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How to Watch Black Mirror in Order?

Black Mirror, the dystopian sci-fi anthology series, has captured the imagination of viewers with its thought-provoking and often unsettling stories. While the episodes are designed to be standalone, keen-eyed fans have noticed subtle connections and Easter eggs that suggest a shared universe. As a result, many have attempted to piece together a chronological order in which to watch the episodes. This article will guide you through the Black Mirror timeline and provide a recommended viewing order.

Understanding the Black Mirror Universe

Black Mirror initially presented standalone stories without a clear indication of a shared universe. However, as the series progressed, references to characters, technologies, and events from previous episodes began to emerge, hinting at a cohesive timeline. The interconnectivity became more pronounced after the show moved to Netflix, culminating in the episode ‘Black Museum,’ which confirmed the concept of a shared universe.

Establishing a Chronological Order

By analyzing references, technological advancements, and thematic similarities across episodes, fans have attempted to construct a chronological timeline for Black Mirror. This endeavor has resulted in a unique viewing order that offers an alternative perspective on the series. The following is a recommended sequence based on a well-considered ranking of all 28 episodes:

1. ‘Beyond the Sea’ 2. ‘Demon 79’ 3. ‘Bandersnatch’ 4. ‘Mazey Day’ 5. ‘The National Anthem’ 6. ‘Shut Up and Dance’ 7. ‘Smithereens’ 8. ‘The Waldo Moment’ 9. ‘Loch Henry’ 10. ‘Hated in the Nation’ 11. ‘Joan is Awful’ 12. ‘Be Right Back’ 13. ‘Playtest’ 14. ‘Striking Vipers’ 15. ‘Arkangel’ 16. ‘Crocodile’ 17. ‘An Entire History of You’ 18. ‘White Bear’ 19. ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’ 20. ‘USS Callister’ 21. ‘White Christmas’ 22. ‘San Junipero’ 23. ‘Black Museum’ 24. ‘Hang the DJ’ 25. ‘Nosedive’ 26. ‘Men Against Fire’ 27. ‘The Waldo Moment’ 28. ‘Fifteen Million Merits’ 29. ‘Metalhead’

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Understanding the Subdivisions

The recommended viewing order is divided into five distinct subdivisions to provide a clearer understanding of the Black Mirror timeline. These subdivisions help contextualize the episodes and their placement within the overarching narrative. The subdivisions are:

1. Alternate Histories 2. A Dystopia Begins 3. Technological Advancements 4. Virtual Realities 5. Converging Timelines

Black Mirror Season 6 and Beyond

Black Mirror season 6 introduced new episodes that challenged the established rules of the series. Episodes such as ‘Beyond the Sea,’ ‘Demon 79,’ and ‘Mazey Day’ are set in alternate timelines, deviating from the main Black Mirror universe. As the series continues to evolve, fans will need to adapt the chronological order to accommodate new additions and expand the interconnected narrative.


1. Can you watch Black Mirror in any order?

While Black Mirror episodes are designed to be standalone, watching them in chronological order can provide a unique perspective on the interconnected themes and narratives within the series.

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2. How does the shared universe concept impact the viewing experience?

The shared universe concept adds depth to the viewing experience by allowing viewers to uncover subtle connections and Easter eggs that enhance their understanding of the Black Mirror universe.

3. Will there be additional seasons of Black Mirror?

As of now, there is no official confirmation of future seasons. However, given the popularity of the series, it is possible that new episodes may be developed in the future.

4. What makes Black Mirror a unique sci-fi series?

Black Mirror stands out as a unique sci-fi series due to its exploration of near-future technologies and their impact on society, often delving into thought-provoking and morally complex scenarios.

5. How can viewers engage with the Black Mirror community?

Viewers can join online forums, such as the Black Mirror subreddit and Discord channels, to engage with fellow fans, discuss theories, and stay updated on the latest developments related to the series.

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