How To Get Blue Toads In Mario Run


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How To Get Blue Toads In Mario Run

Super Mario Run’s Toad Rally mode is an exciting feature that allows players to compete for Toads of different colors to inhabit their Kingdom. These Toads are essential for unlocking various buildings and features in the Kingdom Builder mode. However, obtaining blue Toads, along with other colors, requires meeting specific conditions and progressing through the game strategically.

Understanding Toad Rally Races

When starting the game, players can only acquire red Toads in Toad Rally races. As they progress and unlock other varieties, they can earn up to three different types of Toads per race. To determine which Toads can be obtained in a particular race, players should examine their opponent’s name before challenging them.

For instance, by observing the Toad count of the user in the image, which includes red, blue, and green Toads, players can anticipate winning these colors if they emerge victorious in the race. However, it’s crucial to note that losing a race results in the loss of Toads of the same colors that players are aiming to win, potentially hindering their progress in unlocking specific buildings.

Unlocking Green and Purple Toads

Initially, players can only recruit red Toads in Toad Rally. To unlock additional colors, such as green and purple Toads, they must progress through the World Tour mode, which is akin to traditional Super Mario series games. Advancing through World 1 in World Tour mode is the key to unlocking green and purple Toads.

It’s important to be aware that the free version of Super Mario Run provides access to only the first three levels of World 1. To access all six worlds and unlock more than the original red Toads, players need to make a one-time payment of $9.99.

Obtaining Yellow and Blue Toads

Similar to unlocking green and purple Toads, acquiring blue and yellow Toads requires progressing through the game. Players need to complete World 2 to unlock these additional Toad colors. Once all five varieties of Toads are unlocked, players can focus on collecting them to unlock new characters, buildings, and decorations for their Kingdom.

Maximizing Toad Collection in Toad Rally

To gather more Toads, players need Toad Rally Tickets to participate in races. Winning these races is crucial for accumulating more Toads. By mastering Toad Rally, players can enhance their skills, unlock characters, and progress further in the game.

If you’re wondering how to get blue Toads in Super Mario Run, the game offers an engaging experience where players can strategically collect Toads of various colors to enhance their Kingdom. By understanding the mechanics of Toad Rally and progressing through the World Tour mode, players can unlock and collect different Toad colors to expand their Mushroom Kingdom.


1. Can I unlock blue Toads without purchasing the full version of Super Mario Run?

Unfortunately, to unlock blue Toads and access all six worlds in Super Mario Run, players need to make a one-time payment of $9.99 to purchase the full version of the game.

2. What happens if I lose a Toad Rally race?

Losing a Toad Rally race results in the loss of Toads of the same colors that players are aiming to win. It’s essential to strategize and choose opponents carefully to maximize Toad collection.

3. Are Toad Rally Tickets essential for participating in races?

Yes, Toad Rally Tickets are required to participate in Toad Rally races. Players need to ensure they have a sufficient number of tickets to engage in these races and earn more Toads.

4. Can I unlock all Toad colors by completing the World Tour mode?

Completing the World Tour mode unlocks additional Toad colors, such as green, purple, blue, and yellow. Players need to progress through the game to access and collect all five varieties of Toads.

5. What are the benefits of collecting different Toad colors in Super Mario Run?

Collecting different Toad colors is essential for unlocking new characters, buildings, and decorations for the Kingdom. It allows players to expand and customize their Mushroom Kingdom based on their Toad collection.

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