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Are Too Hot To Handle Couples Still Together? Who Is Still Together On Too Hot To Handle?

Are Too Hot To Handle Couples Still Together is something which has been frequently searched by many people. There were rotations of questions regarding Are Too Hot To Handle Couples Still Together. Let us check into the article to know more about Are Too Hot To Handle Couples Still Together.

Are Too Hot To Handle Couples Still Together?

Brittan and James

Too Hot To Handle Season 4 couple Brittan and James have confirmed that they are still together after their time on the show. The couple had an up-and-down journey on the show, with James initially prioritizing the prize fund over his relationship with Brittan. The couple’s final date saw Brittan confronting James about his lack of affection towards her and asking if he wanted to be with her after the show. Following their departure from the show, the couple revealed in a new video interview with the entire cast that they initially took a break. However, they later revealed that they are now dating each other after both moving to Los Angeles following their time on the show. The couple’s confirmation of their relationship status has thrilled their fans, who have been following their journey since the beginning of the season.

Too Hot To Handle is a popular reality show that brings together attractive singles from around the world who are looking for love. However, there’s a catch – they can’t have any physical contact with each other, and any violation of the rules leads to a deduction from the prize fund. The show has been a hit since its debut, with audiences tuning in to watch the drama and love stories unfold. Brittan and James were one of the most talked-about couples on the show, with viewers rooting for them to make it work.

Their journey on the show was not without its challenges, with James initially struggling to balance his desire for the prize fund with his feelings for Brittan. However, the couple ultimately found their way back to each other and are now continuing their relationship outside the confines of the show. Their confirmation of their relationship status is a testament to the power of love and the show’s ability to bring people together. Fans will undoubtedly be eagerly following their journey in the months to come, and rooting for their continued happiness together.

Flavia and Creed

Too Hot To Handle’s Creed and Flavia had a tumultuous journey on the show, with Flavia arriving late and causing a stir with her chemistry with Creed. Creed had initially been interested in Sophie, a contestant from London, but called things off to pursue Flavia. The couple then found themselves in a love triangle after the arrival of another bombshell, Imogen, who Creed was also getting to know. Despite the ups and downs, Creed and Flavia seemed to have a good rapport with each other, and even shared some Instagram Stories together from London’s Winter Wonderland in December 2022, alongside Nigel and Seb. During the reunion video for the show, Creed revealed that he is currently single and has been focusing on setting up a tech business. He didn’t divulge any further details about his love life, but it seems that he’s not in a rush to settle down just yet.

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Flavia, on the other hand, has revealed that she is now in a new relationship, but has not shared any information about her new partner. Fans are undoubtedly eager to learn more about her new beau, but for now, Flavia is keeping her cards close to her chest. Despite not ending up together romantically, Creed and Flavia seem to have remained on good terms, as evidenced by their Instagram posts together. It’s always heartening to see contestants from reality shows maintain a friendship even after the cameras have stopped rolling. Too Hot To Handle has been a hit with audiences around the world, with viewers tuning in to watch the love stories and drama unfold. While not all couples end up staying together, the show has definitely given its contestants a platform to meet new people and form lasting connections.

Nick and Jawahir

Jawahir and Nick had a bumpy ride on Too Hot To Handle season 4, initially sharing kisses with other people before eventually finding their way to each other. During the final date episode, Jawahir was torn between going on a dinner date with bombshell Shawn, with whom she shared strong sexual chemistry, and Nick. In the end, they shared a kiss and went on to win the show. But, are they still together now? Unfortunately, no. During the reunion video, Jawahir and Nick revealed that they had been dating after the show and even moved to London together. However, things didn’t work out, and Jawahir was heartbroken. She revealed that she is now single and not ready to mingle, preferring to spend her twenties loving, growing, and evolving as a young woman.

Nick, for his part, admitted that he needs to focus on himself and establish his foundations after the breakup. While it’s always sad to see a couple break up, it’s important for both parties to take care of themselves and do what’s best for them. Too Hot To Handle has been a popular show since it first aired, with viewers tuning in to watch the contestants navigate the challenges of falling in love without physical intimacy. While not all couples end up staying together, the show has given them a platform to meet new people and form connections that they might not have otherwise had the chance to make. And even though Nick and Jawahir didn’t end up staying together, we wish them both the best as they continue on their respective journeys.

Kayla and Seb

Kayla and Seb’s relationship on Too Hot To Handle season four was a rollercoaster ride, with their steamy shower antics costing them the most money. Despite a slight hiccup when Flavia took Seb on a date, they were together from the beginning, and Lana eventually picked both of them as finalists in the last episode, with Seb asking Kayla to be his girlfriend. But are they still together? While a quick glimpse at their Instagram Stories reveals that they’ve been hanging out together since the show, spending time with Nigel at The Ritz hotel in London, it’s hard to say if they’re a couple.

The reunion video shed some light on their relationship status, with Kayla and Seb revealing that they had stayed together after the show, with Kayla even visiting Seb in Scotland. However, the distance proved to be too much, and the couple decided to end their relationship on mutual terms. While it’s always sad to see a couple break up, it’s refreshing to see that Kayla and Seb were mature enough to make the decision that was best for both of them. It’s important to remember that not all relationships are meant to last forever, and sometimes it’s better to end things on good terms than to prolong a relationship that isn’t working. We wish Kayla and Seb all the best as they move forward, both as individuals and in any future relationships.

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Too Hot To Handle Where Are They Now?

Harry and Francesca

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey’s relationship was undoubtedly the most talked-about of Too Hot to Handle season one, but it ultimately ended in a tumultuous on-again, off-again manner. In mid-2020, the couple called it quits but reconciled, only to break up again a year later, for good. Both Francesca and Harry have been open about the difficulties of being in a public relations and how it added extra pressure. Harry is currently single but has stated that he is “on the scene” and has learned valuable lessons from his past experiences. He now recognizes the importance of deep romantic connections and believes that love is the greatest gift one can receive, and he aims to hold onto that as much as possible in the future.

Francesca is thriving

Francesca Farago, a former contestant of Too Hot To Handle, has been through some public relationship drama following her breakup with co-star Harry Jowsey. She had a subsequent relationship with fellow reality TV star Demi Sims, which also ended in a publicized breakup. However, in 2022, Francesca seems to have settled down with her current partner Jesse Sullivan, along with his child and their pet cat. Along with her personal life, she is also focused on her business, a vegan and cruelty-free swimsuit line called Farago the Label. Francesca has not slowed down in her reality TV appearances, as she recently made an appearance in Love is Blind: After the Altar Season 1 and is starring in Perfect Match, a dating show that pairs up Netflix reality stars to find their ideal partner.

Chloe is loving life

Chloe Veitch may have left Too Hot To Handle season one single, but she gained a lot more than just a part of the prize money. Throughout her time on the show, Chloe formed close bonds with fellow contestant Nicole O’Brien, and she also managed to keep a lighthearted attitude when things didn’t work out in the love department. Since appearing on the show, the English model has relocated to Los Angeles and has continued to gain more notoriety. In fact, Chloe won the fan-favorite title on the reality TV show, The Circle, in 2021.

Bryce and Nicole dated after filming

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the end of a budding relationship between Bryce Hirschberg and Nicole O’Brien. The couple started dating after the filming of THTH season one was over in 2019, but their long-distance relationship couldn’t survive the quarantine, and they announced their breakup in May 2020. Bryce has since moved on and is now in a serious relationship with a woman named Becca. He has described her as being beautiful, smart, caring, and supportive. Looking back at his time on THTH, Bryce is grateful for the opportunity to work on his self-confidence as a producer and musician.

Nicole is still searching for love

Nicole O’Brien, a fan favorite of Too Hot to Handle, didn’t find lasting love with Bryce Hirschberg after the show. However, she hasn’t given up on finding the right man who will treat her well. Nicole reveals that the show has taught her to change her dating strategy and be more open to a serious relationship. In the past, she enjoyed casual flings, but now she is ready to find someone to settle down with and take dating more seriously.

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Rhonda and Sharron 

The couple that stole viewers’ hearts during the first season of Too Hot to Handle was Rhonda and Sharron, as they prioritized self-growth and mutual trust while building their relationship. However, the couple ended up splitting in the summer of 2019. Despite the breakup, the couple has remained friends. Both Rhonda and Sharron have continued living their lives to the fullest. Rhonda is now an entrepreneur, model, and proud mother, and she also manages a restaurant in Georgia. On the other hand, Sharron has continued working as a model and influencer.

David Birtwistle and Lydia Clyma

David, a contestant in Season 1 of THTH, struggled to find a deep romantic connection on the show. However, he made a good friend in Sharron and found a spark with Lydia Clyma, a new arrival towards the end of the season. Despite some potential for a romance, they decided to remain friends. Post-show, David has continued to be a fitness influencer, often sharing advice on Instagram along with his current girlfriend, Dr. Hazel Wallace. Hazel is a nutritionist and author, and the couple often jokes about how having David as a personal trainer has affected their relationship. David has also appeared on other reality TV shows such as Channel 4’s The Love Trap and BBC Three’s Eating with My Ex.


Madison Wyborny appeared unbothered to leave the THTH villa in the finale. Since the show, she has ventured into acting and continued her modeling career. She was reportedly involved with Harry Jowsey during his tumultuous relationship with Francesca Farago. However, it seems that she has put aside any past drama with Francesca, as she modeled swimsuits for Farago’s label, and the two often exchange friendly comments on Instagram. Recently, Madison has been traveling around Europe and has posted pictures from Spain, Italy, and Paris, referring to it as a “world tour of life.”


Kori Sampson, another cast member of Too Hot to Handle, leaves the show in the finale but finds love with model Emily Hughes after the show. They regularly post pictures of each other on social media, and Kori recently referred to her as “my love” on her birthday. Kori has expanded his fitness journey as a renowned coach on Instagram, model, and boxer. He has appeared on other reality shows like Eating With My Ex and MTV’s Celebrity Ex on the Beach since his stint on THTH. Additionally, he is an ambassador for the UK-based Centrepoint charity, which helps to provide support for homeless young people.



Meet Haley Cureton, the wild card of THTH Season 1. Every reality show needs a touch of chaos, and Haley is just that. She quickly becomes a close friend and confidante to Francesca, and together they devise a plan to get revenge on their housemates. Despite their covert kissing in the changing room, their plan is unsuccessful, and Haley is eventually booted from the house in Episode 5 due to her negative attitude. Her unique brand of havoc is sorely missed. Since her time on the show, drama seems to have followed Haley. In 2021, she made headlines when she publicly ended her friendship with Francesca on Instagram. Despite her short-lived reality show stint, Haley’s wild and unpredictable nature has kept her in the public eye. It’s safe to say that her time on THTH will not be forgotten anytime soon.

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