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Super Mario RPG: A Classic Adventure Reimagined

Super Mario RPG is set to take players on a nostalgic journey through the Mushroom Kingdom, offering a reimagined version of the 1996 cult-favorite collaboration between Nintendo and SquareSoft. With a release date of November 17, 2023, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, fans of the iconic Mario franchise are eagerly anticipating this modernized version of the beloved RPG.

The game, priced at $60 USD, promises to deliver an enhanced gaming experience, blending classic elements with exciting new updates. From gameplay enhancements to a reimagined world, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Super Mario RPG release.

Gameplay Updates and New Features

While staying true to the original Super Mario RPG, Nintendo has introduced several gameplay updates and new features to enrich the player experience. The game will feature isometric 3D platforming for world exploration and turn-based combat encounters. Players will engage in battles with a party of three characters, choosing from a roster of five iconic characters: Mario, Bowser, Peach, Geno, and Mallow.

Some of the new gameplay elements include:

  • Action Gauge: Successful Action Commands will now fill an Action Gauge, allowing for strategic and powerful attacks.
  • Triple Move: When the Action Gauge reaches 100%, players can unleash a unique three-person attack based on the party composition.
  • Boss Rematches: After completing the game, players can challenge stronger versions of certain bosses under specific conditions.
  • Monster List: A new feature akin to a Pokedex, providing information on defeated monsters’ status and weaknesses.
  • Easy Mode: A story-focused mode designed to make progression smoother for new RPG players.
  • Original and New Music Options: Players can switch between the original soundtrack and a remastered version composed by Yoko Shimomura.

Story and Characters

In Super Mario RPG, the Mushroom Kingdom faces an invasion by the Smithy Gang, leading to the shattering of the wish-granting Star Road into seven pieces. Players will embark on a quest to collect star pieces, repair Star Road, and thwart the Smithy Gang’s plans. The game features five playable characters, each with unique abilities, offering a diverse and strategic gameplay experience.

The remake will retain the classic meta joke included in the original, including the optional boss Culex, known for its appearance as a 2D sprite.

Preorder and Availability

Excited fans can secure their copy of Super Mario RPG by preordering the game from major online retailers or the Nintendo eShop. The game is available for $60 USD, and preorders are open for both physical and digital copies.

  • Amazon: $59.99
  • Best Buy: $59.99
  • GameStop: $59.99
  • Walmart: $59.99
  • Nintendo eShop (digital): $59.99

Original Super Mario RPG

For those eager to revisit the original Super Mario RPG, it is currently available on the SNES Classic Edition or through the Wii and Wii U eShops. The classic game, titled Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, has garnered a cult following and remains a beloved installment in the Mario series.


1. Can I play Super Mario RPG on platforms other than the Nintendo Switch?

As of now, Super Mario RPG is exclusively available for the Nintendo Switch, and there are no official announcements regarding its availability on other platforms.

2. Will the Super Mario RPG remake feature any exclusive content not present in the original game?

While the remake stays true to the original game, it introduces new gameplay elements, including boss rematches, an Action Gauge, and a Monster List, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

3. Is the Super Mario RPG remake suitable for players new to RPGs?

Yes, the game offers an Easy Mode tailored for players new to RPGs or those seeking a more story-focused experience, making it accessible to a wider audience.

4. Can I switch between the original and remastered soundtrack in the Super Mario RPG remake?

Yes, players will have the option to switch between the original background music and the new remastered soundtrack composed by Yoko Shimomura.

5. What is the file size of the Super Mario RPG remake?

The game file size is approximately 6.4GB, offering a substantial gaming experience for players on the Nintendo Switch.

6. Are there any exclusive rewards or bonuses for preordering Super Mario RPG?

While specific preorder bonuses may vary by retailer, preordering the game ensures that fans can secure their copy and gain access to the game on its release date.

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