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Are You the One Season 7 Where Are They Now?

Are You the One Season 7 Where are they now is the big discussion among the fans as they see them a long time age so check out the current status ofAre you the One Season 7 cast.

Are you the One Season 7

Are You the One? Season of Fate is the seventh installment of MTV’s reality dating series “Are You the One?”. The show was shot at the Hokukano Bayhouse in Kona, Hawaii, and premiered on August 15, 2018. This season introduced a change in the dating process, as contestants no longer had to compete for dates against each other. Instead, host Terrance randomly selected a guy and a girl to stop a scrolling wheel of faces of the opposite sex. Four people, chosen at random, would then go on a date and decide whom they want to couple up with. The rest of the contestants voted on the most likely “Perfect Match” couple to go into the Truth Booth.

Are You the One? uses a matchmaking algorithm to pair up singles based on various factors. However, the pairs are kept secret from the contestants, who get to mingle amongst themselves and form their own couples. At the end of each episode, the group votes on a couple to visit the Truth Booth, which reveals whether or not they are a perfect match. The catch is that every wrong guess results in a deduction from the prize pool.

Since its premiere, Are You the One? has garnered a considerable following, contributing to its success. However, fans are curious about the whereabouts of the season 7 contestants. Here’s what we know.

Are you the One Season 7 Where are they now?

Here is the current status of the cast of Are you the One Season 7:-

Cali Trepp and Andrew Couture

Cali Trepp and Andrew Couture found out they were a perfect match in the final two weeks of “Are You the One? Season of Fate” and contributed to their cast winning the $1 million prize. However, their connection seemed to be more strategic than romantic, and they broke up after the show ended. Cali moved on to pursue a real relationship with Thomas Buenos, another Season 7 contestant whom she sat next to four times during match-ups. Cali announced on her Instagram that she and Thomas got married on June 24, 2022. Since the show, Andrew Couture has relocated from Massachusetts to Boca, Florida, where he transformed his image by hitting the gym and improving his physique. He hasn’t appeared onscreen since the show, but according to his Instagram, he found a new romance in 2022. Andrew has made significant progress in his personal life since competing on the show.

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Brett Ferri and Nutsa Sikharuildze

They sat together in five out of 10 weeks before being revealed as a Perfect Match in the Season 7 finale, have both been up to exciting things since the show ended. Brett still works as a personal trainer and has recently become an uncle to an niece named Pamela, whom he proudly shares about on Instagram. He has also been enjoying the sunny coastline of California, traveling from Santa Monica to Malibu. Nutsa has continued to thrive in her career as a business executive, specifically as a Product Development of Merchandising for Web3. Additionally, she has been focusing on her modeling career, as evidenced by a photoshoot she did in Los Angeles in 2022. Although Nutsa tends to keep her personal life private, her influence has grown, amassing over 127K followers on just 25 posts.

Cam Viney and Bria Hamilton

Cam Viney and Bria Hamilton were surprised to find out they were a Perfect Match only in the finale of the reality dating show. After the show, the two immediately split, with Cam continuing his pursuit of a law degree. In 2020, Cam found work as a Notes Editor for the West Virginia Law Review, and he now resides in Pittsburgh, as per his Twitter account. Cam has expressed his plans to join the law firm Reed Smith after graduation. On the other hand, Bria has been focusing on her career as a digital creator and part-time model. She shares beauty, self-care, and lifestyle tips on social media, and according to her Instagram, she spent time with her new romantic partner during the last holiday season.

Daniel Vilk and Jasmine Rodriguez

In the final episode of Season 7, Daniel Vilk and Jasmine Rodriguez were revealed as a Perfect Match. Following the show, Daniel remained a lifeguard and shared updates on his Instagram about his brother’s wedding and his friend’s bachelor party in Ibiza. However, he is currently single. Jasmine, on the other hand, works as a bartender and provides VIP bottle service at DAER nightclub in South Florida. She is also an event promoter for Tixr and keeps her fans engaged with her captivating Instagram page.

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Kwasi Opoku and Lauren Roush

Lewis Belt and Samantha McKinnon

This couple was revealed as Perfect Matches at the beginning and end of the reality dating show, but didn’t spend any time together in between and split after the show. Lewis is now working as a stand-up comedian and appeared on the show “So Dumb it’s Criminal Hosted by Snoop Dogg” in 2022. Samantha still manages one of Chicago’s hottest nightclubs while working in the hospitality industry, and her romantic life is unclear based on her private Instagram page.

Moe Elkhalil and Kayla Umagat

Moe Elkhalil and Kayla Umagat found out they were a Perfect Match in week 10, but they have since parted ways. Moe currently runs his own insurance agency in Texas and recently shared his professional goals on Instagram. With a busy career, Moe may not have time for a romantic relationship at the moment. Kayla, on the other hand, is pursuing a career in modeling and frequently travels between Seattle and Los Angeles. She previously danced for the Seattle Seahawks as an NFL dancer. Kayla seems to be enjoying her single life, with a dazzling travel itinerary in 2022 showcased on her active Instagram page.

Shamoy Persad and Maria Elizondo

They were announced as the first Perfect Match in Season 7, but their relationship hit a roadblock when it was revealed that Shamoy was already in a relationship outside of the show. These days, Shamoy is still working as a professional model in Los Angeles, but his dream of launching a clothing line has yet to be realized. While his relationship status is unknown, many assume he is single. Following her appearance on Are You The One?, Maria went on to participate in Double Shot of Love With DJ Pauly and Vinnie in 2019. Currently, she works as a social media influencer and brand ambassador for Pretty Little Thing. Maria recently enjoyed a vacation in the Dominican Republic, but her current relationship status remains unclear.

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Tevin Grant and Kenya Scott

Tevin Grant and Kenya Scott were declared a Perfect Match in the second week and spent almost the entire season together. Unfortunately, they broke up during the reunion episode. However, they got back together when they appeared on season 3 of Ex on the Beach in 2019. Nowadays, Tevin is a Creative Director and motivational speaker who curates his own content. He gives motivational talks and shares them with his followers. On the other hand, Kenya has successfully transformed her appearance on the show into a thriving career as a makeup artist based in Los Angeles. Fans can book her for a facial makeup appointment, or find her on Instagram promoting the fashion brand Pretty Little Thing, much like Maria.

Asia Woodley and Thomas Buenos

Morgan Fletcher and Zak Jones

Morgan Fletcher and Zak Jones were paired as a Perfect Match on the show after spending five weeks together. Not much information is available on Morgan’s social media presence, but fans can follow her on Cameo. On the other hand, according to The Cinemaholic, Zak is now married to a woman named Ali and they have a daughter. Although Zak’s Instagram profile is private, it’s clear that he’s turned over a new leaf and embraced a domestic lifestyle. Hopefully, the remaining singles from Season 7 of Are You The One? can also find their happily ever afters.

Are you the one season 7 Who is still together?

Former “Are You the One?” contestants Cali Trepp and Tomas Buenos have tied the knot at the Electric Forest music festival in Michigan. Trepp shared the news on her Instagram, revealing that they got married on June 24, 2022. The couple embraced the festival vibes by wearing unique attire, with Trepp donning a white lace top and tulle skirt, while Buenos opted for a casual black top, scarf, and shorts. They stood on a platform before an organ, surrounded by friends, and even took a photo with a cutout of their dog. Trepp and Buenos met on the seventh season of “Are You the One?” in 2018 and announced their engagement in November 2021 while attending the Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando. The hit dating series uses modern matchmaking technology to help singles find their perfect match and win a group prize of $1 million.

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