How To Unlock World 7 Mario Ds


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How To Unlock World 7 Mario DS

Unlocking World 7 in New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS can be an exciting challenge for players. There are a few methods to achieve this, and each one adds an element of fun and adventure to the game. Whether it’s obtaining a mini mushroom or using a cannon in World 4, the journey to World 7 is filled with interesting twists and turns. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to unlock World 7 in Mario DS.

Obtaining a Mini Mushroom

To unlock World 7, players can obtain a mini mushroom in level 1-4. Once the mini mushroom is acquired, it’s essential not to lose it and complete the level. The next step involves finishing the level as a mini, which will then grant access to World 7. It’s important to note that any mini mushroom found in the game will work, but World 1-4 guarantees the availability of one.

Using the Cannon in World 4

Another method to unlock World 7 is by utilizing the cannon in World 4. By unlocking the cannon in World 4 and using it, players can blast their way to World 7. This alternative route adds an element of surprise and adventure to the game, providing players with different options to progress through the levels.

Exploring World Seven

World Seven presents a new set of challenges with its cloud-filled landscapes and a formidable boss in the form of a giant Lakitu. The boss, equipped with a storm cloud for a lower half, adds an exciting and challenging dimension to the game. Navigating through the hard and confusing terrains of World Seven is an adventure in itself, making the unlocking of this world a rewarding experience for players.


Do I have to beat world 1-4, or can I just pick up a mini mushroom from another stage?

Any mini mushroom you find will work. World 1 – 4 is just guaranteed to give you one.

How do I defeat the monsters when Mario is mini?

You’ll have to ground pound him by jumping on top of him and pushing the down button on your DS.

How do I unlock World 6 in New Super Mario Bros. DS?

Just go to the final castle in world five, complete it and then you should get to World 6.

What is the trick to unlocking World 7 in Mario DS?

The trick involves finishing as a mini. Whether you are a fire power or another form, the key is to finish the level as a mini to unlock World 7.

What are the challenges in World Seven?

World Seven is hard, confusing, and made of clouds. The boss is a giant Lakitu who has a storm cloud for a lower half and blasts you with lightning.

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