Meaning

  • Starvation and Desire for More: The opening lines suggest a hunger for something more, symbolizing a relentless desire for wealth and success. The mention of “wrapping teeth around the world” and “carving” indicates a ruthless ambition.
  • Competition and Ruthlessness: The lines about racing to the table and not hesitating highlight the cutthroat nature of the pursuit, where success is achieved at any cost.
  • Exploitation and Sacrifice: The chorus alludes to the brutal exploitation of resources, likening it to “skinning the children for a war drum.” This imagery represents the willingness to sacrifice the vulnerable (the “young”) for personal gain.
  • Economic and Military Complex: The reference to “putting food on the table selling bombs and guns” reflects the idea that some profit from manufacturing weapons and perpetuating conflict, even if it means sacrificing moral values.
  • Celebration of Exploitation: The song also touches on the idea of celebrating one’s gains and achievements, even if they come at the expense of others. The singer acknowledges that they won’t hesitate to take advantage of any opportunity that arises.

Hozier Eat Your Young Lyrics Details

Hozier Eat Your Young Lyrics Facts

These lyrics by Hozier in the song “Eat Your Young” describe a person who is hungry and eager to achieve their goals. The person is willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means taking advantage of others. The lyrics talk about competition and the idea that if you hesitate, you may miss out on opportunities. The song criticizes the greed and ruthlessness of some individuals and compares it to the act of “eating your young,” which symbolizes a lack of empathy and care for others. Overall, the lyrics convey a message about the harsh realities of ambition and success.

Hozier Eat Your Young Lyrical Video


Hozier, whose real name is Andrew John Hozier-Byrne, is an Irish singer-songwriter who gained international acclaim for his soulful and emotionally charged music. Born on March 17, 1990, in County Wicklow, Ireland, Hozier emerged as a prominent artist in the mid-2010s and quickly made a name for himself in the music industry.

One of his most notable breakthroughs was with the release of his debut single “Take Me to Church” in 2013. This powerful song, characterized by its haunting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, catapulted Hozier to global recognition. The track’s music video, which addressed issues like discrimination and human rights, further solidified his reputation as a socially conscious artist.

Hozier’s music is often described as a fusion of folk, blues, and soul, marked by his distinctive deep and resonant voice. His self-titled debut album, released in 2014, received critical acclaim and featured tracks like “Someone New” and “From Eden,” showcasing his ability to craft emotionally charged and introspective songs.

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Hozier Career

  • Hozier is an Irish singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.
  • He gained fame in 2013 when his song “Take Me to Church” went viral and received a Grammy nomination for Song of the Year.
  • Hozier has released multiple albums and songs, establishing himself as a global household name.
  • He was born in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland.
  • Hozier began playing music at a young age and joined a local blues band.
  • He initially pursued a music degree at Trinity College, Dublin, but dropped out to record demos for Universal Music.
  • In 2013 and 2014, he self-released two EPs before signing with Rubyworks Records.
  • His debut album was released in September 2014.
  • Hozier has won two Billboard Music Awards.
  • His second EP and its title song also performed well on the charts.
  • He has achieved several singles that have been certified as either gold or platinum.

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Hozier Awards and Achievements

  • iHeartRadio Music Awards: Won Alternative Rock Song of the Year in 2015 for “Take Me to Church”
  • BBC Music Awards: Won Song of the Year
  • Ivor Novello Award: Won Song of the Year
  • VH1 Artist of the Year: Won this fan-voted award in 2015
  • Billboard Music Awards: Won two awards
  • Teen Choice Award: Won this award

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