Who Is The Blue Star In Mario


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Who Is The Blue Star In Mario

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has introduced a new character that has caught the attention of fans and viewers alike. Lumalee, the blue star, has become a standout character in the movie, known for its nihilistic and gloomy yet humorous personality. Voiced by Juliet Jelenic, Lumalee’s presence has sparked interest in the potential adaptations of the Super Mario Galaxy storyline in future sequels and spinoffs. The movie, which is now available to stream on Netflix in the U.S., has not only brought beloved characters to the silver screen but also incorporated numerous Easter eggs, making it a delightful experience for fans.

The Origin of Lumalee

Lumalee is a Luma, a star-like species that made its debut in the 2007 game Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. The game’s storyline revolves around a blue comet that appears over the Mushroom Kingdom once every century, prompting a grand festival. However, Bowser disrupts the celebration by abducting Princess Peach and transporting her to the far reaches of the universe. This sets Mario on a quest across planets and galaxies to rescue the princess.

In Super Mario Galaxy, players are tasked with collecting Power Stars to fuel the Comet Observatory, a colossal space station capable of interstellar travel. The Comet Observatory, which was drained of its power by Bowser, is home to Rosalina, who nurtures young Lumas and aids them in discovering their true purpose. Each Luma is a celestial body in the making, with the ability to transform into planets, galaxies, black holes, and even Power Stars.

Lumalee’s Role in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Lumalee’s character takes a unique turn, deviating from the traditional portrayal seen in the game. The movie presents Lumalee as a quirky, morbid, and cute nihilist, delivering one-liners that humorously touch on the futility of life and the mysteries of the unknown. This unexpected interpretation of Lumalee has resonated with audiences, adding a fresh and intriguing dimension to the character.

While the film has reimagined several staple characters from the Nintendo universe, Lumalee’s portrayal stands out as a particularly unexpected yet fitting adaptation. The movie’s take on Lumalee not only showcases the creative liberties taken with the source material but also highlights the character’s potential for further exploration in future installments of the franchise.

Lumalee’s Impact and Future Possibilities

Lumalee’s presence in The Super Mario Bros. Movie has left a lasting impression, prompting discussions about potential storylines and adaptations from the Super Mario Galaxy series in upcoming sequels and spinoffs. The character’s unique blend of humor and existential musings has resonated with audiences, hinting at the broader narrative possibilities that could be explored in the cinematic universe of Mario.

As the movie continues to captivate viewers and fans, Lumalee’s role as a standout character has sparked curiosity about the direction that future Mario films may take. With its ability to infuse depth and complexity into familiar characters, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has set the stage for a compelling expansion of the Mario universe, with Lumalee at the forefront of these exciting prospects.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie: A New Frontier for Mario

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has not only brought the beloved characters of the Mario franchise to life on the big screen but has also demonstrated the potential for innovative storytelling and character development within the cinematic universe. Lumalee’s emergence as a fan-favorite character has opened doors to new narrative avenues, inviting audiences to delve deeper into the rich lore and mythology of the Mario universe.

With its successful blend of nostalgia, humor, and creative reimagining, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has set a new standard for Mario adaptations, paving the way for future explorations of the franchise’s expansive and diverse cast of characters. As fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Mario’s cinematic journey, Lumalee’s presence serves as a compelling indicator of the exciting directions that lie ahead for the iconic gaming icon.


1. Who is the voice actor for Lumalee in The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

The voice of Lumalee in The Super Mario Bros. Movie is provided by Juliet Jelenic, the daughter of co-director Michael Jelenic.

2. What is the origin of Lumalee in the Mario franchise?

Lumalee is a Luma, a star-like species that was first introduced in the 2007 game Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii.

3. How does Lumalee’s portrayal in the movie differ from its depiction in the game?

In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Lumalee is presented as a quirky and morbid nihilist, delivering humorous one-liners that touch on the futility of life and existential themes, deviating from its traditional portrayal in the game.

4. What impact has Lumalee had on the Mario cinematic universe?

Lumalee’s character has sparked discussions about potential adaptations from the Super Mario Galaxy series in future sequels and spinoffs, hinting at broader narrative possibilities within the Mario cinematic universe.

5. Will Lumalee play a significant role in future Mario movie installments?

While specific details about future movie installments are yet to be revealed, Lumalee’s popularity and unique character traits suggest the potential for an expanded role in upcoming Mario films.

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