How To Unlock Dry Bones In Mario Party


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How To Unlock Dry Bones In Mario Party

Super Mario Party is a thrilling multiplayer game on Nintendo Switch, offering 84 minigames, 20 characters, various game modes, and four unique boards. To fully experience the game, players need to unlock additional characters, game modes, and boards. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Dry Bones and other exciting features in Super Mario Party.

Unlocking Characters in Super Mario Party

Four characters – Pom Pom, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, and Dry Bones – are initially locked. To unlock them, follow these steps:

Pom Pom: Complete the Salty Sea section (world 5) of Challenge Road to find Pom Pom in the Party Plaza. Ensure all minigames are unlocked before encountering Pom Pom.

Diddy Kong: Similar to Pom Pom, complete the Chestnut Forest section (world 2) of Challenge Road to unlock Diddy Kong.

Donkey Kong: Play River Survival three times, exploring different paths each time. On the third playthrough, Donkey Kong will appear at the end of the river.

Dry Bones: Dry Bones mysteriously appears in Party Plaza after some gameplay. Look for Dry Bones at the top of the plaza.

Unlocking Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower

To unlock Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower, simply play matches on the default boards – Whomp’s Domino Ruins, King Bob-omb’s Powderkeg Mine, and Megafruit Paradise. After completing a match on each board, Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower will be unlocked.

Unlocking Challenge Road and Other Modes

Challenge Road becomes accessible after unlocking all 84 minigames. Play Mario Party, Partner Party, Sound Stage, and River Survival to unlock all the games. Additionally, smaller modes like Toad’s Rec Room and the Sticker Room can be unlocked by playing Mario Party matches and accumulating Party Points.

Unlocking Gems in Super Mario Party

To view the final cutscene and complete Super Mario Party, players need to collect five gems. Each gem is obtained by completing a specific game mode:

Gem of Tenacity: Unlocked by playing all four boards in standard Party mode.

Gem of Love: Requires playing one round on all four boards in Partner Party.

Gem of Courage: Earned by exploring every route of River Survival.

Gem of Spirit: Obtained by finishing one round of Sound Stage on the most challenging setting.

Gem of Passion: Finish Challenge Road to acquire this gem.

Gold Oar in River Survival

To obtain the Gold Oar, players must first acquire the Gem of Courage by completing all five routes in River Survival. After obtaining the gem, speak to Birdo to receive the Gold Oar, which grants enhanced abilities during River Survival.


How do I unlock Dry Bones in Super Mario Party?

To unlock Dry Bones, simply play the game for a while. Dry Bones will eventually appear in Party Plaza at the top of the plaza.

What are the requirements to unlock Challenge Road in Super Mario Party?

Challenge Road becomes available after unlocking all 84 minigames. Players need to play Mario Party, Partner Party, Sound Stage, and River Survival to unlock all the games and open up Challenge Road.

How many gems do I need to collect to complete Super Mario Party?

Players need to collect five gems – Gem of Tenacity, Gem of Love, Gem of Courage, Gem of Spirit, and Gem of Passion – to complete Super Mario Party and view the final cutscene.

What is the significance of the Gold Oar in River Survival?

The Gold Oar is obtained after acquiring the Gem of Courage. It enhances the player’s abilities during River Survival, providing an advantage in the minigame.

Can I unlock all characters and features in Super Mario Party by simply playing the game?

Yes, in most cases, simply playing the game is sufficient to unlock all characters, game modes, and boards in Super Mario Party. Some characters and features may require specific conditions, but overall, consistent gameplay will unlock the majority of content.

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