How To Play Super Mario Party Online


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How To Play Super Mario Party Online

If you’re a fan of Super Mario Party, you’ll be thrilled to know that the game now allows you to play various game modes online with your friends. This recent update has added a whole new dimension to the gaming experience, enabling players to enjoy the game with others remotely. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to set it up and start a multiplayer game in Super Mario Party.

Setting Up for Online Play

Before you dive into the online multiplayer action, there are a few things you need to ensure. Firstly, each player must have a Nintendo Switch Online membership and a copy of Super Mario Party. Additionally, make sure that the game has been updated to the latest version on each console to access all the online modes.

When playing online, there are several console and player combinations that are possible:

  • 2-4 Nintendo Switch consoles with 1 player on each console
  • 2 Nintendo Switch consoles with 2 players on each console
  • 1 Nintendo Switch console with 2 players on the console and 1 Nintendo Switch console with 1 player on the console

Starting a Multiplayer Game

Once you have everything set up, follow these steps to start a multiplayer game in Super Mario Party:

  1. Open Super Mario Party and select your user account.
  2. Select the number of consoles and players. Up to two consoles can connect locally, and both consoles must have a copy of the game.
  3. Pair each Joy-Con controller for the players.
  4. Each player will then select a character, and if there are fewer than four players, you will be prompted to select computer players by difficulty level.
  5. Select the game mode you wish to play by exploring the plaza. After discovering a game mode in the plaza for the first time, you can quickly select it from the Party Pad.

Available Game Modes for Online Play

When playing online, you can choose from the following game modes:

  • Mario Party
  • Partner Party
  • Minigames
  • Online Mariothon

After selecting the desired game mode, you can proceed to select Online Play and then choose between Friend Match or Private Game, depending on who you wish to play with.

Playing Online Mariothon

If you opt for the Online Mariothon mode, you will have the choice of Worldwide Match or Friend Match. The Worldwide Match option allows you to play with other random players online, while the Friend Match option enables you to create or join a game with friends on your friend list.

For Friend Match, you can further choose whether to Create a Coliseum or Enter a Coliseum. Creating a Coliseum lets you host a game, and you can set a password for other players to enter. On the other hand, entering a Coliseum allows you to join a game that a friend is hosting.

Starting the Game

Once all players have selected their characters and the host has determined the game settings, the host can start the game. For Online Mariothon, the game will begin once all players are found or the host starts the game, depending on the mode selected.


1. Can I play Super Mario Party online with friends?

Yes, the recent update to Super Mario Party allows you to play various game modes online with friends who also have a Nintendo Switch Online membership and a copy of the game.

2. How many players can participate in an online game of Super Mario Party?

Up to four players can participate in an online game of Super Mario Party, with different combinations of Nintendo Switch consoles and players being possible.

3. Are all game modes available for online play?

While most game modes are available for online play, some game modes and minigames cannot be played online. However, popular modes such as Mario Party, Partner Party, and Minigames are accessible for online play.

4. Can I use voice chat while playing Super Mario Party online?

Yes, voice chat is available using the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app while playing online in Friend Match or Private Game.

5. What is the Online Mariothon mode?

Online Mariothon is an online-only mode in Super Mario Party that offers a collection of minigames for competitive play. Players can choose between a Worldwide Match to play with random players or a Friend Match to play with friends.

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