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Enhypen Members Age And Name, Position, Birthday Date

Enhypen members age and name, position, birthday date, etc is some of the most sought after information on the internet. Read this article for all the info on Enhypen members age and name, position, Birthday date, etc.


ENHYPEN is a South Korean boy band made up of seven guys that met on the 2020 survival challenge show I-Land. They are Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunwoo, and Ni-ki. Border: Day One, Enhypen’s first extended play (EP), was released on November 30, 2020. Currently, they are one of the hot K-pop bands out there and are slowly gathering hordes of followers. Read on to learn more about them.

Enhypen Members Name and Age, Position, Birthday Date

Listed below are all the names and age of Enhypen members,

Member Birthday Age Position
1. Heeseung Oct 15, 2001 20 years old Vocalist and Dancer
2. Jay Apr 20, 2002 19 years old Vocalist, Rapper and Dancer
3. Jake Nov 15, 2002 19 years old Vocalist, Rapper and Dancer
4. Sunghoon Dec 8, 2002 19 years old Vocalist, and Dancer
5. Sunoo Jun 24, 2003 18 years old Vocalist and Dancer
6. Jungwon Feb 9, 2004 17 years old Leader, Vocalist and Dancer
7. Niki Dec 9, 2005 16 years old Vocalist, Dancer and Maknae

Enhypen Band Profile

Listed below are all the main info about Enhypen,

  • Number of members: 7

  • Members: Jungwon, Jay, Jake, Niki, Heeseung, Sunghoon, and Sunwoo

  • Oldest member: Heeseung (born Oct 15, 2001)

  • Youngest member: Niki (born Dec 9, 2005)

  • Leader: Jungwon

  • Debut date: November 30, 2020

  • Label: Belift Lab

  • Fandom: ENGENE

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Enhypen Members Age

Here are all the ages of Enhypen members from oldest to youngest,




1. Heeseung

Oct 15, 2001

20 years old

2. Jay

Apr 20, 2002

19 years old

3. Jake

Nov 15, 2002

19 years old

4. Sunghoon

Dec 8, 2002

19 years old

5. Sunwoo

Jun 24, 2003

18 years old

6. Jungwon

Feb 9, 2004

17 years old

7. Niki

Dec 9, 2005

16 years old

Enhypen Members Height Ranking

Listed below are the heights of all the members in Enhypen,

  • 1. Jay: 180 cm (5’11”)

  • 2. Heeseung: 179 cm (5’11”)

  • 3. Sunghoon: 177 cm (5’10”)

  • 4. Niki: 177 cm (5’10”)

  • 5. Jake: 176 cm (5’9”)

  • 6. Sunwoo: 175 cm (5’9”)

  • 7. Jungwon: 174 cm (5’9”)

Enhypen Member Profiles

Listed below are some interesting info on all the members of Enhypen.


  • He is regarded as the group’s “ace.” He possesses the trinity of visual, singing, and dancing abilities.

  • Heeseung has a brother who is older than him. He called him as part of the award for finishing in the top three on episode 10 of I-LAND.

  • Heeseung’s final I-LAND rating was #5.

  • I-LAND members chose Heeseung as the member with whom they wished to have the most relaxed conversation.

  • Heeseung is the ENHYPEN member who has spent the most time training. He put in three years and one month of training.

  • Heeseung preferred to play with his pals rather than study when he was younger.


  • Jay was born in Seattle, Washington, in the United States.

  • Jay was a Big Hit Entertainment trainee in the past

  • Jay father, James Park, is Sinar Tour’s president

  • Jay has never been in a relationship (as of 2020 at 19 years old Korean a.

  • Jay’s final I-LAND ranking was #2.

  • From I-LAND, Jay’s most memorable statement was R.A.S. (acronym for resentment, anger, and shame).

  • Jay identifies as a dalgona.

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Jake Sim

  • Jake has a clumsy demeanour.

  • From the global tryouts held by Big Hit, Jake was chosen to appear on I-LAND.

  • Jake Sim is his English name.

  • Jake came in third place on I-LAND.

  • Jake went to Brisbane, Australia’s St Peters Lutheran College (SPLC).

  • Leila is the name of Jake’s family dog.

  • After seeing BTS’ DNA performance, Jake aspired to be an idol.

Park Sunghoon

  • Sunghoon is a BELIFT LAB trainee who previously worked for Big Hit Entertainment.

  • His mother got him started on skating when he was a young child since he was shy. He eventually finished second in the male skater competition in South Korea. He was an ice skater for ten years.

  • Sunghoon has trouble with aegyo.

  • Sunghoon’s final I-LAND ranking was #6.

  • When Sunghoon is in a good mood, he enjoys listening to hip-hop.

  • I-LAND members voted Sunghoon and Jungwon as the most attractive members.

  • I-LAND members voted Sunghoon to be the best husband material.

  • Irene from Red Velvet is Sunghoon’s preferred type.

  • Sunghoon wanted to show his parents that he had made the correct decision when he stopped figure skating to pursue a career as a musician. He used that approach to his daily effort in order to make his debut.

Kim Sunwoo

  • He compares himself to a fox in the wilderness.

  • Sunwoo is noted for being personable, upbeat, and joyful. He’s constantly bright and happy.

  • Sunwoo has a powerful voice. During the representative exam, he was a member of the voice team as a representative. He can also rap, as he displayed at the Chamber 5 performance.

  • Sunoo’s condition is precarious. During I-dance LAND’s practises, he experienced tiredness and weakness.

  • Sunoo had been training for ten months and was just a regular student who enjoyed dancing and singing before joining I-LAND.

  • Sunoo adores mint chocolate (chocolate).

  • He is regarded as a great vocalist among the contenders and has continuously been a popular favourite among I-LAND contestants.

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Yang Jungwon

  • Jungwon is known as I-“secret LAND’s ace.” He came in first on two of the four tests (Into I-LAND test and the final test).

  • For four years, Yang Jungwon was a competitive taekwondo player.

  • In South Korea, Jungwon received the most votes.

  • Jungwon was once a trainee of SM Entertainment.

  • As a child, he was raised by his grandmother because his parents were always working.

  • Jungwon is ENHYPEN’s second-youngest member.

  • Jungwon’s final I-LAND ranking was #1.

  • Jungwon is well-known for his distinctive dimples.

  • Jungwon’s lookalike is thought to be Gfriend’s Eunha, according to fans.

  • Johnny is Jungwon’s English name.

  • He isn’t a big video game player.

  • Jungwon enjoys going for rainy walks.

  • Before going to bed, Jungwon likes to remove his socks.

Nishmura Riki

  • Niki is a Japanese woman from Okayama.

  • Shinee used to have Niki as a backup dancer.

  • Niki learned to dance at his parents’ studio when he was a child. He began dancing at the age of five.

  • Michael Jackson is admired by Niki.

  • Niki came in fourth place on I-LAND.

  • Niki has a remarkable ability to pick up choreographies quickly.

  • Niki is Enhypen’s youngest (maknae) member.

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