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Cameron Diaz: Normalizing Separate Bedrooms and Defending Jamie Foxx

Cameron Diaz: Normalizing Separate Bedrooms

Cameron Diaz, the 51-year-old actress, recently shared her thoughts on normalizing the idea of married couples sleeping in separate rooms. During a conversation on the ‘Lipstick on the Rim’ podcast, Diaz expressed her belief that separate bedrooms should be normalized, suggesting that each partner could have their own space while maintaining a central bedroom for intimate moments. She humorously acknowledged that her perspective might be considered controversial, but clarified that it does not apply to her own marriage with husband Benji Madden, whom she married in 2015. Diaz emphasized that her husband is wonderful, and her previous views on separate bedrooms were expressed before tying the knot.

Cameron Diaz: Family and Career

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden share a three-year-old daughter named Raddix. Diaz has openly expressed her love for motherhood, describing it as the best part of her life. Despite retiring from acting in 2018, she briefly returned to the limelight for the Netflix movie ‘Back In Action’ with Jamie Foxx, whom she defended against rumors of being unpleasant to work with. Diaz praised Foxx’s talent and character, emphasizing that he was a positive influence on the set and dismissing negative rumors about him. She also revealed that her decision to work on the movie was primarily influenced by her desire to collaborate with Foxx.

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Cameron Diaz: Personal Life and Retirement

Before her retirement, Diaz starred in various films, including ‘Shrek’ and ‘Annie.’ In a 2020 conversation, she explained her decision to step away from Hollywood, citing the intense nature of the industry and the need to focus on personal relationships. Despite facing challenges during the production of ‘Back in Action,’ Diaz expressed her admiration for Foxx’s professionalism and resilience. The movie marked her first film appearance since her retirement, highlighting the significance of her collaboration with Foxx.

Celine Dion: Battle with Stiff-Person Syndrome

In a separate development, Celine Dion’s sister revealed that the renowned singer has been battling stiff-person syndrome (SPS), a rare neurological disorder. Dion’s struggle with the condition, which causes muscle stiffness and spasms, has significantly impacted her life and career. The diagnosis led to the cancellation of tour dates, and Dion has faced challenges in walking and using her vocal cords properly. The revelation sheds light on the difficulties faced by individuals dealing with rare illnesses, emphasizing the importance of awareness and support for those affected.

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