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Did Gracie Bon Get Plastic Surgery? Who is Gracie Bon?

Did Gracie Bon get plastic surgery? Delve into the speculation surrounding her potential surgical transformations and discover the identity of Gracie Bon and the mystery behind her beauty.

Who is Gracie Bon?

Gracie Bonilla, also known as Gracie Bon, was born in 1994 in Panama City, Panama. She is a prominent Latina plus-size model, content creator, social media influencer, brand ambassador, and activist for body positivity. With her captivating presence on Instagram, Gracie has become a sensation in the online world.

Currently, Gracie is represented by Mystere Vision LLC (MJ Curve), an agency that focuses on promoting diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. Originally hailing from Panama, she has gained widespread recognition for her posts featuring herself in bikinis and modeling various clothing items. Her Instagram account boasts an impressive following of over 2.3 million dedicated followers.

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Did Gracie Bon Get Plastic Surgery? 

Gracie Bon has faced allegations of undergoing various cosmetic procedures, including buttlifts, breast implants, lip injections, fillers, and Botox, to enhance her appearance. However, the plus-size fashion model has neither confirmed nor denied these claims. In a surprising move, she shared a throwback photo from a few years ago that left her fans astonished as she appeared unrecognizable.

This led many people to speculate that she may have undergone plastic surgery to maintain her beauty. While her before and after pictures suggest the possibility of past procedures, it is worth noting that Gracie has also undergone a significant weight-loss transformation since her earlier days. Apart from weight loss, some individuals argue that the Panamanian plus-size model may have also received buttock lifts, breast implants, lip injections, fillers, and Botox.

A study published in the medical journal Cureus suggests that the rising popularity of plus-sized models may be contributing to an increased interest in plastic surgery, particularly in procedures that embrace a curvaceous plus-size body type. Professor Neelam Vashi from Boston University acknowledged this trend and highlighted the potential surge in breast and buttock augmentation among individuals seeking to achieve a curvier physique. Ultimately, the truth about Gracie Bon’s cosmetic enhancements remains undisclosed.

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Gracie Bon Before and After

Gracie Bon, a plus-size model from Panama, surprised her fans by sharing a throwback photo from a few years ago where she appeared unrecognizable. The model often shares pictures of herself on Instagram, receiving an abundance of compliments from her followers. However, this week, she uploaded a picture that showcased a strikingly different appearance, accompanied by a heartfelt message about body positivity.

In the photo, taken when she was 21 years old and weighed 21 stone, Gracie had a curvier figure, wore glasses and braces, and donned casual attire. In the caption, she mentioned that she used to “love her 300-pound body,” as reported by the Daily Star. Despite her love for her body at the time, Gracie made the decision to lose weight due to knee pain and difficulty breathing while walking.

Comparing the 21-year-old version of herself to her current self, she wrote, “It all started by loving my 300-pound body. And still many say to me, ‘But if you had loved it, you would have stayed like this and not changed.’ The truth is that I loved it so much that I wanted to take care of it and decided to save myself.” This transformation and Gracie’s message reflect her journey of self-care and self-improvement, emphasizing the importance of body positivity and personal well-being.

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Gracie Bon Biography



Real Name

Gracie Bon



Birth Place

Panamá City, Panamá




5 ft 6 in or 167.5 cm


102 kg or 225 lbs


Panamá City

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