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5 Letter Words Starting With EN, List of 5 Letter Words Starting With EN

5 Letter Words Starting With EN: In recent times, there has been a significant increase in people’s interest in searching for 5-letter words. By reading this article, you will discover the 5 Letter Words Starting With EN, along with their respective meanings.

5 Letter Words Starting With EN

Are you ready to dive into the wonderful world of words? Lately, it seems like everyone is on the hunt for 5-letter words, and it’s all thanks to the addictive game Wordle! This puzzle sensation not only entertains but also sharpens your brain by expanding your vocabulary. With the power of words, we can conquer anything!

Some people play around with words, while others wield them like masters. If you’re one of those word aficionados, you probably find yourself flipping through dictionaries, searching for terms that start with a specific letter or end with a particular one. Well, guess what? You’re in luck! This article is your ultimate guide to finding those elusive 5 Letter Words Starting With EN.

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Feeling a bit lost for words? Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with an impressive list of 5 Letter Words Starting With EN. But that’s not all—each word comes with its definition, giving you a chance to expand your vocabulary and impress your friends.

So, hold on tight and keep reading till the very end. Get ready to unlock a treasure trove of words and their meanings that will leave you speechless!


Get ready to learn about the brilliant mind behind the addictive web-based word game, Wordle! It was none other than Josh Wardle, a talented programmer known for his previous creations, such as the captivating social experiments Place and The Button for Reddit.

Wordle burst onto the scene in October 2021, captivating word enthusiasts everywhere. This thrilling game challenges players to guess a five-letter word using only six attempts. But here’s the twist: Wordle provides feedback in the form of colored tiles, giving players valuable clues about the position of each guessed letter. With every guess, you’ll discover which letters are in the right place and which ones appear elsewhere in the answer word. It’s a unique combination of strategy and deduction that will keep you hooked!

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List of 5 Letter Words Starting With EN

The following table contains the 5 Letter Words Starting With EN.


5 Letter Words Starting With EN





















Meanings of 5 Letter Words Starting With EN

  1. Ennis: Ennis is a name of Irish origin that can be used as both a given name and a surname. It does not have a specific meaning beyond being a personal or family name.

  2. Ennui: Ennui is a French word that refers to a feeling of listlessness, dissatisfaction, or boredom, often resulting from a lack of interest or excitement.

  3. Enact: Enact means to make a law, rule, or regulation official or legally binding. It can also refer to the act of performing or representing something, such as a play or scene.

  4. Enate: Enate is an adjective that describes something as related to or derived from the mother’s side of the family. It can also refer to a person’s maternal relatives or ancestry.

  5. Ended: Ended is the past tense and past participle form of the verb “end.” It means to come to a conclusion, finish, or terminate.

  6. Ender: Ender is a noun that refers to someone or something that brings about an end or conclusion. It can also be used as a name or a surname.

  7. Endow: Endow means to provide or grant something, often referring to the act of giving money or property for a specific purpose or to provide an individual or organization with a particular quality or ability.

  8. Endue: Endue is a less commonly used variant spelling of “endow.” It has the same meaning as endow, which is to provide or grant something.

  9. Enemy: Enemy is a noun that refers to a person, group, or thing that is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something else.

  10. Enjoy: Enjoy is a verb that means to take pleasure or satisfaction in something. It is often used to express the act of experiencing happiness or delight in a particular activity, object, or situation.

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