How To Charge Lego Mario


Michael Fassbender

How To Charge Lego Mario

LEGO Super Mario is an interactive and innovative set that brings the beloved character to life. To ensure that LEGO Mario is ready to embark on exciting adventures, it is essential to understand how to charge him. The process is simple and requires just a few steps to have Mario up and running in no time.

Powering Up LEGO Mario

To power up LEGO Mario, you will need two AAA batteries and a small cross-head screwdriver. The screwdriver is used to access the battery compartment, a familiar process for LEGO enthusiasts who have experience with similar products. Once the compartment is open, insert the two AAA batteries, ensuring they are both facing the same way.

After the batteries are in place, it’s time to assemble Mario by putting on his hat and overalls, followed by attaching two circular single stud tiles. Once assembled, press the power button, and LEGO Mario will come to life, complete with expressions and reactions thanks to LED screens in his eyes, mouth, and chest.

Updating LEGO Mario

Before diving into the gameplay, it’s important to note that LEGO Mario may require a firmware update. This update is essential for an optimal gaming experience and should be allowed some time to complete. Once Mario is fully charged and updated, he is ready to be a part of the exciting LEGO adventures.

LEGO Super Mario offers a unique and engaging way to interact with the classic character, and understanding how to charge and prepare Mario for play is the first step towards an enjoyable experience.


How long do the batteries last in LEGO Mario?

The battery life of LEGO Mario can vary depending on usage. On average, with regular use, the batteries can last for several weeks before needing replacement.

Can rechargeable batteries be used for LEGO Mario?

Yes, rechargeable AAA batteries can be used for LEGO Mario. It is important to ensure that the batteries are fully charged before inserting them into the compartment.

Is it necessary to update LEGO Mario’s firmware?

Yes, updating LEGO Mario’s firmware is crucial for an optimal gaming experience. The firmware update enhances gameplay and ensures that Mario functions seamlessly during play.

What should be done if LEGO Mario does not turn on after inserting the batteries?

If LEGO Mario does not turn on after inserting the batteries, ensure that the batteries are inserted correctly, and the battery compartment is securely closed. If the issue persists, try using new batteries to determine if the problem lies with the batteries.

Can LEGO Mario be charged using a USB cable?

No, LEGO Mario is powered by AAA batteries and does not have the capability to be charged using a USB cable. It is designed to function with AAA batteries for a convenient and portable gaming experience.

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