How To Beat Bowser In Super Mario 64


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How To Beat Bowser In Super Mario 64

If you are a fan of Super Mario 64, you know that the final boss battle against Bowser can be quite challenging. However, with the right strategy and some practice, you can defeat Bowser and complete the game. Here’s a guide on how to beat Bowser in Super Mario 64.

Getting Started

To begin the battle, head to the third floor of the castle and enter the door that leads to the final Bowser battle. This door is located on the same floor as Tick Tock Clock, Rainbow Ride, and the secret level Wing Mario Over the Rainbow.

Once inside the battle arena, your goal is to grab Bowser by the tail, spin him around using the control stick, and throw him into a bomb located on the side of the arena. Be mindful of Bowser’s attacks, such as his fire breath, and look for opportunities to grab his tail and execute your moves.

Executing the Final Blow

After successfully throwing Bowser into a bomb twice, parts of the stage will collapse and form a star shape. At this point, Mario will be wearing a wing cap, and you can enjoy the ending sequence and celebrate your victory over the final boss of Super Mario 64.

Additionally, there is an alternative method to access the final Bowser battle by performing the backwards long jump move. This allows you to reach the top of the stairs and access the final level.

Useful Tips and Tricks

During the battle, keep an eye out for a 1-up hidden behind a pillar outside the warp pipe where you enter the battle. This can be helpful if you are running low on lives. Furthermore, if you’re looking to earn a secret star, aim to collect all eight red coins scattered throughout the level.

It’s important to avoid touching the bombs around the arena with Mario, as this can lead to falling off the side of the arena and hindering your progress in the battle.


What if the 2nd method does not work?

If the second method does not work, try placing Mario against the right of the staircase (from your screen’s perspective) and then repeat the second method. It may take some practice to execute it successfully.

Can you do the 2nd method on the Switch?

The short answer is no, as the Shindou port patches the backwards long jumps. However, it is possible to execute the second method in the Nintendo Switch online version.

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