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Ateez Members Birthday Date 2021: Ateez Members Birthday Date, Age, And Which Ateez Member Birthday Is Today?

Ateez Members

Ateez also known as Bangtan Boys is a 8 member south korean boys group. The Ateez Members made they debute in the year 2018 under KQ Entertainment. The Ateez Members name are listed below

  • Hongjoong

  • Seonghwa

  • Yunho

  • Yeosang

  • San

  • Mingi

  • Wooyoung

  • Jongho

The Ateez Members are selected to complete the group made up of dancers, rappers, vocalists.

Ateez Members Birthday Date 2021

Ateez Members Birtjday Date
Hongjoong Nov 7, 1998
Seonghwa Apr 3, 1998
Yunho Mar 23, 1999
Yeosang Jun 15, 1999
San Jul 10, 1999
Mingi Aug 9, 1999
Wooyoung Nov 26, 1999
Jongho Oct 12, 2000

Ateez Members Age

Looking at the Ateez Members age, it ranges from 21 years to 23 years. Among the 7 Ateez Members, the youngest one is Jongho.  

Ateez Members Age
Hongjoong 23 years old
Seonghwa 23 years old
Yunho 22 years old
Yeosang 22 years old
San 22 years old
Mingi 22 years old
Wooyoung 22 years old
Jongho 21 years old
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Which Ateez Member Birthday is Today?

Now let’s check out Which Ateez Member Birthday is Today here. Among the 7 Ateez members, Mingi is the one who celebrates his birthday on August 9. He turns 22 years old and his birthplace is Incheon, South Korea. Mingi’s Zodiac Sign is Leo, which means selfless, willing to help others. 

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