How To Unlock Luigi In Super Mario 64


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How To Unlock Luigi In Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 DS offers the classic, unforgettable gameplay of the original Super Mario 64 (for the Nintendo 64) with tons of extra features made possible with the Nintendo DS. Unlike the original game, you can now play as four characters — Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario! To unlock Luigi, first, you’ll need to take a trip to Big Boo’s Haunt and defeat Big Boo himself in his underground labyrinth!

Unlocking Luigi

To unlock Luigi, you’ll need to have Mario unlocked already. There’s no exception to this rule — you simply can’t get Luigi as Wario, unless you do a glitch, since he’s the last character you can unlock. Don’t forget to switch to Mario before starting this process if you haven’t already done so.

To unlock Mario, you’ll need to have eight stars. Jump into the Mario portrait in the room connected to the minigame room as Yoshi, then battle the Goomboss in the level you’re transported to. Once you defeat him, you’ll get the Mario key.

Entering Big Boo’s Haunt

As Mario, head to the castle’s courtyard. From the castle foyer, this is located through the plain wooden doors and down the long hallway. You’ll know you’re going the right way if you see a Boo (ghost) in the hallway. Once you’re in the backyard, start killing Boos until one drops a metal cage. Then after you’ve already beaten the Big Boo, bump into the cage to enter Big Boo’s Haunt.

Note that you’ll need to collect the first star in Big Boo’s Haunt before you can get Luigi. The stairway to the second floor of the mansion (where the entrance to Luigi’s level is located) only appears from the second star onward.

Completing the Maze

Select the second star (or, if you have access to them, one of the stars after it). When the level starts, run into the mansion in front of you. Climb the staircase to the second floor and enter the door on the far right. You should enter a room with a raised wooden platform and a red “?” block.

Break open the red “?” block. Mario should swell up like a balloon and start to float toward the ceiling. Float into the enclave and head through the door. Note that you can press the “R” button on the DS to cancel out of the floating move.

In the next room, you should see a large portrait of Luigi. Hop into the painting!

Defeating Big Boo

After jumping into Luigi’s portrait, you’ll appear in a room with a large wooden carousel spinning in the center. You’ve entered Big Boo’s Maze! The trick to making it through this maze is to listen near each door for the sound of Big Boo’s laughter. The door that it’s loudest next to is the door you’ll want to go through!

Note that there are eight red coins scattered throughout the maze. Though they’re not required, finding all eight will win you a star.

In each room of the maze, follow the sound of Big Boo’s laughter. If you make a mistake (or fall off a cliff), you’ll be brought back to the beginning of the maze.

Unlocking Luigi

You’ll fall into a room with a large mirror in front of you. Run up to the mirror and you’ll see Mario’s reflection turn into Luigi. After this, a battle with Big Boo will begin. Defeat Big Boo to get the Luigi key! He’s not especially difficult, but you’ll need to keep an eye on both Mario and Luigi to win.

After the fight, you’ll get the Luigi key and you’ll be transported back to the castle courtyard. With this key, you can finally unlock Luigi. Run back to the castle foyer and enter the character selection room — it’s the door on the far right of the top floor.

Now that you have the Luigi key, you can unlock Luigi’s door! Go through it and Luigi will come out. Congratulations! You’ve unlocked Luigi in Super Mario 64 DS!

Luigi’s Abilities

Compared to the other characters in Super Mario 64 DS, Luigi has several unique abilities. He’s better than the other characters in most ways and worse in some others — you may want to take a moment to play around with him in the castle before proceeding to get a sense for these differences. You might use him the most. Luigi’s attributes include:

  • Being able to run on water for several seconds
  • Being able to do a spinning fall after a backflip (which deals damage)
  • Being able to Scuttle Jump, which is similar to Yoshi’s Flutter Jump, to reach further distances, but not as high
  • Being able to long jump the farthest
  • Being tied with Mario on the triple jump height
  • Being a slightly faster runner than Mario, except on an extra star speed run
  • Being tied with Mario in power, but moves a little slower when carrying objects
  • Being the fastest swimmer in the game
  • Being able to turn invisible and pass through certain substances when he collects his power flower


How do I find the entrance to the attic?

Go to the second floor of the mansion and go in the last door on the right.

How do you get the first star?

Kill every Boo in the level. Then Big Boo should appear in the “main lobby”. Ground pound him or hit him until he shrinks into a Power Star. The star is located on the second floor, so the hidden staircase should appear. Grab it and complete the level.

How do I finish and go on a ghost hunt?

You have to punch 5 boos and defeat Big Boo to unlock a staircase for the second floor and a star.

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