Who Voices Bowser In The New Mario Movie


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Who Voices Bowser In The New Mario Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has finally hit the big screen after 30 years, bringing gaming’s most iconic character to life in an animated adaptation. The star-studded voice cast includes Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi, Jack Black as Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key as Toad, Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, and many more. Amidst the excitement surrounding the movie’s release, fans are eager to know who voices Bowser in the new Mario movie.

Jack Black as Bowser

Jack Black lends his voice to the character of Bowser, the iconic antagonist in the Super Mario franchise. In an interview with BeyondTV, Black described Bowser as a romantic character with villainous traits. He emphasized Bowser’s pursuit of love and control, tapping into the darker aspects of human nature such as jealousy and greed. Black’s portrayal of Bowser adds depth to the character, capturing the complexities of his motivations and actions.

Black’s distinctive voice brings a unique dimension to Bowser, infusing the character with the necessary gravitas and personality. As a versatile actor known for his comedic and dramatic roles, Black’s interpretation of Bowser is anticipated to resonate with audiences and contribute to the movie’s success.

Other Notable Voice Cast Members

Aside from Jack Black’s portrayal of Bowser, the movie features an ensemble of talented actors and comedians who have brought the beloved Mario characters to life. Chris Pratt’s controversial casting as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy’s modern take on Princess Peach, and Seth Rogen’s interpretation of Donkey Kong have all generated significant buzz and anticipation among fans and moviegoers.

The diverse and accomplished voice cast, including Keegan-Michael Key, Charlie Day, and Fred Armisen, promises to deliver a captivating and entertaining cinematic experience for audiences of all ages. With each actor infusing their unique style and creativity into their respective characters, the Super Mario Bros. Movie is poised to become a memorable addition to the world of animated films.


1. Who is the voice of Bowser in the new Mario movie?

Jack Black provides the voice for Bowser in the new Super Mario Bros. Movie. His portrayal adds depth and complexity to the iconic character, capturing both his romantic and villainous traits.

2. What other roles has Jack Black played in animated films?

Jack Black has previously lent his voice to animated characters in movies such as “Kung Fu Panda” and “Shark Tale.” His versatile vocal talents have contributed to the success of various animated projects.

3. How has the voice cast of the Super Mario Bros. Movie been received by fans?

The voice cast of the Super Mario Bros. Movie has sparked a range of reactions from fans, with some expressing excitement and anticipation, while others have voiced concerns and criticisms regarding certain casting choices. The diverse lineup of actors has generated significant buzz and discussion within the fan community.

4. What can audiences expect from Jack Black’s portrayal of Bowser?

Audiences can expect Jack Black to bring his signature charisma and vocal prowess to the character of Bowser. His portrayal is likely to add depth and dimension to Bowser, showcasing both his menacing and more nuanced aspects.

5. Are there any plans for spinoff movies featuring the characters from the Super Mario Bros. Movie?

If the Super Mario Bros. Movie proves to be a box office success, there may be potential for spinoff movies featuring specific characters such as Bowser, Donkey Kong, and others. The rich and diverse world of the Mario franchise offers ample opportunities for further exploration in future cinematic endeavors.

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