How To Drift In Mario Kart Wii


Michael Fassbender

Mastering the Art of Drifting in Mario Kart Wii

Drifting is a crucial skill to master in Mario Kart Wii if you want to gain an edge over your opponents and secure victory. Whether you’re using a kart or a bike, understanding the mechanics of drifting and the specific controls for each vehicle is essential. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to drift effectively in Mario Kart Wii.

Understanding Automatic Drift

When you start playing Mario Kart Wii, it’s advisable to begin with Automatic drift mode. This setting helps familiarize you with the controls and allows you to focus on maneuvering your vehicle effectively. Automatic drift provides a smoother learning curve, especially for beginners, as it assists in getting accustomed to the controller’s functionality.

Differentiating Between Karts and Bikes

Before delving into the specifics of drifting, it’s important to understand the distinction between karts and bikes in Mario Kart Wii. Both vehicle types offer unique drifting experiences. Karts and bikes can further be categorized into inner-drift and outer-drift variants.

Inner-drift bikes are designed to drift inwards when executing a drift, while outer-drift bikes drift outwards. This distinction significantly impacts the handling and maneuverability of the vehicle, requiring players to adapt their drifting techniques accordingly.

Mastering Drifting Controls

Each controller in Mario Kart Wii has distinct drifting controls. For the Wii wheel and Wii remote with nunchuk, players need to hold down the B button located on the back of the Wii remote to initiate a drift. Conversely, when using the classic controller, classic controller pro, or GameCube controller, holding down either the B or R button is essential for drifting.

It’s important to note that mastering drifting takes practice and patience. Players are encouraged to persistently practice drifting until they feel confident in their ability to execute precise and effective drifts.

Refining Your Drifting Technique

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics of drifting, it’s time to refine your technique. Experiment with different characters and vehicles to gauge your proficiency in executing drifts. This experimentation will help you adapt to the unique handling characteristics of each character and vehicle combination, allowing you to become a more versatile and skilled player.

Optimizing Speed with Advanced Techniques

Maximizing your speed in Mario Kart Wii involves utilizing advanced techniques tailored to the specific vehicle type you’re using. If you’re using a kart, employing the “snaking” technique by executing consecutive drifts back and forth on long, straight sections of the track can significantly boost your speed.

On the other hand, if you’re using a bike, performing a wheelie immediately after drifting can provide a substantial speed advantage. It’s important to note that all karts in Mario Kart Wii are outer-drifting, so if you prefer inner-drifting, opting for a bike is essential.


Can you get the boost when drifting automatically?

No, you can’t. The Mini Turbo Boost is only achievable when you have Manual Drifting Mode enabled.

What are the different drifting techniques for karts and bikes?

Karts can utilize the “snaking” technique by executing consecutive drifts back and forth on long, straight sections of the track to increase speed. Bikes, on the other hand, can perform a wheelie immediately after drifting to gain a speed advantage.

Are there specific characters that are better suited for drifting?

Yes, certain characters in Mario Kart Wii have superior drifting capabilities. Characters such as Funky Kong and Daisy are known for their exceptional drifting attributes, making them popular choices among players who prioritize drifting prowess.

What are the benefits of mastering drifting in Mario Kart Wii?

Mastering drifting in Mario Kart Wii offers several advantages, including improved speed, better maneuverability, and the ability to navigate sharp turns more effectively. Additionally, proficient drifting skills can give players a competitive edge in races, increasing their chances of securing victory.

Is it necessary to use inner-drift bikes for competitive play?

While inner-drift bikes offer a unique drifting experience, they are not essential for competitive play. Both inner-drift and outer-drift bikes have their advantages, and the choice ultimately depends on the player’s preference and playstyle.

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