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Mario Day

Mario Day, also known as Mar10 Day, MAR10 Day, and Mario day, is an annual celebration dedicated to the entire Super Mario franchise. This special day is observed on March 10th each year, chosen because the date, written as “MAR10,” bears a striking resemblance to “MARIO.” The holiday is an opportunity for fans to come together and celebrate the iconic video game character and the beloved franchise. While the holiday was not officially established by Nintendo, it has been enthusiastically embraced by Super Mario enthusiasts worldwide.



In 2015, Nintendo of America took to Twitter to extend Mario Day greetings to the popular YouTube channel Smosh Games. The company also engaged with players, asking them about their favorite moments in Super Mario games. Similarly, Nintendo UK joined in the celebrations by encouraging players to share which Super Mario game they were enjoying on that day.


The following year, Nintendo marked the holiday by releasing a video on its official YouTube channel titled “Celebrate Mar. 10 – Mario Day!” The video featured a person dressed as Mario, transforming various items in Nintendo’s office into Super Mario-themed objects, adding to the festive spirit.


Nintendo’s celebration of Mario Day in 2017 included adding a free Super Mario-themed frame to Facebook and the Messenger Camera, offering discounts on several Super Mario games on Amazon, and introducing various My Nintendo rewards for Super Mario titles. Additionally, Nintendo collaborated with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, providing new designs for its gowns and making a generous donation to create 2,000 gowns. A quiz was also published on the Play Nintendo website as part of the festivities.


In 2018, Nintendo partnered with Google to integrate Mario into Google Maps, allowing users to have Mario drive around in a Pipe Frame. The company also organized an in-game event in Super Mario Run called “It’s All About Mario Event,” offering a special 50% discount for the full game. Furthermore, special events for Mario Day were held in other Nintendo games, such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.


Nintendo’s 2019 celebration of Mario Day included promotions in Europe, where buyers of select Super Mario games were rewarded with double Gold Points. In North America, several My Nintendo discounts on Super Mario games were released, along with discounted download codes for the games. Nintendo also released an episode of Nintendo Minute on its official YouTube channel, engaging fans in a “Mar10 Day Character Bracket: Mario’s Enemies” activity.


The Mario Bros. Tour in Mario Kart Tour featured Mario and Luigi wearing their Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels outfits, coinciding with the actual Mario Day. Additionally, select Super Mario games had a $20 discount in the US eShop, and LEGO and Nintendo teased a crossover, which was later announced as LEGO Super Mario.


In 2021, various events related to the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary event were organized, including a 35% off sale for select Super Mario games. The Mario Tour’s starting date in Mario Kart Tour also aligned with Mario Day, and a special Know Your Nintendo video focusing on the Super Mario series was released on the official YouTube channel.


Exciting announcements were made in 2022, including the revelation of Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood and the introduction of three new LEGO Super Mario sets and a LEGO Princess Peach. Several Super Mario games received discounts, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.


Nintendo officially adopted the motto “Every Day Is a Mario Day” for the event, emphasizing the enduring appeal of the beloved character. The company organized a Super Mario-themed party at Nintendo New York, featuring special guests Mario, Luigi, and Ryan Kaji from the YouTube channel Ryan’s World. The Mario Tour in Mario Kart Tour and various other events coincided with the festivities, creating a memorable Mario Day celebration.

Names in Other Languages

Mario Day is celebrated under various names in different languages, reflecting the global reach and popularity of the Super Mario franchise. In Japanese, it is known as “マリオの日” (Mario no Hi), while in Chinese (simplified), it is referred to as “马力欧日” (Mǎlì’ōu Rì). The day is also recognized as “Mario-dag” in Dutch and “Mario-pä” in Finnish, among other translations.


1. What is the significance of March 10th in relation to Mario Day?
March 10th is celebrated as Mario Day because the date, written as “MAR10,” resembles the name “MARIO.”

2. How can fans celebrate Mario Day?
Fans can celebrate Mario Day by dressing up as Mario, hosting Super Mario-themed parties, playing Super Mario games, and participating in various Mario-related activities and promotions organized by Nintendo.

3. Is Mario Day an official holiday declared by Nintendo?
While Mario Day was not officially created or declared by Nintendo, the company has embraced the holiday since 2015 and actively participates in the celebrations by promoting Super Mario games and organizing special events.

4. Are there any special promotions or discounts offered by Nintendo on Mario Day?
Yes, Nintendo often offers special promotions, discounts on Super Mario games, and exclusive rewards for My Nintendo members on Mario Day, allowing fans to enjoy their favorite games at discounted prices.

5. How has the celebration of Mario Day evolved over the years?
The celebration of Mario Day has evolved from being an unofficial fan-driven event to an officially recognized holiday by Nintendo, marked by a wide range of activities, promotions, and events across various platforms and games.

6. Are there any international celebrations or events organized for Mario Day?
Yes, Mario Day is celebrated internationally, with Nintendo and its partners organizing events, promotions, and activities in different regions to engage fans and celebrate the iconic Super Mario franchise.

These FAQs provide insights into the significance of Mario Day, how fans can celebrate, and the evolution of the holiday over the years.

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