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How Old is Alakh Pandey Wife Shivani Dubey? Who is Shivani Dubey?

Meet Shivani Dubey, the 28-year-old Indian freelance journalist engaged to Alakh Pandey, CEO of Physics Wallah. Discover their story and more.

How Old is Alakh Pandey Wife Shivani Dubey?

Shivani Dubey, who is the wife of Alakh Pandey, is 28 years old as of 2024. She was born in the year 1995 in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India. She recently gained fame when news of her engagement and later marriage to  the founder and CEO of Physics Wallah, Alakh Pandey went viral. 

Find out more about Alakh Pandey and Shivani Dubey in the sections below.

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Who is Shivani Dubey?

Shivani Dubey is an  Indian freelance journalist hailing from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. She gained recognition in 2022 when she got engaged to Alakh Pandey, the founder and CEO of Physics Wallah, a prominent Indian online education platform. Shivani has pursued a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Chemistry and has a strong educational background.

As a journalist, Shivani Dubey has contributed articles to various popular magazines, covering a wide range of topics such as entertainment, leisure, culture, politics, and social trends. Some of the magazines that have published her work include i-D, Refinery29, Elle, and Vice. She is known for her professional achievements and her role in supporting Alakh Pandey’s educational initiatives through Physics Wallah.

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Shivani Dubey Career

Shivani Dubey has embarked on a career as a freelance journalist. She laid the foundation for her career by earning a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Chemistry. After completing her education, Shivani ventured into the field of journalism, where she has contributed her writing skills to various platforms. Her career as a journalist has enabled her to explore diverse subjects and share her insights through her articles.

Shivani’s work as a journalist has spanned across different areas, including entertainment, leisure, culture, politics, and social trends. She has had the opportunity to write for well-known magazines like i-D, Refinery29, Elle, and Vice. Her contributions to these publications have showcased her versatility as a writer and her ability to cover a wide range of topics.

Through her career, she has not only established herself as a freelance journalist but has also played a role in supporting Alakh Pandey’s educational endeavors through Physics Wallah, an Indian online education platform. Shivani Dubey’s career journey reflects her passion for writing and her dedication to journalism. Her work has been recognized by reputable magazines, making her a notable figure in the field of freelance journalism.

Who is Alakh Pandey?

Alakh Pandey is a well-known figure in the field of education and online learning in India. He is the founder and CEO of Physics Wallah, a prominent Indian educational technology company headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Born in October 1991, Alakh’s journey to success began in his hometown of Prayagraj, where he started teaching students at a young age to support his family.

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Despite facing financial challenges, he continued his education and eventually earned a place at Harcourt Butler Technical Institute (HBTI) in Kanpur, where he pursued a mechanical engineering course before dropping out in his fourth year.

Alakh Pandey Career

Alakh Pandey’s career is a remarkable journey of determination and dedication in the field of education. Born in 1991 in Prayagraj, India, Alakh faced financial challenges in his early years. To support his family, he began teaching students at a young age.

Despite these difficulties, his dedication to education led him to excel in the Uttar Pradesh State Combined Entrance Examination (UPSCEE), which earned him admission to Harcourt Butler Technical Institute (HBTI) in Kanpur, where he pursued a mechanical engineering course. However, Alakh’s dissatisfaction with the academic curriculum led him to make a bold decision to drop out of his fourth year of B.Tech.

Returning to his hometown of Prayagraj, Alakh Pandey’s educational journey took a new turn in 2016 when he founded Physics Wallah. He launched a YouTube channel under the same name, with a mission to simplify complex physics concepts and make them more accessible to students. His dedication to helping students understand difficult topics in a simplified manner resonated with young learners across India.

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Alakh Pandey and Shivani Dubey Wedding

Alakh Pandey and Shivani Dubey’s wedding was a significant and heartwarming event that took place on February 22, 2024. The couple’s love story is often described as a tale right out of a movie. They first crossed paths through a mutual friend, and their initial meeting occurred at Alakh’s friend’s office. During their first encounter, Shivani was unaware that Alakh was the co-founder and CEO of Physics Wallah, a prominent online education platform.

As the day progressed, Shivani Dubey reached out to Alakh Pandey to learn more about him, his identity, and his profession. It was during this conversation that Alakh revealed he was the person behind Physics Wallah. On the same day, while Alakh was busy designing T-shirts for his students, Shivani stepped in and offered her assistance.

This moment marked a turning point in their relationship, as Alakh realized that he had found his soulmate in Shivani. Both Alakh and Shivani were not only deeply in love but also deeply passionate about their respective professions, which further strengthened their bond.

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