Where Can I Watch The New Mario Movie For Free


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Where Can I Watch The New Mario Movie For Free

The highly anticipated “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is set to hit the screens on August 3, and fans are eager to know where they can watch it for free. The movie, which has already made waves with its theatrical release, is now ready to be streamed, and we have all the details on how you can catch it without spending a dime.

Streaming Deals for Xfinity and Spectrum Customers

If you are an Xfinity customer, you can access “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” through Peacock Premium for free or at a discounted rate of $2.99 per month. Similarly, Spectrum customers can also enjoy the movie for free, with Spectrum TV customers getting a one-year free subscription and Spectrum internet customers receiving 90 days of free access.

What is The Super Mario Bros. Movie About?

The movie follows the adventures of Mario and Luigi as they find themselves in the Mushroom Kingdom, facing challenges and trying to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. While the film has received mixed reviews, it has been a hit among kids and promises to be an entertaining watch for families.

When Can I Stream The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is already available on digital, Blu-ray, and DVD. It will also be available to stream on Peacock starting from August 3, with exclusive bonus content included for the streaming version.

Exclusive Streaming Rights

While some may expect the movie to be on Disney Plus due to its animated nature, it is important to note that Peacock has secured the exclusive streaming rights for “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” as it comes from Illumination Entertainment, a studio under Universal Pictures.

Best Ways to Watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie

For most people, subscribing to Peacock remains one of the most affordable options, with various plans available to suit different preferences. Xfinity and Spectrum customers can enjoy free or discounted access, while students and first responders also have special offers available to them.

Other Ways to Watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie Online

If you prefer not to subscribe to a new streaming service, you can opt to rent or purchase the movie from digital video-on-demand platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Apple TV+. This provides flexibility in terms of viewing options and payment models.


1. What exclusive bonus content can I access if I stream The Super Mario Bros. Movie on Peacock?

If you choose to stream The Super Mario Bros. Movie on Peacock, you’ll get access to the following exclusive bonus content:

  • Behind-the-scenes interviews with the stars of the film
  • An immersive video featuring the cast and various interactive features throughout the film including Power-Ups and Bonuses
  • A lyrical video to sing along to Bowser’s big musical number as he serenades Princess Peach

2. Is The Super Mario Bros. Movie suitable for kids?

Rated PG, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a colorful, kid-friendly film. While it offers a dose of nostalgia for millennials, the plot isn’t hard to follow, there are no edgy or dark scenes, and there’s an inevitable happy ending. In fact, kids all over the country have been obsessed with this movie since its theatrical release.

3. Does Peacock still have a free plan?

Technically, Peacock has recently done away with their free tier for new customers, most likely in an effort to gain more paid subscribers. However, if you subscribe to Peacock Premium for a month and then cancel your subscription, you’ll be downgraded back to the free tier. So, while it’s “no longer available” on the surface, it’s still accessible.

4. What are the best non-streaming options to watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

If you are not eligible for free access through Xfinity or Spectrum, you can rent or purchase the movie from various platforms. The cheapest way to watch the movie is to either rent it from Amazon Prime Video or sign up for Peacock Premium. Alternatively, there are options to buy or rent the movie in 4K or UHD quality from platforms like Apple TV+, Vudu, Microsoft, and YouTube.

5. Are there any special discounts available for students and first responders?

Students and first responders can avail special discounts for Peacock Premium. Students can secure a subscription for only $1.99/month, while first responders can also snag a year of Peacock Premium for the same discounted rate. Verification of student or first responder status is required to access these offers.

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