How To Fly In Super Mario World


Michael Fassbender

Mastering the Art of Flying in Super Mario World

Flying in Super Mario World is a coveted skill that can help you navigate through levels with ease and unlock hidden secrets. The ability to fly is granted by the cape feather, which becomes available after completing the first castle and reaching the level titled Donut Plains 1. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to fly in Super Mario World and make the most of this exciting feature.

Obtaining the Cape Feather

The cape feather, essential for flying, can be obtained from a question mark box or by stomping on a flying Koopa with a flashing cape. Once you have the cape feather, you’re ready to take to the skies with Mario.

Executing the Flight Maneuver

Executing the flight maneuver requires precision and timing. To initiate flight, run using the right arrow and the Y button until Mario swings his arms open. Press the B button to jump while continuing to hold down the Y button. If you’re moving to the right, use the left arrow, and if you’re moving to the left, use the right arrow. Tap the arrow button every second or two while holding down the Y button to maintain flight.

If you want to prolong your time in the air, tap back to start crawling up the screen. To ascend higher, tap the arrow button at a faster pace. Additionally, you can perform the “ground pound” move by holding “Y” and the “Down” button simultaneously, which is effective for dealing with ground-based enemies.

Maximizing the Benefits of Flight

Mastering the art of flying opens up a world of possibilities in Super Mario World. It allows you to access hidden areas, avoid enemies, and reach the finish line swiftly. By combining flight with other abilities such as gliding and using power-ups, you can enhance your gameplay experience and uncover new opportunities within the game.


1. How do I obtain the cape feather in Super Mario World?

To obtain the cape feather, you need to either acquire it from a question mark box or by stomping on a flying Koopa with a flashing cape. Once you have the cape feather, you can use it to enable flight in the game.

2. Can I fly indefinitely with the cape feather?

While you can fly for an extended period with the cape feather, it requires skillful maneuvering and timing. By tapping the arrow button at the right pace and utilizing the crawling technique, you can prolong your time in the air and cover greater distances.

3. What are the advantages of flying in Super Mario World?

Flying in Super Mario World offers numerous advantages, including the ability to access hidden areas, bypass obstacles, and reach the end of levels more efficiently. It also allows players to explore the game world from a unique perspective and discover secret power-ups and bonuses.

4. Are there any tips for mastering the flight maneuver?

Mastering the flight maneuver requires practice and precision. It’s essential to maintain a steady rhythm while tapping the arrow button and holding down the Y button to sustain flight. Additionally, utilizing the ground pound move can help deal with ground-based enemies effectively.

5. Can flying help in uncovering hidden secrets in Super Mario World?

Absolutely! Flying opens up new possibilities for uncovering hidden secrets and accessing areas that are otherwise challenging to reach. By combining flight with other abilities and power-ups, players can discover hidden paths, bonus items, and secret exits within the game.

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