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The Release Date of Super Mario Bros. – A Mystery Unraveled

The Mystery of Super Mario Bros. Release Date

Super Mario Bros., the iconic game that has left an indelible mark on the world of gaming, celebrated its 30th anniversary in Japan on September 13th, 1985. However, the exact release date of the game in the United States remains shrouded in mystery. The uncertainty surrounding the US release date has sparked curiosity and led to various investigations to uncover the truth.

In 2012, former games journalist turned game developer, Frank Cifaldi, delved into the enigma surrounding the release date of Super Mario Bros. His investigation aimed to shed light on why the release date of this cultural phenomenon remains uncertain. While Nintendo claims that the first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was sold in New York City on October 18th, 1985, conflicting reports and eyewitness accounts have cast doubt on this official date.

The Investigation Unveiled

Cifaldi’s investigation unearthed intriguing accounts that contradicted Nintendo’s official claim. Gail Tilden, who was responsible for Nintendo’s PR and marketing during the NES launch, recounted a story that diverged from the established narrative. According to Tilden, she and her colleagues indulged in celebratory drinks, specifically bloody marys, after the sale of the first NES at FAO Schwarz. This incident allegedly took place on Friday, October 14th, challenging the accuracy of Nintendo’s proclaimed date.

Despite the absence of a definitive release date, Cifaldi’s investigation presented alternative dates that appeared to be more plausible than the official one provided by Nintendo. The quest to pinpoint the exact release date of Super Mario Bros. continued, fueled by the discrepancies and conflicting testimonies.

Super Mario’s Enduring Legacy

Despite the ambiguity surrounding its release date, the legacy of Super Mario Bros. remains unscathed. Nintendo has continued to celebrate the game’s influence, particularly in the lead-up to the release of Super Mario Maker. This game allowed players to create their own Super Mario Bros. stages, reigniting the nostalgia and fervor associated with the beloved franchise.

It is evident that the allure of Super Mario Bros. transcends the confines of a specific release date. The game’s impact on popular culture and the gaming industry is immeasurable, solidifying its status as a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences across generations.

The Story of Super Mario Bros.

The narrative of Super Mario Bros. unfolds in the kingdom of the peaceful mushroom people, which falls into disarray following an invasion by the Koopa, a tribe known for their black magic. The once serene Mushroom People are transformed into inanimate objects, and the Mushroom Kingdom descends into chaos. The only hope for restoring the kingdom lies in the hands of Princess Toadstool, who is held captive by Bowser, the King of the Koopa.

Mario, the valiant protagonist, learns of the Mushroom People’s plight and embarks on a heroic quest to rescue Princess Toadstool and liberate the Mushroom Kingdom from the clutches of the malevolent Koopa. Players assume the role of Mario, taking on the responsibility of saving the Mushroom People from the dark magic of the Koopa tribe.


What year did Mario come out?

Super Mario Bros. was released in Japan on September 13th, 1985. However, the exact release date in the United States remains uncertain, with conflicting reports and testimonies contributing to the mystery surrounding its debut in the US.

Why is the release date of Super Mario Bros. in the United States uncertain?

The uncertainty surrounding the US release date of Super Mario Bros. stems from conflicting reports and eyewitness accounts that challenge the official date provided by Nintendo. Various investigations have been conducted to unravel the mystery and determine the accurate release date.

What is the legacy of Super Mario Bros.?

Super Mario Bros. has left an enduring legacy in the world of gaming and popular culture. It has become a timeless classic, captivating audiences across generations and solidifying its status as an iconic and influential game.

How did Super Mario Bros. impact the gaming industry?

Super Mario Bros. revolutionized the gaming industry, setting new standards for platform games and establishing Nintendo as a dominant force in the market. Its innovative gameplay, memorable characters, and immersive world design have had a profound impact on the gaming landscape.

What is the significance of Super Mario Maker?

Super Mario Maker allowed players to create their own Super Mario Bros. stages, reigniting nostalgia and showcasing the enduring appeal of the franchise. It provided a platform for fans to engage with the beloved game and unleash their creativity.

How has the narrative of Super Mario Bros. resonated with audiences?

The captivating narrative of Super Mario Bros., centered around heroism, adventure, and rescue, has resonated with audiences worldwide. The game’s compelling story and memorable characters have contributed to its widespread appeal and enduring popularity.

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