Why Do Critics Hate The Mario Movie


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Why Do Critics Hate The Mario Movie

The upcoming release of the animated Super Mario Bros. movie has sparked a wave of excitement among fans of the iconic video game franchise. However, the initial reactions from critics have been less than favorable, leaving many to wonder why the Mario movie is receiving such harsh criticism.

Lack of Faithfulness to the Source Material

One of the primary reasons behind the negative reception from critics is the perceived lack of faithfulness to the source material. The Super Mario Bros. games have a rich history and a beloved cast of characters, and any adaptation is expected to stay true to the essence of the franchise. Critics have expressed concerns that the movie may deviate too far from the established lore and character traits, leading to a disconnect with the original fan base.

Unconvincing Animation Style

Another point of contention for critics is the animation style chosen for the movie. While the Super Mario games are known for their vibrant and whimsical visuals, the movie’s animation has been described as lackluster and unconvincing. The discrepancy between the iconic game graphics and the chosen animation style has raised doubts about the movie’s ability to capture the magic of the original franchise.

Questionable Casting Decisions

The casting choices for the voice actors in the Mario movie have also come under scrutiny. Critics have expressed reservations about whether the selected actors can effectively bring the beloved characters to life. The iconic voices associated with the game characters have set a high standard, and any deviation from these expectations is met with skepticism.

Concerns About the Storyline

Critics have voiced concerns about the storyline of the Mario movie, fearing that it may lack the depth and creativity that fans have come to expect from the franchise. The Super Mario games are known for their immersive and imaginative narratives, and any divergence from this standard is met with apprehension. The fear of a lackluster or uninspired plot has contributed to the negative outlook from critics.

Unmet Expectations

The enduring popularity of the Super Mario franchise has set a high bar for any related media or adaptations. Critics may have approached the movie with lofty expectations, hoping for a groundbreaking and faithful representation of the beloved games. Any perceived shortcomings in the adaptation may have led to disappointment and subsequent negative reviews.

In conclusion, the negative reception of the Mario movie by critics can be attributed to concerns regarding its faithfulness to the source material, animation style, casting decisions, storyline, and unmet expectations. While the initial reviews may raise doubts, it remains to be seen how the movie will be received by audiences upon its release.


1. Will the Mario movie appeal to fans of the game franchise?

It remains to be seen whether the movie will resonate with fans of the Super Mario games, as the initial critical reception has been mixed.

2. What are the primary concerns raised by critics regarding the Mario movie?

Critics have expressed concerns about the movie’s faithfulness to the source material, animation style, casting decisions, storyline, and unmet expectations.

3. Are there any positive aspects highlighted by critics in their reviews of the Mario movie?

While the initial reviews have been critical, some critics have acknowledged the potential for the movie to appeal to a new generation of viewers.

4. How have fans reacted to the negative reviews of the Mario movie?

Fans have expressed a range of reactions, from disappointment to cautious optimism, and are eagerly awaiting the movie’s release to form their own opinions.

5. What impact could the negative reviews have on the success of the Mario movie?

The negative reviews from critics may influence the initial reception of the movie, but its ultimate success will depend on the audience’s response and word-of-mouth recommendations.

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