How To Draw Super Mario


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How To Draw Super Mario

Are you a fan of Super Mario and want to learn how to draw this iconic character? Look no further! With easy, step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial, you can learn to draw a great looking Super Mario. Whether you are a kid or a beginner, you can follow these simple steps to easily draw a perfect Super Mario.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing Super Mario

Let’s break down the process of drawing Super Mario into easy steps:

Step 1: Outline Mario’s Face and Jaw

Begin by drawing a curved line to outline Mario’s face and jaw.

Step 2: Form Mario’s Nose

Next, draw a circle within the curve of the line to form Mario’s nose.

Step 3: Draw Mario’s Ear

Draw a curved line to create Mario’s ear, and then add the details of the folds of the ear within the figure.

Step 4: Create Mario’s Mustache

Extend short, curved lines from each side of the nose to form Mario’s mustache. Then, draw a series of short, connected, curved lines to complete the mustache’s scalloped design.

Step 5: Form the Top of the Head

Draw a curved line to form the top of Mario’s head.

Step 6: Outline Mario’s Body

Below the chin, draw a large circle to form Mario’s body.

Step 7: Draw Mario’s Suspenders

From the neck to the circle, draw two sets of parallel, curved lines to create Mario’s suspenders.

Step 8: Erase Guide Lines

Erase the guide lines from the body to clean up the drawing.

Step 9: Add Details to the Suspenders

Draw a curved line connecting the suspenders and add a small circle for the button at the end of each suspender.

Step 10: Draw Mario’s Arms and Legs

Draw Mario’s arms and legs using curved lines to outline the limbs and body structure.

Step 11: Complete the Body and Clothing Details

Add details such as cuffs, belly lines, and shoe outlines to complete Mario’s body and clothing.

Step 12: Erase Guide Lines

Erase the guide lines from the figure to clean up the drawing.

Step 13: Draw Mario’s Hands

Use overlapping curved lines to form each finger of Mario’s hands.

Step 14: Create Mario’s Shoes

Outline Mario’s shoes using long, curved lines and add details to the soles of the shoes.

Step 15: Draw Mario’s Hat

Draw Mario’s hat using wavy lines to outline the brim and top of the hat.

Step 16: Add Final Details

Complete the drawing by adding Mario’s other ear, the “M” on his hat, hair details, facial features, and other small elements.

Step 17: Add Facial Features

Draw Mario’s eyes, eyebrows, mouth, and other facial details to bring the character to life.

Step 18: Add Shading and Color

Finally, add shading and color to your drawing to make Super Mario pop off the page.

Learn More About The Super Mario Drawing

Mario first appeared in the arcade version of Donkey Kong in 1981. Originally called “Mr. Video” and later “Jumpman”, Mario has since appeared in over two hundred different video games. Mario is considered the most successful video game franchise of all time and is the premier mascot of the Nintendo corporation. The character has also been featured in books, television series, films, and merchandise. Mario is said to be of Italian descent, born on Yoshi’s Island, and when he’s not rescuing Princess Peach from evil villains, he pursues a career as a plumber. Mario becomes “super” when he collects power-ups that grant him various powers.

Super Mario Drawing Tutorial – Easy & Fun Printable Pages

If you want to practice drawing Super Mario, you can find printable practice sheets and tutorials to make the process easy and fun. Whether you’re troubleshooting or looking for additional resources, you can access step-by-step video tutorials and speed drawing videos to enhance your drawing skills.


Now that you’ve learned how to draw Super Mario, you can showcase your artistic skills and share your love for this iconic character with friends and family. Whether you’re a kid, a beginner, or a Mario fan, this step-by-step tutorial makes drawing Super Mario an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


1. Can anyone learn to draw Super Mario?

Yes, anyone can learn to draw Super Mario by following the step-by-step instructions and practicing regularly. Whether you’re a kid, a beginner, or an experienced artist, you can improve your drawing skills with printable practice sheets and tutorials.

2. What materials do I need to draw Super Mario?

All you need is a pencil, a piece of paper, an eraser, and optional coloring materials such as markers, colored pencils, or crayons to shade your finished drawing.

3. How long does it take to learn to draw Super Mario?

The time it takes to learn to draw Super Mario varies from person to person. With regular practice and dedication, you can improve your drawing skills and create impressive Super Mario artwork in no time.

4. Can I use the Super Mario drawing tutorial for educational purposes?

Yes, the Super Mario drawing tutorial is a great educational resource for art classes, after-school programs, and creative activities. It provides easy, step-by-step instructions suitable for kids and beginners.

5. Where can I find printable practice sheets for drawing Super Mario?

You can find printable practice sheets and tutorials for drawing Super Mario online. Look for websites that offer free resources for learning to draw popular characters like Super Mario.

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